Charlie Brown, Penang

First Charlie Brown in Malaysia. I did not know about the place until my twin brought me and the so called backpackers there. I would say the ambiance and the interior design is definitely way beyond expectation. However, the price for the food is a little bit pricey. 

So,  now we have Charlie Brown in Malaysia, I wonder where will the Mickey Mouse comes to Malaysia. I am waiting. :) 

The design on the table. Each table has their own design. Very unique.

Design on the ceiling. 


The main character: Snoopy. Just to let you know I am not a fan of snoopy. I am a fan of Mickey Mouse.

I love this the most.

nice? wait until you see the real one.

Me and the table.

The twin of the day.

Even the carpet is cute.

The drawing on the wall.

Twin and Ms Monkey.

I wanna have something like that in my future house.

Cappuccino with Charlie Brown on it. 

My mini size mushroom soup and me.

Ms Monkey and her Cappuccino.

Ms Monkey, Yu Pei and Saix.

The crazy ones.

Photographer, Mr Tham.

A typical tourist picture.

Design outside the restaurant. Along the wall, it has different characters you can find in Snoopy.

That's our visit to Charlie Brown. You pay for the designs and ambiance not the food *keep that in mind*. :) 

I miss...

I miss the sea breeze, I miss the beach and the most important is I miss my worries-free holidays. :(

New semester started 3 weeks ago and I am an official third year student. That doesn't sound fun AT ALL!! NOT AT ALL!!! Don't be jealous because I do not need to go to work from Monday to Friday. Don't be!! I am not bragging right now. I am complaining, can't you sense it? :) You have no idea what a third year student needs to go through. It is mentally and physically challenging. *FOR REAL*!! We do not take our parents money and enjoy life at college, we have tonnes of thing to complete as well! 

"I know I should be enjoying my college life to the fullest", blablablabla~I heard it gazillion times already. DO NOT, never ever repeat the same sentence infront of me, or else please ask someone call an ambulance for you. :) 

That's all for now. Going to bed, class at 8am tomorrow. :)

Penang Hill

Penang Hill with my twin, Hui Hong, the two backpackers (Hou and Tham) and my new friend Yu Pei. I think I been there when I was really little that I couldn't even recall a thing about Penang Hill. So I think this will be my very time and we are more than lucky to ride the new train with air conditions. No more rusty and scary train. And we did a little charity on that day as well. 

Entrance fees: RM 10 per person for Charity purposes. 
The normal fees will be cheaper but I am not sure how much does it costs. Go visit and tell me how much does it costs alright? :)

The uncle told us the ride up the hill took about 15 mins and ask us to enjoy the view. I swear the ride up the hill is scary but indeed the view is really nice.   

Tickets for 6. 

The pretty Hui Hong. Please tell me your trick in losing some extra fat. 

Being a tourist. Snap pictures all over the place.
Hou and Hui Hong.

We even write our name at the bottom of the ticket. And this will be mine. 

The 2 so called Penang people that never visit Penang Hill before. 

Look at the slope.

My hand never leave the hander. And yes, I am scared.



I hate the slope. But this is better than sitting cable car.

The new train. Canggih betul.

after 15 mins, we reached the top. Look at the view. Sorry for the poor quality. This is all I can afford. :)

Being a bloody tourist. This proved I been there. :D

And we have Ms. Monkey in action as well.

Look for PsyMassLo when you visit Penang Hill. If you able to find the words, take a picture with it, show it to me then I will give you a wet kiss. :)

The jumpers.


We spent couple of hours up there being a tourist and explore around. I was expecting for cycling session but unfortunately they don't provide such service. Nothing much up there, except for walking, walking, walking and more walking. I were totally exhausted after we left the place and wouldn't visit War of Museum as what we planned earlier. Sorry for disappointing someone. There is always next time. :)