Happy Valentine's

Tomorrow will be the day of love
It is the most important day for those who are deeply in love, married or engaged.
But sadly, im not in those categories...hahahaha...
So wats my plan for Valentine's??
Well, im working in the morning coz
recently, my company is preparing a tender and the tender is closing soon.
So im sure 2moro i will need to work over time
but its okay la...since im not celebrating Valentine's...hahahahaha

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone
no matter ur taken or single k!
Have a awesome valentine's!

Abby 2009

CNY Celebration!

Its time to blog about my CNY celebration
since everybody alrd blog about their happening and hectic CNY...hahahaha...
Well...i spend 2 days at my dad hometown (Sitiawan) and spend 2 days at my beloved hometown (Taiping). Luckily, Mr Danny Ooi made it to come back from KL on time if not he (SURE WILL REGRET) hahahaha...
basically, I spend my CNY time on eating, receiving ang pao, greeting ppls Gong Xi Fa Cai, chilling with frens, go for movies, changed my hair colour as you can see in the pic below, showing off my new clothes, gambling and crapping! I bet everyone does the same thing like me rite??? hahahahaha...i wish i have longer holidays for CNY! The most miserable and torturing part is I only get to see the one who i wanna to see for only 30 mins!
NVM...next year i shall celebrate my entire CNY with him (I wish) together-gether! Kekeke...

The must DO thing during CNY! Agree???

Chor 3 dinner at Taiping!! The Best!!!

After dinner, this is wat we do! Me and the cutest member in the family! : )

Im glad we spend some time together! Danny, ah ma (Kai Sin) and me!