Happy Birthday Fatty/ Twin/ Saix/ Yeap Shi Ying/ Leng Lui

Happy 21st Birthday LENG LUI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This post is specially dedicated to you (twin/ fatty/ saix/ yeap shi ying/ leng lui). I only call you LENG LUI on your birthday, so be appreciate and don't fly too high with compliments. :D Don't say I always suppressed my feelings and did not truly tell you how I feel. 
You will know how I truly feel in this post. 
Be curious. 

I know you don't mind being a 21 years old old lady. I don't mind being a 23 years old old lady too. I can't believe I just revealed my age just for the sake of your birthday. 

Enjoy your very big day to the fullest with a lil control ya. I know you will have a great time with my bro and family. May all your hiao and ridiculous wishes come true and please don't hiao too much. I know I hiao very much sometimes but please don't follow me ok. You behave and control. HAHAHAHA...and yes, you are very pretty and beautiful. *I can't believe i am saying this* But only just because it is your birthday. So take the compliments, as you know I don't usually compliment people. 

So, here it is. You are very PRETTY, SMART, and FUN

Sorry that I can't celebrate with you on the actual day and there will be no surprise for you this year BECAUSE you ruined the surprise I did for you last year, remember?? remember how you ruined it? So ya! NO MORE SURPRISE for you. I know you got one more paper to go, so study smart for it and I will see you soon. AND yes, I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy reading this post? I know you love to hear those compliments from me and just because it is your birthday so I am doing it just for you. See how nice I am. Do not take this post to threaten me in future ya! AHAHHAA...be flatter as much as you want.

Happy 21st Birthday LENG LUI and Happy Holidays. *my hands are real real itchy*, you know what I mean. See you soon. :D

*please don't fly too high with the compliments*

Fred Perry Tote

Let me introduce you my new love. I have been looking for it for so long and now I can't let it go. I am so damn happy that I found it. You have no idea how crazy I can be in searching for the things I wanted so badly. It took me awhile but it is all worth it at the end. :)

New baby: Fred Perry Tote


Insanity never sleeps

The end of second year. I have upgraded to third year now. :D
I am looking forward to complete the course but I am not looking forward to working life. I have experienced that enough already. I refused to study and work as well. 
So what you think is the most suitable thing for me to do besides study and work? I have plenty of bloody ideas in mind. :)) Not ready to share yet.

Assignments have submitted and all I left is final now. I am really crossing my fingers as tight as I can and pray I pass all the subjects and If I don't, I will blog a suicide post here with the details of how am I going to six feet under ground. :(

As usual, there will be graduation pictures from the crazy ones every end of the semester. We used to have PsyMassLo together-gether for graduation pictures but all we left now is only the Psy, where the world did  Mass and Lo go? 
You know who you are so please come for the graduation picture ceremony next semester. :) 

The Psy. 

Nothing will be perfect without an abnormal picture from us. This is our specialty. We can be really gorgeous and blow your mind away and ugly as well. We can be "BEAUTY AND THE BEAST". 
LMAO!!!! WTF!!!

After final there will be holiday, so happy holidays everyone. Make sure you enjoy your holidays to the fullest. Don't stay at home and all you do is eat, sleep, drama then nothing. Move your ass alright. Because you will not have the chance to enjoy holidays anymore, hell is at the edge. Fighting everyone.

Jal jineyo (take care). :) Annyeong.