Back to Mushroom

Remember my ahjumma curly/ bird nest hairstyle? remember? well, it's gone now!!! :) 
Goodbye ahjumma.

And hello MUSHROOM. LOL!!!!! Wondering why I go back to mushroom? Because I love it and I missed my mushroom head very much. Even my hairstylist missed my mushroom head. Once he done with my head, he said "it's back" and show me his relief face. WTF!! It proves that mushroom is the right one for me. The feelings of having my mushroom back is like you have found the right person to spend the rest of your life with that person. :)

Annyeonghigaseyo (goodbye) to ahjumma/ bird nest and Annyeonghaseyo (hello) mushroom. :)) 

Shir's Belated 21st Birthday

The internet connection and Facebook is being a bitch due to the earthquake. My group mates are killing me, I really do not understand barbarian and this is why they are called BARBARIAN. 

Last week was Shir's 21st birthday. We delay the celebration due to assignments and midterm. I am so sorry Shir. Hope you like the pressies and have a great time the other day. :)

Shir is overloaded with stress, so do we. May the semester end well and rest in peace. Do not come back and haunt us.

Ms. Fish. The one that accompanied me most of the time to library and breakfast. Kamshahamida. :)

Gossip is what we do. ALL THE TIME.

Happy Belated Birthday Shir. 
May all your wishes come true and stay sweet and lovely with uncle forever. :D

Me and the birthday girl.

Test you people, is this a real smile or fake smile? Have a guess. 

Make wishes, blow the candle and get older a year. AGE IS JUST A NUMBER. I said so. LMAO!!!!

Her awkward expression. 

Let's dig in. 

An epic picture of me by YEAP SHI YING. 

I hate being a light bulb. I was force to take the picture with them. 

The reason is because I AM IN THE FAMILY. We are truly one happy family from different father and mother and we get along well. Jealous? Don't be.

Shir, saengil chukha hamnida!!!!! :D


It's been awhile, so here I am. I am still stuck in the middle of all the shit. :( Not in the mood for anything, all I want is hibernate. Counting down the days. 1 more month to go before the semester end. Looking forward to holidays, even though I will be bored and start to complaint "I got nothing to do". How I wish that happen right away but it will only happens in my dream at the moment. The other thing that makes me happy is the last day of my exam fall on 14th of April. For the very first time, I have 3 weeks holidays for semester break. FYI, I usually had about 1 or 2 weeks only. So yea, I am pretty happy and excited about that. I am going to make good use of my precious holidays instead of hibernate at home with my pajamas on, and don't even bother to leave the house. But before that, let's finish clean up the shit and leave the damn city. :) 

That's all for now. Annyeong. :)

My crazy friend

My crazy bitch. The one that gossip the most with me. Went movie with her the other night out of the sudden. I haven't see her in donkey years. The short catch up was good. Watched Burlesque and it was way beyond AWESOME!!! 

Meet my crazy friend, Ms Stephy. :)

Looking forward for our "honeymoon" in May.

The end. See you next time. Bye. :)