Night At The Museum, The Curve

I'm sure most of you people had already watched it right? So last Sunday, I went The Curve for Night at the Museum-Battle of the Smithsonian with family! The movie was okay~I still prefer the first 1! I think the first 1 is still the best! 
Don't you people think so huh?? :D

The movie

I'm ready to go~

While waiting for mum to get ready!

Disturbing my sis!

My cousin! They are all grew up! 
Yea, i know! I'm O-L-D! :P

I love this pic~

I'm trying to take picture of the little 1
and i FAILED! 

I almost got it! Damn!!

Bought the Twilight books!
If you peoples are looking for this book
please go MPH or BORDERS to purchase k!
It cost RM188

My so, so Saturday

Last night, mum went Corus Hotel for Clarks Warehouse Sales! She bought a pair of shoe for me but unfortunately, is not my size! Ya~i know is sad! But is ok with me because I don't really like the shoe! : )

The next day, early in the morning my sis woke me up around 9 something and went Corus Hotel to find shoes that really fit my foot well! Ended up, i got nothing! 1st the queue was freaking long k! The peoples queue until the entrance of the hotel but the Clarks Warehouse Sales in at 1st floor la! *Peoples are really damn free*! Luckily, we are only there to change the size of my shoe provided they still have la! If not I really have no idea how long do we need to wait just to get into the ballroom or something! But still I got nothing! : (

Let me show you the crazy crowded ballroom! Everyone is there just because of cheap Clarks shoe! My goodness! Siapa cakap economic no good ar??? If it is then what is all this people doing then??

Spotted anyone you know?? XD

Grab, grab, grab!
Grab as many as you can! Money think about it later!

After Corus Hotel, went KLCC to check is there any Clarks sales on o not!! What we get is Aldo Sales! So anyone interested in Aldo thang, go check it out! Is in Isetan 1st floor, KLCC! No shoe for me, but i got something from Body Shop! Oh, before i forget, Body Shop is on sales too! hehe...the sales until tomorrow only! So fast, fast go check it out k! Shop till you drop ya! : )

Headed home after KLCC and i get bored so I invited my sis to take pictures with me!

My precious dog "Milky"! She is camera shy, so I have to hold her head in order to see her real face! If not, I always get the side view of her only! *I'm not strangling my dog k* I'll never do that! I'm not a barbarian!

My sis! Is she camera shy too?? You peoples judge yourself!

Come on~Don't be shy! XD

Still don't wan pose for the camera! *FINE*

Finally, can see her real face!

Me, myself! :P


My sis said she spotted third person in this pic, but I don't see anything!
Did you people spot anyone except us in this pic??
If yes, please do let me know ya! : )

Now she want to take pics!

I bought body butter from Body Shop!
Love the smell! *Thumb up*
If your Body Shop's member, you will have extra 10% discount k!

Tomorrow will be out to 1U for movie! : )

Beverly Hills 90210

I have been chasing over this drama for the past 2 months! Why can't they released all the episodes in one time ar?? FYI, they only released the show once a week ya! Please be patient with it! Thats what i'm doing it right now! This is a brand new 90210 not the 90's 90210 k! Don't get me wrong!

The shows is about a Kansas family relocates to Beverly Hills, where their two children (Shenae Grimes as Annie Wilson & Tristan Wilds as Dixon Wilson) adapt to the infamous social drama of West Beverly Hills High. The girls in the drama are freaking hot and rich! Guys, you might wanna check the girls out! haha...So, if you like this kind of drama then you might don't wanna miss this out! Trust me! I won't cheat you peoples 1! The drama is freaking nice! Nicer than all the others that you peoples had watched before! You won't be regret after watching it! *Trust me*! The drama is worth watching!

Beverly Hills 90210

Group Pictures! I love them! XD

The Cast!

Shenae Grimes as Annie Wilson!
The descent girl from Kansas!

Annalynne Mccord as Naomi Clark! She is the hottest 1! : P

Jessica Stroup as Silver!

Jessica Lowndes as Adrianna Tate-Duncan!

Dustin Milligan as Ethan Ward!

Tristan Wilds as Dixon Wilson!

Michael Steger as Navid Shirazi!

Watch it! Watch it! Watch it! : P
The girls are hot and the guys are so cute and rich!
The shows is interesting! *Thumb up*
So watch it!


Assignments, assignments, assignments, assignments!
Thats all I can think of right now!
Deadlines of assignment is really killing me!
After 3 weeks of relaxing classes
here comes the reality of college life!
All the assignments for the 5 courses which I chosen is finally arrived!
Now i feels like dying, don't wanna wake up the next day!
If I dont wake up the next morning, please don't wake me up! *Thanks*
How on earth am I going to do all the assignments??
I'm not a genius k?? Anyone wiling to help me??
Yes?? No?? Alrite, alrite, I know i have to deal with it!
Okay~I get it!
I'm sure some people might be laughing their ass off outside!
Right Sarjan?? I know your laughing at me! I can hear you k!!
Alrite, I need to get back to my assignments now!
I'm google-ing every single damn shit that I wanna know!
How can peoples live without internet ya?? *Dont Understand*
Toodles peoples~

China Girl or Korean Girl

Okay~this is the question that I always, all the time asked by peoples!

Most of the people will asked "Are you a korean?"! OK! Fine! I'm cool with it!
But since i enrolled in UCSI
peoples started to asked "Are you from China?"! W-T-F!!!
Excuse me!!! Do I look like china girl???
I know i have the typical asian eyes! So what??
That doesn't mean i'm from China k!! Do you want me to show you my I.C!

The other thing that really upset me today is one of my lecturer
Mr XZX *if you already know who then good* just keep it to yourself k! haha...
He asked me twice, is twice k! Dua kali k!
The 1st time, he asked "Are you from China?"
and I answered him N-O! *A BIG NO*
Then after sometimes, he asked me "Are you sure, your not from China?"
Of course i'm sure la! I know where I come from k! This is so ridiculous!!!!!!
Harlooo~i'm Malaysian k! Can't you see that! O-M-G!!
If you can't see, please go seek for doctor k!

So, i'm gonna clear this up here!

Please take note and never ever ask me "Are you from China?" AGAIN!!!
Never ever k! For God's sake!!!


Mother's Day Celebration

So, here is my Mother's Day celebration! : D
Me and my sis sneak out in the evening to buy my mum a Mother's Day cake!
Had dinner with family at the typical chinese restaurant!
The restaurant was "people mountain people sea"(translate to mandarin)!
We waited for 30mins and yet get all the wrong orders!
Fine!! We forgive them because today is Mother's Day! *HEH*
Took lots of pictures and had lots of yummy food!
I'm starting to love Mother's Day! : )

My sis doing her job! haha...

My mum waiting impatiently for the foods!

Me and sis!

Dessert of the night!
Vegetarian Fruit Cake!
I'm not sure how vegetarian can the cake be!


My turn to take a picture with the cake! :P

Here comes the important person of the Day! *MUMMY*

Happy Mother's Day, MUM!

No need to cover your face alrd la! We know who you are!
Althea Loi Kuan Kyie!

Look at her kepo-ness! hahaha...
can't wait to cut the cake!

My piece of cake! Want some???

Mother's Day's Cake!


Last but not least, of course is me and my adorable dog "Milky" la!
Apa lagi! haha...

Thats all for now!
Is 2.15 am now! I'm having class at 9.30 am tomorrow!
I couldn't sleep! How am i gonna wake up and go to class!
Okay la! Good night peoples!
Sweet dreams and sleep tight!

One Of The Kind Saturday

My one of the kind Saturday! Sounds so happening rite??
hahaha...then you peoples are wrong! *So wrong*
Let me tell you peoples the truth la!
The truth is i did nothing on this one of the kind Saturday!
Just a title, you know??? dont expect too much from me k!
I prefer staying at home doing nothing then go out and spend my ass off! :)

My mum woke me up at 10 am and asked me accompany her to the dentist and drop by Gleneagles Hospital to help her collect the insurance medical report *i think*! Dont really remember what is it already! Aiya...don't bother about it la!
So, i went up to 6 floor and look for the doctor's unit...and the best part is the clinic is close due to public holiday! WTF...we totally forgot today is WESAK DAY la! It was our mistake anyway! My mum should call before she went rite! Now we need to go and collect on next Saturday! : (

After all that, we headed to Hartamas for my mum dentist appointment!
She been seeing the dentist for the past few weeks! And yet her teeth is not fully fixed! So while she is inside getting her teeth fixed! I'm outside cam-whoring non-stop! hahaha...=D
Nothing to do wat! So take pictures la! If not you peoples got any other better suggestion for me to kill my time o not??? I waited her for 1 hour plus k*i think*!
After she is done! We went to Burger King and "ta pao"!

Me of the Day! : )

I'm Boring as you peoples can see!

Typical lala's post! Sorry, can't help it! hehe...

After lunch, my mum decided to have spring clearance at home!
This is one of her favourite activities at home! I don't know why! Don't ask!
We found tonnes of things! Mostly is belongs to my mum and sis!

Tomorrow will be a big day to every mums all over the whole while world! *oohh...Sorry, my mistake! hehe...Now past 12 alrd so should be today* =D! Ya...Mother's Day is today! Me and my sis haven't come out any plan for celebration yet! Probably, we will just go out for dinner and thats it!

If they are any special celebration, i'm sure you peoples sure will know k! hahaha...So, i wanna wish every mother outside the whole while world...


After a week of classes

Wat a LOVELY Friday!
Don't have any classes today!
All my classes only Monday to Thursday! : )
Slept until 12 something!
After 4 days of classes and waking up early in the morning
Finally, I've a day to sleep until no one business! *Satisfying*

After a week of classes, i still not use to waking up early in the morning!
Everyday in class, i will be complaining that i'm so damn sleepy and yawning non-stop
*i'm sure Shi Ying will know about this, right Shi Ying?? hahaha...*

Here are some pictures that we took while waiting for the lecturer!
They are really cute and adorable! I'm the eldest among all of them!
Okay la~i know i'm old la! *SAD*

From left: Shi Ying a.k.a Saix and Janize a.k.a Little Rain!

Me and Shi Ying! The most hyper active girl among all of us! : )

Janize, Shi Ying and Me!