The Eiffel Tower

Bought The Eiffel Tower wall sticker long time ago but I was too lazy to put it out. Plus I heard it will not be as easy as we think, it requires a lot of time and patient. Indeed, it requires a lot of time but patient, not really. I think the manual that teach you how to put it up is very useful. Not to forget, thank you my sis in helping me to put it up as well. 

Now I have pretty wall. :) *happy* Trying to get more new design. 

I fly to Paris in my dream


I have lost my blogging mojo. Wait it comes back then I will blog. :)

Chai Diam Ma

"Chai Diam Ma" means traditional Chinese grocery shop in Hokkien. But the chai diam ma I went is not a grocery shop, is a cafe with unique interior design and handmade decorations. It is located in Penang. If you are interested please google it alright because me myself is not sure about the exact location. 

They only served very simple and delicious meal so put let your expectation down a little. 
The handmade menu.


My Honey Lemon. 

Part of the menu

Here is the clearer address of the place.

One of the corner

I know I have good facial expressions.

The food is delicious. My face says it all.

Hui Hong. Thank you for the pictures. :) 

The familiar face, you should know who she is by now.

Udon with bacon.

Very yummy. I am not kidding.

On a side note, new semester started and is my final 2nd semester. Hectic as usual, not forget to mention is a short semester so it is gonna be thrilled than ridding a roller coaster ride. All the best to myself.