Goodbye 2010

Goodbye 2010. 
I'm glad 2010 has finally come to an end. Nothing productive happen this year and I had a pretty rough year. :( Starting from the beginning of the year, my bad lucks have never leave me. I even told my friends, I must go to the temple and change my luck. I can be very superstitious sometimes. I know! I know! When there is no other alternative, superstitious it is! 

Thank you 2010 for all the memories and lessons. Hello 2011!!! 2011 better be good, or else I will be the headline on all the newspaper. :D 

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year. May you have an awesome year ahead, stay in health and wealth, and may this holiday bring joy and happiness to you. No resolution(s) for new year because I am the kind of person who don't make resolution(s) come true, so no point having resolution(s). 

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Finally had macaroons couple of weeks ago. I have been longing to try once I found out Levain Boulangerie Patisserie have it. I invited the girls to go Levain with me on a public holiday. Thank God, I was smart enough so we managed to get a seat upstairs. :D I realized a lot of people complaint about they can't get a seat in Levain because of the crowd. The tips to get a perfect seat and also get to pick the varieties of fresh breads in Levain is DO NOT GO THERE DURING THE WEEKEND. If you decided to go during weekend or public holiday, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU GO EARLY IN THE MORNING, preferably before 12noon. FYI, Levain opens at 8am.

Macaroons. It is really tiny and it costs RM 3.30 each but if you buy more than 7 and above then it is RM2.90 each.

Fresh breads.

thumbs up!!!

Strawberry pai. This is really, really good.

My Latte.

Creamy Chicken Mushroom Soup. Mad awesome and very filling too. If you order this, please go easy with the bread. Don't b too greedy.

If I am not mistaken, I think this is seafood pasta. Not sure about the taste because I did not try.

It's 3a.m and I feel like having Levain in the morning. :))

Star Live Concert 2010

Went Starlive Concert 2010 last Saturday. Courtesy to Sandra for the tickets. I had so much fun that night even though we have to stand throughout the concert (around 4 hours) and my legs ache like hell the next day. :) The purpose of me going is to see my husband number 2: Peter Ho. All the standing, sweats and screaming paid off when the moment he came out. The only regret is he wore too much. He shouldn't covered himself up that much, show a lil skin won't harm!

Starlive Concert 2010, Bukit Jalil.

Thank you Sandra. :D

Tried to take a group picture but failed. Half of my sis's face is gone.

Before the concert start, the four of us were guessing who will be the first person who starts the concert. And guess what, Landy-Wen Lan was the first one. I was right!! *proud* Besides the open dances, Landy is the first singer that starts the concert. I can be a Mass Comm student too!

My husband number 2: Peter Ho. Don't you think he should show some skin instead of wearing so much clothes? Don't he feels warm? I was expecting him to wear a sleeveless top with a vest or something that can show his arms you know! :( But he still looks hot!! :D

I am mad jealous at the dances. You should know why.

Look at the killer smile. *melt*

There are fans flew all the way from Hong Kong to Malaysia just to see him.

At the concert, I fall for an ABC rapper from Hong Kong and his name is MC Jin. He is real talented and effing good in freestyle. I love his accent too, especially when he said "whatssup"!!

Me and my sis. We were so tired and sweaty.

AK from Taiwan.

The hottest female singer that night, Ding Dang. She is so pretty!!

Mass Comm strategy, KEEP THE BEST FOR THE LAST! JJ Lin came out the last and the crowd just went crazy. The girls behind me were screaming their lungs out when JJ came out.

FYI, JJ admitted that he is working on a relationship with a model which I don't know who. He is going to be taken.

JJ wrapped the concert up with some dance and moon walk. All the artists look so damn good in real like they just walk out from the television. I am surprised that they really look as good as the pictures shown in magazine or newspaper. I always thought the pictures have went through some major photoshop before they show it to the world. They are really that good looking.

Sorry for the low picture quality. :( I want a DSLR so badly that night. There is this guy standing next to me with a DSLR. I peep at his camera and all the pictures are so damn freaking clear and nice. Can I have a DSLR for Christmas Santa??

Christmas will be this weekend and I am going back hometown tomorrow until next week. Merry Christmas to everyone and have a wonderful Christmas. Happy Holiday!! :)

You Think You Know Me Well

*I am purely Malaysian.

*Orange is my favourite colour.

*I admire guy with 6 pack and British accent. *blushing*

*I sleep with my dog (Milky).

*I am single and available.

* I am horny.

*I am Chinese educated (I know how to read Chinese newspaper 1).

*I love Kim Hyun Joong more than myself.

*I love Mickey Mouse.

*I love horror or thriller movie.

*I love chicken backside, especially the fried one.

*I like to take picture with weird expression. The weirdest the better. :D

*I hate when people munch their food with mouth open and it sounds. Can't you close you mouth and eat quietly?

*I hate milk and soya bean.

*I hate cat.

*I hate people who shakes their legs.

*I hate pink colour. No la, I am very serious. Pink colour banned!!

*I hate cold weather because I have weak body and I can't stand the cold.

*I hate people who likes sport a little too much.

*I hate to use my brain and think.

*I hate due date.

*I hate being broke.

*I hate lovey dovey couple.

*I hate people being over organised.

Chrisnie & Tian's Wedding Dinner and Nally's Pre-Birthday Suprised Celebration

Venue: Hee Lai Ton Restaurant
Date: 11th December 2010

The first girl who got married from the gang. *tears* Congratulations to the newly married couple, Chrisnie and Tian. May their wedding be blessed with happiness, health, wealth and lots of kids for the future. :D

Seeing my friends get married made me feel like settle down too. But first I need to find someone to settle down with me. I told one of the girl at the wedding that I wanna get marry too and she replied me "find someone to knock you down (pregnant) 1st"!! I don't want get knock down 1st then only marry even though it is the new trend that we are having now. Believe it or not, I am a traditional woman! LOL!!

The wedding dinner was simple and romantic. And the most important thing is the food right. It was awesome. Fingers licking good!!! My mum told me Hee Lai Ton is actually one of the finest Chinese cuisine. I totally agreed. Whoever is planning a wedding dinner and haven't decide the venue, I would suggest you to consider Hee Lai Ton.

The typical wedding decoration.

Menu for the night.

Glutinous rice. I like what they used to serve the dishes.

First dish. The shrimp is to die for.

Baby abalone. I had my first abalone in Hee Lai Ton.

The abalone is really small. You can compare with the spoon.

The bride and Me. Coincidentally I have matching colour with her wedding gown.

I tried to take the look-alike Rain picture that shown on my phone. Obviously, I failed. I don't look like Rain anymore. Rain is a korean artist just incase if your wondering.

Aries. I hardly see her nowadays.

All the betrayers. HEH!!! Everyone supposed to show their "middle finger" but the end I am the only one who did it. BETRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joan and Me. I want my skin to be as fair as her. Mad jealous of her skin.

Thiam (the joker), Seng, Mei Theng, Joan, yours truly, and Mikio (means tree in Japanese).

My partner in crime, Stephy. She is leaving to Hong Kong for holidays. I am not going to celebrate Christmas with her this year. She better buy me something good from HK. :D

The couple has a really big family. Look at all the relatives on stage.

To be honest, this is my very first time eating abalone. Granny prepared abalone during Chinese New Year without miss but I just refused to eat it. The reason I ate is because it looks cute and nice. In fact, it is quite tasty.

Group picture with the gang and their boyfriends.

Besides the wedding dinner, we throw a lil birthday surprised for Miss Nally at the end of the night. She was shocked and some random people joined in the celebration as well. The birthday girl was given a choice, either finish the whole cake by herself or finish a glass of wine. Smart people will go for the wine.

Look at Nally's face. She was shocked and confused. She kept on asking "what is happening?"!!

Some random people that we don't even know came to take picture with the birthday girl. The birthday girl is still in shock. HAHAHA...

Group picture. We are known as The Sexy-taries and also Zoo Gang because we have different kinda animals in the gang. :D

I am not sure is that a happy face or what.

Truly cam-whore.

Blow the candle and get older a year.

Kisses for the birthday girl. Look at her happy face. FYI, the birthday girl is a cam-whore, that explained why you will see a lot of pictures that she cam-whore like nobody's business.

After all the kisses, it is time to bullied the birthday girl. The boys are the one who holding the camera and taking all the pictures *as usual*. So what the boy did was, they kept on asking us to pinch her face again, again, and again and repeatedly said "again, again, I did't capture!!" Poor birthday girl.

Smart people finishing a glass of wine. Forced to finish it.

Cut the cake and that's the wrap for the night. We actually planned for second round to celebrate her birthday but the wedding dinner ends around 11 something so we decided to do it there.

A picture of me and the birthday girl. Happy Birthday Nally WWW. May you have a great year ahead, and have a blast on the actual day. :D

Do I look gorgeous?? ahaha...*slap myself*

Love bird number 1: Cindy and Kian.

Love Bird number 2: Seng and Joan. Next year will be their wedding.

Love bird number 3: my daughter, Jessica and son in law, Mikio.

Love bird number 4: Mei Theng and smally eyes, Thiam.

A group picture with the bride.

And I managed to take a picture with the groom as well. He was drunk when he took this picture with me.

My friend said my hair look like grass.

A cute girl that wondering around. LOL!! She is so adorable.

I wanna get married too!!!!