Thank you peoples!!!!!!!!!
I really love you people la!! haha...
Thanks for being so understanding and being there for me!!! 
I'm really *TOUCHED*!! I mean it okay!! 

I got few things wanna post but i'm too tired!!!
My psycho 2 exam is next tuesday
and i'm soooooooo not prepare yet!!!!!!!!!!!!
I always got distracted by others thing!!!
I need to focus and understand the theories la!!!
*HELP*!! *HELP*!!!! *HELP*!!!!!
I will post the rest after my exam is TOTALLY over okay!!!

Today, I attended a wedding in Church!!
Believe it or not!! This is my 1st time attending wedding in Church la!!!
hahahaha...I definitely love it!!!
It is way too sweet and it is every girl's dream la!!!
Have your wedding in Church definitely can be consider!!! :P

Me after the wedding!
I'm loving the new dress!!! Weeeee~~
but make me look like Datin la! hahaha....
What do you people think huh??? huh???
Tell me the truth, don't lie to me ya!! 

I'm extremely tired now! I wake up at 7am for the wedding!!!!
now my eyes can hardly open!!
my eyes alrd small enough 1 la!! 
now hardly open is like i'm not opening my eyes la!! 
Okla!! I'm off to bed now!
Tomorrow need to wake up early and take my dog to the vet!
So, GOOD NIGHT people!!
Thanks for everything people!! Muaks~muaks~muaks~ :D

Rumor Monger

Who is the RUMOR MONGER?? Who?? Who??

No doubt!

I'm the RUMOR MONGER!!!!

hahahaha...curious?? don't be!!!
I got this title from someone which I barely know!
For those who got a copy of an email that talking about me,
they surely know what is going on! But those who don't get the email!

I'm so sorry! I had shared with enough of peoples alrd!
And I don't think, i'm generous enough to share with more people!
I'm HUMILIATED by someone which I barely know!!
How wonderful is that!!! My gosh!!! Can you believe it??? I'm EMBARRASSED!
Everyone is asking me, "do you know there is an email talking about you??"
Come on!! how can i don't know about that!!!!
This morning, even my coursemates is asking me what is the email about!
I'm not dead, deaf, or blind!!! Of course I know what is going on!

So, i'm just wanna clear things up!
The emails wasn't my fault and it got nothing to do with me!
I'm not the one who got nothing better to do and come out with those HOEXAS or RUMORS!!!!
I got better thing to do than that!!! Please kindly MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!!!
Stay out of me and my friend life!!! We do not appreciate any damn words from you!

I'm not being rude to a senior citizen like you!
But since someone started 1st and I'm just kind enough to help you ended it!
And you're kindly welcome!!!!


Are you gonna accuse me for writing those stuff on my blog???
If you do, please keep in mind that this is my blog!!!
I can do any fucking things i want over here!!! U do not control the world!!!!

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers! :)

Here is my Father's Day celebration!
went out for dinner with mum and dad
and had secret recipe cakes for dessert! 
I'm supposed to buy the secret recipe cakes for daddy
but ended up mummy paid for the cakes!
neways, thanks mum! hehe...

The secret recipe shop is so packed with peoples
instead of cakes! All the cakes are selling out fast!

Our cakes!
Carrot cake (mum)
Hi-fiber cheese cake (dad)
Tiramisu (Abby)
*i'm not sharing my cake with you people ya*
hehe...I don't mind gaining weight! hahaha...

Daddy's Father's Day cake!
I know the cake is small!
I know! I know!
But i know my dad won't mind! :P

I'm not being stingy okay! 
I'm just worried
if we buy the whole cake then cannot finish then how?? how??
I just don't wanna waste food okay!!!!! :D

Happy Father's Day, Father!!!

Thanks daddy for all your contribution on my education and all the things i had now!
I hope you enjoy your Father's Day celebration,
eventhough, is not a fancy celebration!

I promise
I will make it up to you next time, dad!

Happy Father's Day, daddy!!!!!


I don't have class today and that means i don't need to wake up early in the morning!
But who know my dog, MAX is sick! 
His head got a big bum pop out yesterday night!
My mum was so worried about him!
Because MAX is like her son you see! 
She always told the doggies go to Jie Jie(me or my sis) there!
Suddenly, i got a brother and sister from another species!

So, mum took half day leave and woke me up around 9.30 am!
*This is URGENT*
After get ready without having breakfast 
and headed to the vet!

Here are the doggies 
MAX and SUMMER waiting for the vet!
The right 1 is MAX and the left 1 is SUMMER!
SUMMER is perfectly healthy, she just go there and kepo! hehe...

While we were in the car, I took some pics of the doggies! :P
Let me introduce you people this is SUMMER, the most naught 1!
She definitely is a poser because she is the only one can look at the camera
and wait for me to capture! haha...

Me and MAX! Get well soon boy!
He is not in the mood for pic as you people can see! :(

My little brother from another species! :D

I'm trying to take pic with SUMMER but she is too active la!

After came back from the vet, mummy went to work 
and left me alone at home!
I was too boring and tired
so i ended up sleeping the whole afternoon
from 2 something to 7 pm!

*Thats is why i did't answer your call, Sarjan!
Sorry ya! hehe...*

Movie @ Pavilion

A date out to Pavilion for a lil shopping and movie with Ah Jie, Stephy!
why always there are only 2 of us?? 
Don't ask me!!! Go ask all the other girls!
I did ask some of them to come join us
but none of them wanna come! Wonder why!
I DON'T bite people la! :P 

So, I was late to meet up with Stephy!
Thanks to my lecturer! Non-stop talking and talking and talking!
After we collect our tickets, we went for BRUNCH!
We were like 2 hungry ghosts walking around and cannot decide what to eat!
Ended up we had Sakae Sushi for our brunch! We were attracted by their set lunch!
Overall, not bad la! But the portion a bit small la! hehe...
Yes, we can eat a lot! :P
Do you have a problem with that??? Want FART ar??
hahahaha...*evil laugh*

My flexible Ah Jie, Stephy!
She is staring at the sushi and waiting for her salmon fish swim to her!
She cut her hair! I tot she wanna keep her hair longer
but she cannot resist the hot weather
then she chopped off her hair!
Neways, she still look pretty, isn't she?! :)

Me! Waiting for my brunch!
Faster la! I'm damn hungry la!
I don't understand what took them so long!!

As I told you people, our brunch is a small portion
and we are big eater rite!!!

So of course we need others to fill up our big stomach la!
My all time favourite, crab meat sushi and the egg sushi! hehe...
Sorry, I don't know what is the exact name!

Ah Jie portion! Obviously is not enough la! haha...

Finally, is my turn! wuahahaha...

After brunch, we went for Hannah Montana: The Movie!
I'm so happy! I finally get to watch it!

The movie is so niceeee! *Thumbs Up*
It is funny, touching, lot of songs to hear and Hannah Montana is so prettyyyyy!
If you're a student, the ticket is only 8 ringgit!
Is definitely worth it! So, if you haven't watch it!
Please go and watch it! I highly recommended!
COME ON people, I won't cheat you! Go and WATCH it okay?! :)

The happier thing is I don't have class tomorrow!
I wanna sleep until no one business!
Past few days, I lack of uncountable hours of sleep!
So, i'm gonna replace all the hours now! wuahahahaha...
If there is nothing urgent, I meant really URGENT
such as my cute guy got someone else, there is money for me, 
got free McDonald to eat and so on! Please do not ever DISTURB me!
You people have no idea, what i'm gonna do to those who disturb me when i'm sleeping like a person in coma!

So, remember ya! 


Two down, Three more to go!
Finished 2 midterm papers today! Both papers are like shitty, shit!
So, since everyone study like mad for the midterm
we decided to go for "relaxation" at my all time lover, McDonald to release stress and show our "social support" to our psychotic Ms Janize!
She is having a hard time now, 
but i'm sure we will be able to heal her with our "social support"!
hahaha..."positive beliefs" gal! hahaha...

O-M-GOSH!!!! I used 3 psycho terms in 1 paragraph! 
wuahahaha...*clap, clap*

We eat, we crap like no one there, we even talk about pervert stuff and laugh our ass off!
hahaha...seriously, I don't care about how others gonna think about us!
If you don't like us, then is your problem, none of our business!
Mind your own problem and fuck off! 

Everyone go crazy with the psycho terms and keep on using it during our crappy conversation! Psychology are definitely giving us a huge impact! 
hahaha...*evil laugh*

This is the normal 1 before everyone go insane! :P
The most crazy 1 is not in the pic coz she is holding the camera! know who you are!!! 

Tried to capture everyone in the pic
but obviously, we FAILED!
someone is missing!
Please don't hide yourself! haha...
come show us your face! :P

This 1 we failed too!
We need someone to help us take a perfect 1!
who wiling to help??
I promise I won't bite! :)

Janize (the craziest) 1 and Adorable Xiao Hou!

I'm pretty hungry at that moment!
I only had light lunch due to the midterm!
I don't have enough time to eat okay! *PITYFUL*
So, by the time we finished the midterm
I already turn into a hungry bitch!

Can't wait to bite my Spicy Chicken McDeluxe! :D

Finally, is in my mouth! haha...
the feeling is soooooo undescribable!
hahahaha...if u wanna know more about how I feel,
please kindly get yourself a Spicy Chicken McDeluxe okay??
You're kindly welcome! hehe...

I only had the burger and coke ya! 
The ice cream beside me is not mine!
It belongs to my TWIN!

Midterm is not over yet! I still have 3 more papers to go!

*i'm happy without you in my life, i don't need you to be around me*
*Mind your own bloody business! Your such a hypocrite*

I'm having Statistics papers tomorrow!
All the best to myself! :D

Thank you my twin, Saix for the reminder msg! hahaha...
no wonder I sooooo LOVE you la!
I know you LOVE me too! haha...


I'm here, here am i
here, there, there, here
Sorry, where am i again??
I'm here la!!!!!!

hahahahahahahaha...*evil laugh*
sorry for confusing you people,
but i really need to do something to release my stress!
If i examine my stress level now,
i can asure you people that my stress level will be over the top!

I'm having 2 mid-term papers tomorrow (17.6.09)
1. Expository Writing
2. Introduction to Psychology 1

I tell you people, the second 1 is killing me gentlely la!
can't wait for midterm to over!
I'm suffocating myself with the theories!
I rather suffocate myself with money! *HEH*

Midterm faster go far far away from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Date with Stephy

Last Saturday, went Pavilion with my ex college mate, Ah Jie (Stephy)
Is been ages I did not catch up with her and all the other girls!
*Girls, where are you all gonna meet me ya???*
Everyone is damn busy nowadays!

We went for a lil shopping and wanted to watch Hannah Montana
Unfortunately, all the tickets are fully booked! *Aiya*
I wanted to watch this movie about 1 week ago,
but until today i still haven't got a chance to watch it! Damnnn!!
I think i'm gonna watch it after my midterm is over!!
Who wanna watch with me??? :)


Meet my new shoe! :D

Hunting for bag in MNG!
Jie wanted to buy one of the bag in F21
but i told her to go look look see see in MNG
then only decide which bag u want,
and she found her love in MNG! haha...
Thank you me! hehe...

She spotted 2 bags in MNG
and she can't make up her mind which 1 she want!
What do you people think about the bags??
Which 1 nicer ya??

Left or right 1??
after wondering for a while,
she choose the right 1!! haha...
look at her happy face! haha...

Went Pavilion food court for tea & coffee talk!

I love this XXL crispy chicken! :D

The happy girl that got a new bag from MNG!

Me! Me!

I found something adorable in Tangs! haha...

The adorable thing is this Mickey Mouse la!
Arrggg...i almost wanna grab the mickey and go!

I really want it so badly la!
Can someone grab the mickey for me PLEASE??? PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!!

Let's go home with me Mickey!
hahaha...i wan the mickey! i wan the mickey!
I wan the mickey laaaaaa!!!!

cam-whore in the dressing room while waiting for Ah Jie!

Last pic before i headed to KLCC to meet up with my mum for movie!

Actually, I wanted to take a cab from Pavilion to KLCC
but the bloody taxi uncle wanna charge me for RM20!
He better go rob the bank faster la! Shit him!

So people, do not take a cab from Pavilion to KLCC!
Please do some exercise k! Don't be lazy!
Is just a 10 mins walk!

the movie was okay! Is about corrupted politicians!
a bit boring but overall okay la! Certain part quit funny also!

Boring and Stressful

Here goes my 2 days break! 
Doing nothing! Sitting in front of the tv and laptop for the whole day!
I still left 2 days of weekend to go!
Then i need to get my ass off to classes again!
I'm having mid term next week 
and i'm not prepare for it yet!
I just started reading few pages of the book!
Damn theories! Too much of theories la!!!! 
How on earth am i gonna finish all the 4 chapters???
 My gosh!!! Now i feels like fucking my damn bloody psycho book!

I did something to pass my time
and here it is~


create animated gif

Wookay~thats all for now!
I need to get back to my theories now!

Day of Spectacles

Last week, someone suggested that we shall all wear glasses to class one day! 
and that one day is TODAY!!! hahaha...
Seriously, i hate wearing glasses in public k!! It makes me look so silly!

Neways, it doesn't matter now! 
The ugly side of me has already revealed! My gosh!!
Even though, some peoples said i look nicer with glasses 
but I don't feel the same way at all! NOT AT ALL!

What the purpose of wearing glasses to class le??
The purpose is to let our
CUTE & ADORABLE photographer, Miss YEAP SHI YING 
*emphasizing her*
to practice her shooting skill.
She need more practice!
Practice make perfect! So, no harm practice more rite?!

Here are there result! Enjoy~

This 1 taken by me, myself! 
I just wanna SS! hehe...

The Twin! 

Me and the CUTE & ADORABLE, Miss Yeap!

Here come her shoots! :P

I love the wall colour! 
Is my favourite colour *ORANGE*!

Me! All by myself! 

Who idea izzit??? 
No need i say, u all already know rite??
see all the hands pointing at who???
she is the one that make me revealed the ugly side of me! 

Please ignore my ugly-ness! I'm so sorry! haha...

My damn "beh song" face! 

hahaha...i like this 1!
My Twilight version but without the apple!
hahahaha...nice rite??!! 

If they use this picture as the cover of the book
will you people still buy the book????
Keep the answer to yourself! I don't want to know!

Me and Xiao Hou! 

Wait, wait, take picture one by one k!
I need some time to get ready for the camera 1 la! 
So, where should I post now???

Our glasses! 

The Psycho Group!

Everyone is B-L-I-N-D! 
We all need glasses in order to see!

Saix, Yong Sim, Me, Xiao Hou & Janize!
This is so not me! Usually, i won't sit like that!
So *GIRLISH*! hahaha...

Time to get insane! Here we goes~

Serious side of us!
Not really serious la! But this is the best we can do!

My Solo!

Can i paint my room wall this colour??
Damn nice la!
They girls asked me to stay there,
 since i like the colour so much!

I'm not a model figure!
I'm a plus size figure k!
So, please ignore my fat-ness!

Me love this the most! :D


Pic edited by Miss Yeap a.k.a Saix


I had a great time taking pics with u all!
All pictures courtesy to Miss Yeap Shi Ying!
Thanks twin! Thanks for the BONUS pics too!
love you! muaksmuaks...