Plan B, Publika

First month of internship has ended. Three more months to go. I am pretty satisfied with my current internship and my job is so much fun that I expected. :) 

Night out with the psycho girls last weekend for dinner at Publika. For the first time, I was late for the date. *Sorry* The girls reached early and decide what to have for dinner while waiting for me and Xiao Hou. Honestly, I do not miss uni life AT ALL!! The only thing I miss is the people that I used to see everyday. We all shall considering working in the same organization together-gether. :) 

Kisses from yours truly. 

Souvenir from Taiwan. Thank you Xiao Hou. 

Menu for day: Carbonara Pasta.

Salmon Sandwich

Best choice ever. Some Asian type pasta with soft shell crab and cili padi. This is the bomb!!!! 

Ham and cheese sandwich. 

Monkey and Rain. 

After dinner and bought myself a Mango gelato as dessert. 

Tourist picture with the girls. 

 After Publika, we decided to go for the famous Kaw Kaw burger at Wangsa Maju. Since I have to send Xiao Hou home, we might as well drop by and have a try. 

The chicken is really good but thank God the queue on a Saturday night is not as bad as what other people posted. The burger comes in a set with a drink and two sausages. They have ala carte also but the set is more worthy. :)  

My newly bought jeans. Love the leopard print on the jeans.

I lost my black jeans that I bought from Singapore months ago. FYI, that is my second pair of jeans I owned and is my favourite. I have no idea where the hell my jeans go. I search every corner in my house and I just could not find it. So, here is my message to my lovely black jeans. 

"Dear black jeans, PLEASE COME BACK!!!!!!"