Well done to TNB and UCSI!! *clap, clap*
Final postponed due to electricity cut in Cheras!
I'm so damn free right now!!
I'm trying to finish all my overdue posts!!

Back to the title!!
What is Kaspersky?? How on earth I know about Karspersky??
Trust me people, I don't have a clue until last Friday!!
Karspersky is an anti virus software that inverted by a Russian guy named Eugene!!
hahaha...now my post sounds like a history lecture!!
Neways, the bunch of us went Low Yat to be "Ke-Leh-Feh" as fan club of the software!
It was fun and tiring as well!!
Whatever we earned that day, we spend it on that day as well!! haha...

This is what the event about!!

We are the "fan club member" of the software!! haha...

When there's media came to shoot us and what we did was cover up our face!!
We doesn't want our face to appear in some magazine or TV!!

The lucky badge which can redeem a portable Karspersky fan!!

We even get signature from the Russian guy!! haha...

Yea~we LOVE Karspersky!! haha...

My 3 8 twin too obsessed with the software alrd!!

Paying attention to what's going on the stage!!


The best part of the event is, we get to meet ECX!!
Don't know who is ECX!!
Please go youtube and search!! =)

They are the performer of the day!!

After the event ended
went Time Square to collect what we deserved then we are off to makan and shopping!!

Twin entertained us while waiting for the organiser!!

Me and my brunch!!
I had brunch at 4 something okay!!

The not so yummy fish fillet with 2 different types of sour!!

Yong Sim can't decide what to eat!!
The menu is too confusing!!

Sherry and her expensive mee!!

Hui Hong

Xiao Hou
haha...whats wrong??

Disturbing me eating!!

She is too hungry!!
She havent eat anything since morning!!

While waiting for the food to come
they go crazy with my camera!!

See!! See!!

The walking spoon and folk!!

After finish with the Psycho people
then I received a call from Joan and asking me out!
Since I got nothing better to do
I went KLCC and meet up with Joan!!
We went for movie, we watched REBELLION (Cantonese)!!
The movie was nice!! Is about Gangsterism in Hong Kong!!

After movie, we went Quattro for a drink!! hehe...
The place was nice and comfy!!
We ordered some margarita and have our girls talk until late night!

Next to our table is the club and I saw tons of Liquor on the shelf!!
Did you people left any bottle of liquor there?? haha...
If yes, you might spot your bottle there!! =)

Joan ordered Peach Margarita!!
It tastes so good!!
Next time should order this!! =)

Pretty Joan!!
Before and after!!
No difference!! Her face did't turn red at all!!

My before and after look!!
I think cocktail is more suitable for me!!
At least it doesn't make my face looks like lobster after drinking!!

Exam postponed and i'm in dilemma right now!!
I can't decide should I go Penang or not!!
Don't care!! Going shopping with the girls tomorrow!!
Shop 1st decide later!! =)

My Big "Two One" Birthday - Redbox

Celebrated my big "Two One" birthday with coursemates!!

Date: 13.10.2009
Venue: Redbox, The Garden

Thanks Twin, Xiao Hou, Janize, Cai Cai, Chin Ee, Yong Sim, Sandra, Cemone, Wei Wei, Wen Yee and Jeffrey for coming!!

I'm officially 21!!
I had 2 new names in 1 day!!
"Lao Zha Bo" and "Horny Leopard" is my new names!!

Me in college, waiting the rest to finish class!!

The surprise gang!!
Thank you so much people~

Chin Ee with the cake!

Poker Jeffrey is waiting for the instruction!!
haha...He looks like a killer in this pic!
I wonder who is he planning to kill with a plastic knife!!

Cemone is lighting the cake before they coming into the room!!
hahaha...now I know the story line alrd!!

When the surprise group came into the room,
I was shocked and freak out!! haha...
See how happy is Sandra!!
Thanks for the surprise!! =P

The cutie and most 38 Janize and Me!!

Psycho Gang!!
Xiao Hou, Me, Janize, Yong Sim and Cai Cai!!

Me and Yong Sim!!
Thanks for all the jokes!!
Eventhough is kinda cold but I still enjoyed it!! haha...

Me and my twin!!
Glad to have you as my twin!!

My 2nd birthday cake!!
It written there "I make them horny"
hahaha...you people make me more horny okay!! =P

Singing Birthday song~

Aaawww, i just simply adore this pic!!
This is the moment when I almost burst into tears!! hehe...
All the messengers are so sweet and I love the photo album!! =)

Happy Me and my birthday cake~

Arrgggg, don't worry!! I did not have any cream on my face that day!!
haha...the hand on my head just for display *i guess*!!
They are kind enough to let my pretty face go!! hehe...

The Birthday tradition!
The Birthday boy or girl must bite the candle out from the cake!!
haha...and I managed to do it without cream on my face!! Yeppie~

Me and Lovely Yong Sim!!

Cut cake ceremony!! =D

Cut cake, cut cake, then let's waaallluupppp~

Do you people want some??

Wen Yee, Xiao Hou and Me

So old alrd still wanna act cute!! haha...
Let me be people~
Don't jealous~

Me and Wei Wei!
Our lovey dovey pic!! hehe...
this pic is so sweet!!

Poser Me and Insane Janize

Xiao Hou, Me and Wei Wei

Me and Poker Jeffrey!!

Me and Babe Cemone!!
Thanks for the kisses!! =)

Abby and Janize!!
Please stay Forever 21!!
I don't wanna grow any older!!

Xiao Hou and Me!
Xiao Hou, thanks for everything!! Especially, the photo album!
I'm so glad to have you!! ;D
You will be turning 21 next year!! hehe...

The pretty Sandra and Me!!
Thank you for coming Sandra!!
All the best to you and your diet plan ya!!
Stay healthy, wealthy and pretty!!

Wen Yee and Me!!
Eventhough, I just knew you for few weeks
but I'm so glad to have you as my friend and thanks for coming!!

The 1 and only Photo Album and it is mine now!! haha...
Thanks everyone who helping in doing this album and those wonderful messages!!
I almost burst into tears when I'm reading the messages!!
You people make me HORNY!! =)

Wen Yee solo~
everyone is so enjoying in her singing!!


Two One to me!!
Peace people~

We love Redbox wallpaper to death!!
We spend hour there and take tons of picture!!
Suddenly, everyone turn into Model Wannabe and come out with all sort of posing and expression!!
My picture below is compulsory for everyone who came!!
Every single person has 1 of this picture (stick your face to the wall and give a horny look)
and put as their Facebook profile picture!!

Xiao Hou, Me, Twin and Wen Yee

We just simply love this picture!!

Group Pic of the day!!
Thanks everyone for coming and celebrated my big Two One birthday with me!!

Last pic before we left!!
Happy Birthday to myself!!

I had an awesome 21st birthday celebration with u all!!
Thanks for coming, thanks for the surprise, thanks for the cake,
thanks for the 1 and only photo album, thanks for spending time planning all this,
thanks, thanks, thanks for everything okay!!
hahaha...I really appreciated it and i'm so touched!!
I almost burst into tears, however I managed to control!! haha...
You all really done a great job in keeping secret!!
I felt shady at 1st but I did't expect such a big surprise from u all!!
The moment you all came into the room, singing the birthday song with the cake
I was freak out okay!! haha...That's explain why I went speechless for few seconds!!