New Hairdo

I am back which means holiday ended. :( Not happy about it. Holiday is too short!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really don't understand why do some people get like few months of semester break and I only have like what??!! 2 weeks!! This is what I called "W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L"!!!! *middle finger is up".

The only happening thing about holiday is hibernation. YES!!! my plan work pretty well but I am still not satisfy. I know I am greedy. Who doesn't?? Put your feet up in the air.

As you can see, I got myself a new hairdo. Everyone was shocked and keep on telling me the word "O-M-G"!!! AHAHA...I guess Usher should be happy about that because his song "OMG" is so popular nowadays. Lot of funny stories came out after the new hairdo. I got full attention wherever I go especially from senior citizen except my granny. Surprisingly, she accepted my new hairdo before my mum. The expression from my mum when she saw my hair was priceless. Until now her "O-M-G" expression still stuck in my head.

This is how I look when I got home from the saloon.

This was after few days. Yes, I dare to leave the house and it was Chinese ghost month festival. Hopefully, no one is scare by me. If I did scare someone, please forgive me. LMAO!!!!

The view from the back. It is a lil messy because I do not bother to blow.

My current Facebook profile picture.

I guess I won't be getting weird attention from others and weird people talking behind my back about my hair in KL. Nowadays people are so daring to stare at others and talk about others like nobody's business. Behave yourselves people. I can see you and hear you ok!!!

Hope you people like my new hair. I know is a lil funny but I am sure you people will get use to it. :D Compliments are always welcome.

Michael's Birthday

Celebrated Michael's 13 year old birthday at home with the family. Every year there will be a big gathering and dinner for his birthday but this year there are only few of us. The number of people is not important, what it really matters is the fun we had. :D

On the way to buy the birthday cake. Showing off my new lens from FreshLook. Purple is the new love.

The full time driver. Thank you for fetching us around, from left to right and up to down. :D *gamsahabnida*

Me and the cap. I am not a person who fancy about cap. I guess my head is too big for cap.

The birthday boy, Michael Koe. I know he doesn't look like a 13 years old. Trust me, he talk like an adult. The horny kinda adult. His expression tell you how horny he is.

This can tell you they are both brother. Horny runs in the genes.

Black Forrest cake from King's. I still prefer Secret Recipe because they are the best!!!

Cut the cake and let's wallap. As usual I don't eat birthday cake so please don't ask me "is the cake nice?"!!! I DON'T KNOW!!!

Let the sister do the job. Kids are not allowed to play with knife. :D

The crazy sister. No matter how hard you try, it will still looks the same.

Bought the hair band that I wanted long time ago. I refused to buy it at first because I think the price is ridiculous and I was so ambitious to try to make myself one but the plan failed.

This is silly.

After this pic, everyone starts to call me ah ma, grandma, Lam Ah Zhen, and great-grandmother. Which one do you people prefer the most??

Oliver and Me. He had gone back to UK this morning to collect his result. All the best to him and we believe he will be able to get into the university that he wanted.

Cam-whoring is the new hobby.

Here are some disturbing pictures from sister and Oliver. I don't know what they are trying to do.

This one the both of them are supposed to be horny, Oliver did it. He is damn horny but my sis failed. AHAHA...

One last paper tomorrow and my 2 weeks holiday officially start. I am mad happy and worried about the exam at the same time. All I wish for is everyone of us pass all the subjects. :D Happy Holidays people.

Korean Dinner

It is half pass two now and I am still awake. It is all because of exam. I need to do something to keep myself awake. Went Korean dinner with family last Saturday. Mum was starving so we decided to go somewhere near and have dinner. FYI, Korean village in Ampang is just 10 to 15 minutes drive from my place. :D That explained why I always get mistaken by people that I am a Korean.

We seriously ran out of varieties and every now and then the question "what you want to eat" popped out. I am a very picky person when it comes to food and that just make the situation worst. I am sorry people, I will try not to be so picky next time. :D *promise*

The amount of side dishes they gave. The best part is you are allow to refill as many time as you want. :D

Cousin, Oliver and sis. Both of them are Korean food fans but I am not.

A candid of Oliver and Mum.

Abigail and Althea. I look damn horrible.

We had chicken and pork BBQ. The portion is big. A lil advise, don't be too ambitious, order the portion for 1 pax first, if not enough then you people can order more.

They have some Korean magazine at the front counter. Even though I don't read Korean but the girls in the magazine are soooooooo damn pretty. I came across a model below and I damn freaking love her hair. I am jealous and I want her hair.

My silly sista.

Yours truly. I know my hair looks damn funny nowadays. Dont worry, I will fix it when exam is over.

The Loi's.

Free watermelon and some rice drink after the meal.

Cousin and my mum. I don't know what got into my mum. AHAHA...

After Korean dinner, went 1U for a walk. Start cam whoring while mum is doing her window shopping.

I wasn't ready and my sis took the picture. My eyes are disappear and I look damn grumpy. In fact, I am damn grumpy nowadays. Thank you exam very much.

Exam is going to start in the afternoon and I am worried. I finished revising all the chapter but I hardly remember what I have revised.

Celebrated cousin's 13 birthday today. That fellow is damn hilarious man. He always made everyone laugh their ass off with his stupid accents. I recorded a cute and funny ringtone and I used it as a message tone. Pay attention to my message tone then you will know what I meant HILARIOUS WITH HIS STUPID ACCENTS!!

That's a wrap. Back to my book. Good night. :D

Unforgettable Friday

Classes and assignments officially ended on Thursday. We planned to visit Zoo Negara but the plan did't go well because of bad time management. Too many things to do plus an incident happen that I will remember until the day I die.

Went to the vet with sis after I submitted the assignment. On the way home tyre went flat on DUKE highway. FML!!!!! I seriously never experience this before and I don't know how to change the bloody tyre. I went panic because I am the one who get out from the car to check where the hell is the freaking sound came from. When I saw the tyre went flat, the first thing I told my sis was "OMG" and asked her to call my dad.

Dad wasn't helpful but we managed to get through it with the help from a nice guy and DUKE highway helper. I was overwhelmed by the whole thing and I don't know what to do. The guy almost got himself into an accident by stopping suddenly at the side of the highway to help us out. He called the DUKE highway helpline for us. We asked for his name but he doesn't wanna give. He basically pop out of nowhere and leave. Still wanna thank him for the help. *appreciated*

Went KLCC with cousins after the thing is over. We need something good to calm ourself down okay!! And yes, I cut my fringe again. The major chopping is coming soon. Stay tune.

Yours truly, Mic and Oli.

My sis is driving and she get jealous because she can't join in the camwhore session. She only get one pic where the rest of us camwhore non-stop behind her.

Mic and Me.

I found someone who is horn-ier than me. I am consider the most horny person among all my friends but now I found someone to take over the title. Look at my cousin, Michael. AHAHA...he is damn horny man!!! LMAO!!!

See!! See!! I told you he is horny!!! Horny is his new name.

We are supposed to take 10 pictures with different pose, however the horny one out of pose so we stop at picture number 5.

The last one. He is a lil boy with civilised bicep.

Coffee Bean for tea break. Caramel is always the best. :D

Someone sneeze caught in action.

My aunt and Michael.

I don't know what my sis is trying to do over here.

A artistic shot from Michael.

Met one of my friend from Taiping who currently working in KLCC. She just bought a Fujifilm instant camera and I look terribly ugly in the pic.

On the way home.

Last pic of the day. I just wanna show off my new contact lenses. Can you people see what is the new colour of my lenses? Whoever got it right, I got a present for you!! :D

Final start on next Tuesday and my revision is out of the window. Now I am worried. Can't wait for final to over and start my holidays. Looking forward to my hibernation worry-free holidays.

All the best to whoever is having final and study hard people. :D