A day out with the cousins

Thing is getting over one by one and the major presentation is finally over. Yea~I am mad happy. All I left is a written group assignment and final then I shall wrap the semester up with one word "INSANE". I am so glad the semester is finally come to an end. The moral of the semester is do not try to be ambitious and took 4 subjects in next semester. :D Literally can die.

The British bulldogs are back from UK couple of weeks ago and I only go out with them last weekend. I know I am a very busy person. Ya, DAMN RIGHT!! Last week, I was damn damn damn busy with assignments. *serious face* As everyone knows I am in the middle of struggle. I am trying to find a balance in dealing with all the shits. It is hard but I am trying. So, I don't need external pressure to push it more. I have the fucking due date pushing me real hard people. People should behave like a human if they want respect from others, or else just go fuck yourself to the wall real hard, hard until you can reach the climax. HAH!!!!

I took a long break out for foods and shopping last weekend and I managed to get my virgin jumpsuit. I swear this is my 1st 1 and I wanted it for a very long time. Before this I do not have the guts to buy because all they have is only free size and they do not allow you to try because it's damn cheap. I know I ain't fitting in to the free size but I don't know what have got into me the other day and decided to buy it!! Who's care if it does not fit because I got back up plan. AHAHA...

Went shopping at Time Square, Sungai Wang and Pavilion. Cousins and me.

After all the walking, I found my new love at Snow flake. Sea Amber Jelly is Awesome-ness. :D

The 12.5 years old kid who behave like an old man, Michael.

Oliver and Michael.

We weren't ready and the dumb photographer snapped it. But we love this picture for no reason. The expression on our face is hilarious. AHAHA...

Mic and Me. This boy is a bloody entertainer.

I know the picture below is somehow sweet and lovely but don't mistaken the 12.5 years old kid is NOT my boyfriend!!!!! I love him but no the love kind of love!! AHAHA...obviously someone (Mic) needs to control himself, even though I am HOT!!!!

Mum came to pick us up and had dinner with us at Dragon I. It's been ages since I last dine it Dragon I. The ramen portion is getting smaller and smaller. The smart ass Oliver and yours truly.

I love this picture. Please look at the waiter's expression. LMAO!!!!! His face got cramp in the middle of taking order. AHAHA...I am just joking.


The all time favourite and it is called Siu Long Bao. I can finish all of these by myself. It is so good. Can't get enough of it.

They have gravy inside, so please handle it with tender, loving and care. You do not wanna waste the gravy because it is freaking good.

Some ramen. *Not recommend* because all you can taste is the peanuts. Try other varieties next time. Others are much better than this.

Fried pork ribs.

The day was good. I was eating non-stop and in the bloated condition for whole day. Few more days to go and I will be free from assignment. Eagerly waiting for the holidays to come even though is just 2 weeks of holiday. At least I got to hibernate for 2 weeks. It is time to back up some food and plan my hibernation well with no disturbance.

That's all for the day. Peace!!!

Fishy's 22 Birthday

Happy Birthday to our Big Fatty Fishy!! Best wishes to you big guy. :D
He is my ex-schoolmate from high school which I never even spoken to before and we only started to know each other in UCSI. AHAHA...next time I will try to be more friendly. I promise :D The world is getting smaller and smaller.

Dinner was held in Kimchi Haru, a korean restaurant in Jaya One. The dinner was satisfying. Definitely worth going for more. The ambiance was awesome, they even have a big huge ass plasma tv showing KBS channel in high definition and the owner of the shop is a korean. :D

Start taking pictures while waiting for the rest. They are so late and pity me and my sis was starving like mad.

My choice of the night. Pork chop.

I am so damn in love with this 3 layers pork. The best choices of the night. We had a mad long table with 16 people attended. And the best part is the mad long table was filled with different kinds of dishes, by looking at it already make your day so much better.

I don't know what does it call but it is very cheesy and yummy!! *slurp*

Me and my Twin!! The hiao-est person I know! AHAHA...

The pork chop is amazing. While typing this, I am hungry and I wanna go back there again. :D

My sis. She tagged along and be my driver.

Xiao Hou. The crazy korean mania. She seriously had ADHD. She was moving and dancing throughout the night. She can't even sit still for a sec. Next time if we are going back there, she definitely needs to stay far far away from the TV.

This is only the lil portion right infront of us. Imagine you have this portion along the table.

Xiao Hou and yours truly.

The fun-sized ciao ciao and me. I mad love this picture because the both of us look great. :P

Group pic before we leave for the second round. FYI, the restaurant close at 10pm, so whoever plan to go please go early. We stay until the last minute. Luckily the owner is kind and patient enough to wait for us. :D

With the amount of people like this, no matter where you go, the spotlight will always be there. I do not like attention but I don't give a damn on what others think. Live with it people. Don't be jealous I have more friends than YOU. :D

Second round, Brussels Beer Cafe, Palm Square. The gang ordered a gigantic Hoegaarden.

and my choice was Stella Artois. I had enough of Hoegaarden.

Stella Artois was pretty good and is something similar to Hoegaarden as well. But I will prefer to have Hoegaarden at The Library. It is cheaper before 11pm. :D

The gigantic Hoegaarden is even bigger than my face. Imagine that. :D

Okay!! I swear I did not press his head down the cake. When I was about to press, someone did it for me. So yeah, I AM INNOCENT!!!

It is time for fun. Well, the fun is for us, not for the birthday person as you can see from the picture below.

Happy Birthday Fishy!! :D You look adorable.

There goes my first kiss. AHAHA...a kiss for the birthday boy. I never kiss anyone before okay!! It was my first kiss and Fishy took it. Please appreciate my first kiss ya. :D

The ladies of the night.

The night was fun with a lil entertainment from me. AHAHA...I am so sorry if my stupidity scare you people. I promise I will act like a lady next time. :D and Althea Loi stop making fun of me!!!! Your time will come and you better don't let me see it.

Once again, Happy Birthday Fatty Fishy!!!!!!!!!!! Please go on diet and get a pretty girlfriend soon!

I just got an amazing idea. AHAHA...PsyMassLo, we shouldn't bought the lighter for Fishy, we should all contribute and buy him a slimmer plan at any slimmer centre la!!! AHAHAHA...

Thank you to all the photographers of the night. :D


I seriously don't know what have got into me yesterday when Jeff and Twin said "use the other side of the escalator la", I straight away said "OK, let's go"!! I started to count until three, and I ran up to the opposite side of the escalator without hesitation and got myself hurt!! Damn!! All thanks to my stupidity man!! *smack head*

As what hiong ku said, I shouldn't go wild on the escalator anymore, or else I will be lock in the zoo!! AHAHA...

1st day of the wound. Please ignore the hairs on my leg!! I know I am hairy.

and this is what I got the next day. It hurts so badly. I can't even turn my body when I am asleep. The bruises is all over and the area is so broad!!! The colour and the line look pretty good tho.

Everyone is asking "you did't know that's the other side of the escalator izzit??"!! AHAHAHA...the truth is I know and the reason why I did it, is because I lost my mind!!! Even my sis told me you are too old to act that way!! Whatever!! I promise no next time!

Thank you everyone who asked and concerned about my pathetic legs. I guess I still need to suffer the pain for a lil while more.

Eclipse Premiere

Attended Eclipse Premiere Screening last week at The Curve. My sis got the free tickets from Nuffnang and she invited me. Thank you Nuffnang and my sis for the invitation!!! :D I was indecisive earlier, can't decide should I go or should I stay at home and complete my assignment which due the next day. And my final decision is go 1st, decide later. I went and I scarified a night for not sleeping to complete the assignment which due the next day and it is all worth it!!!!!!! I am officially a twi-hard fan!!!! Eclipse is the bomb!! It is way, way, better than New Moon. I might go for second time. Anyone wanna watch me with please let me know!! :D

The new born vampire, Railey.

The werewolf. OH-MY-GOSH!!!!! Look at the abs people. *melts* This is why I love guys with 6 pax. How to resist, you tell me!!!!

Okay!! Here come my husband number don't know how many, JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He doesn't need a shirt people!!!! What he got is the BODY!!!!

The new Victoria which I did not realize until my sis told me the current Victoria is different from Twilight. Seriously, they look damn alike man!!!

The triangle love.

The sweetest part of the whole movie. Bella and Edward is engaged!! Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Cullen. Now all we need is the last one, Breaking Dawn.

The tickets for the premiere. There were others radio station giving out free premiere tickets as well and I saw their ticket is in post card form which look more pretty and nice. I want those tickets but ours also not too bad la!!! At least we got free tickets, so don't be greedy!! :D

Another Twi-hard fan. She is such a spoiler man!! People shouldn't read the book and go for the movie.

She supports team Edward.

and I support team Jacob. Happy Me. Staying up all night is worth. I love Jacob.

This month is the month to be broke I guess! Loads of work, the most stressful time in life and I don't mind being broke!! Peace!!!

*all the Eclipse pictures thanks to Nuffnang!!

Stephy and Fern's Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday to Stephy and Fern. :)

I organized a birthday surprise celebration for Stephy and Fern and it was very very successful. *satisfied* The look on their face when everyone shown up is priceless. Stephy is always the smartest girl and I though my plan will fail badly but who knows my plan went perfectly well. I sent out a facebook msg to invite every body a week before her birthday. Thank you everyone for the cooperation. :D

Dinner was held at Bubba Gump, The Curve. Okay, I got an issue that almost ruin my surprise. I made a reservation for 10 pax and I told them it is a surprise party. The thing is there will be 3 of us arrive 1st while waiting for the farm to come. So, I requested for a table for 3 while waiting for the rest but the waiter told me the place is full. OK!! FINE!! We settle down at the 10 pax table and do you people have any idea how long is the table. Of course the birthday girl suspect and felt something fishy. She kept on asking why do we need such a long and big table when there is only 3 of us and I am seriously such a good liar. I told her that this is the only table they left and surprisingly she BELIEVE me. AHAHA...

Run Forrest Run means?????

Aries and Stephy before the farm arrive. We make it real, so the 3 of us ordered and started eating while the farm is on their way. :D

I don't get what is the meaning of Run Forrest Run.

I went to check my car and meet the farm. The birthday cake for the 2 birthday girls. Don't ask me is the cake nice or what because I did not try. :D

On our way up for the surprise and everyone is so gan cheong.

Fern got bullied by Stephy. AHAHA...

Make wishes, blow the candles and get older a year girls. I can't believe everyone is so old now. I wanna be FOREVER 21. I don't care.

Present time. They 2 look like little kids open present eagerly during Christmas.

Yummy lemonade.

My Captain's Fish and Chips and all the portion is too big. Next time we should really share with others and don't be too ambition.

If i'm not wrong, it is beef ribs and chips.

Look at the rib. I would prefer pork rib NOT beef rib.

The Cow and Ah B. Now i realized they kinda look alike in this picture. Don't you people think so??

Chrisnie and Mei Theng.

My crazy and naughty lui bao. Look how crazy she is. AHAHA...

Of course must have a crazy mummy as well la. Or else, how to match. AHAHA...

The most disgusting dessert. Don't know who inverted this. Hard like rock.

Couple number 1: Chrisnie and her beloved.

Hope you like your present.

The joker of the night. She made everyone laugh their ass off. AHAHAHA...Thank you for the entertainment.

Chrisnie, Mei Theng and yours truly.

Ladies of the night. We are the sexy-taries. :D

Gentlemen of the night. Nice meeting you guys!! :D

Aries, Stephy, Jess, Fern and Cindy.

I heart this girl. Thanks for being my awesome partner in crime all the time.

Last shot before heading to The Library.

The Library. Mummy said Library is a good place to go and I am definitely will pay more visits in the future. Let me give a lecturer. Please go The Library before 11 pm because Hoegaarden is cheaper. :D

I want my research papers end faster then I can really go on loose. I was thinking about my research paper throughout the night. :( miserable giler okay!! Oh gosh!!
I don't wanna drive when there is drinking session after dinner.

Couple number 2: Mei Theng and her beloved. They 2 are such a funny and sweet couple. Thanks for teaching us the captain game.

Happy Birthday Jie Jie!!

Hoegaarden is the best!! :D

We are all from the farm.
Ladies of the night!!

I love the ambiance and the cozy chairs.

This girl seriously need to get some tan.

Couple number 3: Jessica and her beloved.

The stage and the crowd. I love the live band, the girl is amazing. She can imitate Lady Gaga voice and sang like her. Love her much!!

The night was awesome and I did enjoyed myself. Despite the worries of my research paper. I am glad the surprise went well and everyone had a great time. There will be more gathering with the farm when all my assignments are due and final is over. Couple of weeks to go then I am done.

Once again, Happy Birthday to Stephy and Fern. Best wishes from the farm.