Zooey Deschanel

The YES seminar!

Harry Porter costume party!
Watched the YES MAN movie with mum and sis in Pavilion yesterday nite! We plan to watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua at first but they onli left the front seat so we ended up watching the YES MAN! It is a comedy starring by Jim Carrey (Carl Allen) and Zooey Deschanel. Jim Carrey is a man who once said "NO" to everything is challenged to suddenly say "yes," instead. He signs up for a self-help program based on one simple principle: say yes to everything... and anything. At first, unleashing the power of "yes" transforms his life in amazing and unexpected ways, but he soon discovers that opening up his life to endless possibilities can have its drawbacks.

New Toy

I bought myself a new toy "Dell Inspiron 1420" name notty. Last saturday went to pc fair with my sis and my friend stephy. KLCC is so crowded with people becoz of the damn pc fair. Everyone want cheap and nice offer from the pc fair including me. Hahaha...i purposely wait for pc fair to buy my laptop. So well, we walk around in the hall and keep on doing research about which 1 is more worthy. Actually, i alrd made up my mind which laptop i want but i still wanna compare and see which 1 is more better. In the end, i bought Dell inspiron 1420. I was struggling in choosing which colour do i want. I want yellow colour so badly but the sale girl told me they have all the colour except yellow. damn SUI ar! So, ended up i bought apple green. Im proud of myself because this is the first time i bought something expensive without my parents help! : )

They have all colour except YELLOW! Bloody hell!

My new toy model!

My choice! APPLE GREEN!

Twilight Fever

went KLCC for shopping and movie yesterday with my sister. We watched Twilight starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Oooommmmmgggooossshhhhh...after the movie everyone is on Twilight fever including me! hahahaha...tis is the 1st vampire movie which is not scary. It is a love story between human and a vegetarian vampire. Well, Cullen family is a vegetarian vampire family, they control their thirsty and...and...they onli drink animal blood. Eventhough Edward Cullen is a vampire but Bella Swan still wiling to be with him watever it take. Their love is undescrible man! I bet every gal outside wish to have a love story like them and wish to have a charming and protective boyfriend like Edward Cullen. who doesnt wan huh??? Watch it or else is your lost! : )
Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
Main male actor Robert Pattinson as EDWARD CULLEN!!! : ))
Main female actress Kristen Steward as Isabella (Bella) Swan!
Love them!

The Cullens


Last Sunday my mum and dad quarrel again! Tis time is because of money! I know money is not everything but without money you cant do anything k! Neways this is not the 1st time my parents quarrel and I know it wont be the last! They always fight! Im too used 2 to it alrd! All I can do is act nuthin happen! I know i sound not responsible at all but trust me that is the best solution k! I understand them!

Three days holiday is over! I did nothing much in the past three days...All i did was eat, sleep and watch hong kong drama which i wanted to watch long time ago but i doesnt have the time becoz of exam. Finally, i got the time to finished the show! Besides that, went to 1U with my mum and my sis to hunt for her prom dress! Actually, im suppose 2 start my shopping spree for chinese new year clothes since is having sales everywhere but I cant find the thing that i like. I guess I need to search more if not there will be no chinese new year clothes for me this year. I doesnt want that.

Im looking forward to this weekends! hahaha...PC FAIR is finally here...cant wait to go man! As usual it will be held at KLCC from 12 -14 Dec 2008. Yes, im defitnely going! Woohoo~


Yesterday my lady boss belanja me and my colleague lunch at LUK YU TEA HOUSE at Star Hill Gallery. At 12.30 the driver came and fetch us there. Star Hill is having a luxury watches exhibition from 4th - 14th December. Anyone who when there have to register yourself and get a visitor pass. The cost of the watches is ridiculour man because the price is the price of a house, i mean a big house k! I wonder who will buy those watches. After finished look look see see at the watches we straight away go to the tea house coz everybody is hungry alrd. I reali like the design of the tea house, actually i like everything in Star Hill even the toilet i also like. hahaha...Every damn thing in Star Hill is so grand and unik.
The food is yummy and the service is real good. I recommend their dim sum to you all. The dim sum is so big and tasty. im hungry. Defitnely, i will go back there and have lunch again. The waiters there is very polite and helpful. Im glad i have lunch there! Thanks for the lunch Engku. The whole Star Hill is full of Christmas deco...all the chrismtas tree is so tall and so bling...i think is time to put up the christmas tree that at my house...
waiting for our turn to register!

My visitor pass!

the design of the tea house is really nice, the food is yummy and the service is real good!

Star Hill toilet! Every toilet have different design but i like this the veri "China" and unik. Any idea wat is this?

You have to turn the wheel then the water onli will come out! Special rite..if u still dont noe how to use it is ok coz there will be a kakak in the toilet to guide us how to use it! Its so cool! My favourite toilet!


AT LAST, FINALLY, all my exam is over! I felt so much released! Today i woke up at 6 oclock, went to take my prinsip perakaunan paper...the paper was tough and i couldnt do some of the question...I think I shall let it all hand it over to the GOD to decide hows my results gonna to be...hahaha...i did not put high expectation on myself...all i wish is only credit for all the subjects which i have taken then im SATISFY...

While waiting for my 2nd account paper i took some pictures in the classroom and here it is. Yes, i love taking my own pictures...nowadays who doesnt huh??? huh???

Tried to be hard working, but im NOT!

Today is the first day of the last month of year 2008. Since i alrd completed all my exam, I will be having plenty of time during weekends and I planned to go back hometown this weekends and visit my lovely grandny coz monday is a public holiday which mean I no need to work monday! I miss my grandny and taiping home badly. Its been months i didt go back. But we will see how its go la. Maybe im goin back or maybe im not!

Another thing is I reali dont understand why all the restaurant dont give ppl to make reservation for christmas eve huh???? Im planning a christmas eve dinner with all the gals but...but...all the restaurant doesnt gave us to make a reservation...they said there will be no reservation can be make on that day...wat the heck man! Is such a big day and we cant make reservation. They expect us to wake up early in the morning to go queue up for table izzit? Im sure they will be tonnes of ppl on that nite! CRAZY...they reali think we no need to work or they think we eat too full got nothing better to do huh??? Hopefully, we can get a perfect spot for us to drink, eat and laugh like theres no one there la! I mean a proper restaurant ya! If not we all can just go mamak and have roti canai and teh tarik!! hahahaha...