A Day Trip to Penang

Alright!! I'm too free to blog and YES!! I went Penang AGAIN!! =D
Went Penang with Snoopy HZ and Eileen for a day trip!
The purpose of the trip is to accompany Snoopy HZ to enroll in PSDC!!
What the hell is PSDC?? hahaha...
Trust me, before I went, I have no idea!! PSDC is a college!!
Surprisingly, the college is pretty well-known in Penang! *only penang people knows*!!

Went for breakfast with Snoopy HZ while waiting for Eileen to get ready!
Started our journey around 10 something and we reached there at 12!!
We jokes all the way and I burst into tears because of all the lame jokes!!
hahaha...All thanks to Eileen!! Seriously, that girl is a joker!!

The moment we reached, the counselor went for lunch!!
WTH!!! We went cafeteria for drinks then get back at 1.30!
Look at the Snoopy HZ face!! I wonder is he nervous or excited??
Wanna know why I call him Snoopy HZ??
hahahaha...It is all because his face looks like Snoopy!! Don't believe me??
Take a pic of snoopy and make some comparison then you will "oh, ya"!!

Eileen a.k.a The Joker!!
She also busy checking out the college!! =D

After settled everything in PSDC, we went Queensbay for lunch and a lil shopping!
There is a small Batman exhibition going on in Queensbay!
Who bring Batman back ya??
I kept on seeing Batman everywhere, even HBO is showing all the Batman movie!

Me and ????!!
Sorry~I don't remember what does it call alrd!!

The Snoopy and the Batman vehicle!!
I did't know Snoopy loves Batman too!! haha...

Eileen, Me and our new friend (Wonder Woman)!
Say HI people~Isn't she sizzling hot??

Our relative from another planet!! haha...
I think he wears his pants wrong side la!!!
The outside 1 should be inside right??
EXACTLY, I told him that too but he said that is the fashion in their planet!
Nvm la! Let him be!!

Christmas Tree!!
The moment I saw the Christmas Tree,
I go excited! *exist I never see a Christmas Tree before*

Went for lunch and take some pics!!

Both of us are so not ready!! Why??
OMG, I tell you people that Snoopy HZ doesn't know how to use my camera ok!!
Me and Eileen sat there and pose for 5 - 10 mins, he still can't get the pic right!
When we are fed up and start to move, he only got the pic!!
How stupid can he be!! Aaarrrgggg!!!!
We need to sit there and keep on teaching him how to function my camera for don't-know-how-long!

The main entrance of Queensbay!!
I just simply love the entrance!
Eileen and Me!
I know we look tiny but this is the best my camera can do!!

Candid shot!
We are talking about Snoopy HZ!
"How long does he need to take huh"???

Finally!! Thanks God!!

Eileen and Snoopy HZ!!

Me and the walking Snoopy!

Group Pic!
There is only 3 of us, so we took it ourselves!!

Ugly faces!
Snoopy HZ failed!!

Trying to act cute!! haha...
I know we have pass the time to act cute but our face allow us to do so!!

Eileen and Snoopy!

The girls!

Deco in Queensbay for Christmas!
Is all about Batman!!

Then we went into Esprit and found some really nice shirts for guy!!
We asked Snoopy to try and let us see!
After he knew those shirt cost RM200, he refused!! haha...
We told him just TRY, we did't ask you to BUY!!

I still prefer this checker purple shirt!

Around 4.30, twin came to pick me up and we went for yam cha and gossips!!
I miss this "ginna" like mad!!
It is so nice to get to do a lil catch up before the class start!!

Twin and Me with my sincerely smile!! =D
Show some appreciation people!
You hardly see my teeth ok!!

Thanks Twin for the ride!! You know I always love you!!

Look at my key siao ginna!!

Stayed a night in Penang and go back Taiping the next day!
Now i'm back in KL and waiting for the class to start!
My holiday is gonna end soon!! Real soon!
I can't wait to go back college and meet the crazy Psycho and Mass Comm gang!
In the other side, I'm afraid of Sem 3!
Everyone knows the higher you go, the hardest it will be!!

Nally's 21st Birthday

I'm back! I'm back!
My holiday is reaching the end soon!!
I can't wait to get back to class and meet the psycho and mass comm freaks!!
I do miss them okay!! Yes, i miss you all!! =D

Went Nally's 21st Birthday the week before I went back hometown for Christmas!
She invited us long time ago but everyone can't decide at that moment!!
We are all *last-minute-going* person!
First I tot jie jie (Stephy) is not going so my chances of going is definitely pretty low!!
No one accompany me plus I do not have a clue where the hell is Nally's place!
I rang Aries up last minute and asked her does she wanna go with me and SURPRISINGLY she said YES!! I mean a YES from Aries is not something you can hear easily ok!!
Therefore, the plan to Nally's birthday is on! =D

I picked Aries up around 7 then we are off to Nally's place!!
Both of us are not familiar with Cheras area so we are literally like an idiot wandering around in Cheras!! We call Nally up for few times to ask for the directions!
Thanks God, it is not a deserted places, we reached there on time and in a piece!!

After wishing the birthday girl Happy Birthday, we dig in and wallop as much as we can!!

The girls and the birthday girl!

Aries and the birthday girl!

My turn to take a pic with the birthday girl!
She is finally 21! Can fly alrd la!! =D

Michelle and Nally!
They are like twin!! Seriously!

The piggy, Jessica and Nally!

After we filled up our tummy, we went in the house and search for places to chill!
We found a big huge ass mirror and we start our photo session!!

Me and the horsey!!

Jessica, horsey and Aries!

Fern, Michelle and Me!

The Birthday girl looks so adorable that night!
You hardly see her in dress!!

Me and Michelle!

Me and the imported cow from New Zealand!
Her name is Fern!

My piggy daughter and Me!

My 1st friend from Stamford!! =D

Nally and Jessica!!
Jessica expression is priceless!
She wanted to take this pic alone but ended took with Nally!

Jessica and Nally!

The ladies that night!

We can't find a place to sit down and chill!
The house is fully packed with friends and family!
We only managed to find a spot at the staircase!

We love the staircase!
It is actually a nice place to take picture!!

Group picture!

Jessica and Michelle!

After the cutting cake session ended,
we went for 2nd round at 1 station!

Piggy and Cow!!

Let me show you my sincere smile!!
haha...sincere right??!! I know!! I know!!

The 4 of us!
Me, Aries, Jessica and Fern!

Alrite, that's all for the night!
Once again, Happy Birthday Nally!!!!!