Singaland - Day 2

Continuation of my long lost Singaland post - day 2. Too many pictures for day 2 so I decided to split into parts, which means more pictures for you guys to view. Happy or not? I love blog with more pictures and less words, don't you? :D I know you do. 

Morning breakfast right opposite the hotel. I honestly love our hotel. It is cheap, convenient, nice, clean and lousy connection provided. :) 

That's my aunt and granny. 

Different kind of teh ais. We still prefer local teh ais. 

But the Bak Kut Teh in Singapore is so much different. Very yummy and tasty. :) We had the most tasty food of the day. The rest are not so tasty! You know what I mean (less salt, less oil). 

And incase you are wondering which hotel we stay, here it is. We stayed in a Value Hotel!! Don't ask me the name of the hotel okay because the name of the hotel itself is called VALUE HOTEL. 


The weirdest mee I ever had. 

The nearest MRT station from the hotel. Sorry for the messy hair. :) 

That's granny and Me. Twin said she can imagine how will I look like when I am old. 

Again, rules in the MRT.

In the MRT, on the way to Merlion Park.

Our morning look.

We took the train until the last station and the train is so empty. You can feel creepy by looking at the train because is too quiet. It likes one of the scene that you can find in Chinese horror movie, particularly in Hong Kong horror movie. 

My favourite coca cola. I demand for equal right, so we should have those vending machines in Malaysia too. 

Sight seeing. 

The most expensive hotel in Singapore. THE FULLERTON HOTEL.

The grand entrance.

Sorry, I don't work there.


Long Hair

Going through old pictures and I realized I am kinda miss my long hair. Maybe for some people is not long but for me that is like Rapunzel's hair of length. 

I miss the mushroom shape length!! But I have issue with long hair, I can't stand it! 

The question is should I or shouldn't I keep it back to the length? 

Incase you don't know how I look like when my hair is long. Refer to the pictures below for a clearer view. :) 





Should I or shouldn't I??? 

Palete Palette

Last weekend went out with the secretaries. Had dinner at Palete Palette. This is my second visit to the place, went there last year to celebrate friend's birthday and this time just a casual Saturday night dinner. 

The interior is impressive but the food that night wasn't that impressive. But the place is crowded, so make reservation before you go. 

Painting on the walls. I will paint my own wall one day. :) 

Like the picture below but it is blurry. :( Why all the nice pictures always turned out blurry. I don't get it.

I did not wear that many rings out that night. The rings just for picture purposes. If you are interested on the rings, kindly visit for more accessories! :) 

Cannot decide what to order. 

Wedges and some sauce. Don't remember what does it calls alrd. 


Fish and chips.

After dinner, went over Pavilion for second round. I have heard so much about Overtime so we give it a try.

Some fruit punch.

Ms. Kam.

I don't know what they are laughing but I can assure you is not about me. :) 

Aromatic Beer. I highly recommend this beer. It's smooth and it smells really good. They have 2 choices actually, I can't remember the name of the other one. But the Aromatic one is nice. 

Yours truly and her fat arm.

Nally WWW, me and my small eyes.

I wish August come fast because I hate July. That's all! 


From now onwards, I have korean class every Thursday at Korea Plaze, Menara Hap Seng. Thank you Xiao Hou for the recommendation and I get to attend free korean class. 

My coursemate plus classmate, Ms Monkey

And look who I met! :) My husband on the right, Kim Hyun Joong! 

The class was alright but I have a lot of memorize and a lot of writing to do! 
Once class ended, we hunt for food! There are many choices, however we ended up with TGI Friday because of the special promotion. 

I have to say the TGI Friday in Menara Hap Seng has better interior design that any other TGI Friday! 

Cam-whore while waiting for our food.

The one that most sensitive to camera.

Our lunch, pasta with chicken.

and Fried Mac and Cheese. Yummey!! 

Lastly, a picture of Marilyn Monroe and Ms Monkey.


Alright! I have issue and I don't know how to express it out! Weird huh, I am always the one that share everything out but this time around is different! I just can't! I care too much!!! I wanna talk to someone so badly but the one that I am having issue is the one that I used to talk to the most.

There is a word called "BOUNDARIES" and I guess certain people just don't get it what is the meaning. People can be so ignorance, live in their own world without using their brain. I know you don't care about what others said about you and I think that is a good thing too but don't you think you are being way too ignorance? I have reached a level that I started to hate you from my heart and I don't know how to respond to it anymore! I do not want to know anything about you people anymore and I wish I can just remove you people away. I do not want to have any thing related to you people!! YOU PEOPLE ARE FILTHY!!! What you people are currently doing is seriously making me sick and I can't accept that! FOR REAL!! I feel sick and disgusted! I don't understand how can you people behave that way and yet still think you are right and what you did is nothing wrong.


Aaaarrrgggg!!!! Frustrated!! Barbarian!!!!!

Singaland - Day 1

Here comes my Singaland post. Now I know I have motion sickness! :( I hate taking flight now! Once we touched town at Changi Airport and the first thing I did was looking for a toilet and puke like nobody's business. Despite the flight, the whole trip was awesome! I am madly in love with Singapore! :) 

The maps on the shelves. Advise 1# Take the map as many as you want because it is free and it is damn useful. :) 

Buying tickets for MRT. I love the ticket machine. Advise 2# if you plan to take public transport in Singapore, prepare coins.

MRT Station. Cold, clean and organize. 

In the MRT, heading to hotel. See the 2 guys in the picture, standing on the right, you might wanna watch out for those in uniform! They have rules like no foods and drinks in the train and THEY MEAN IT. 
Advise 3# Do not try to drink water in the train, or else those with uniform will come to you with a "love letter". 

MRT Ticket.

At hotel lobby, waiting to check in. That's granny and aunt.

After settled everything in the hotel, the first stop was uncle's house for baby full moon party. While the eldest chit chatting and catching up with each others, my sis and I went Bugis Street. Bugis Street is a non air - condition Sungai Wang in Singapore. They sell clothes and bags ranged from $10 to $50. 
No picture of the inside because it is too crowded.

Singapore version of Nasi Lemak. 

The crowd is massive. Advise 4# Becareful of your own belongings. No matter where you go, which country you visit, there are pick pocket everywhere. 

Spotted Korean tourists! :) 

In the bus back to hotel. 
Advise 5# The bus drivers in Singapore drive like Fast and Furious, if you don't have a seat, please grab any holder as tight as you can. 

That's the end of first day. :)