I am tired. I got tons of work to do but I don't know which one should I do first. I hate study life very very much now!!! :( can't wait to finish and get a better life. :(

All the best to myself and everyone who is facing deep shit of assignments and tests right now. 

PsyMassLo gets together

This is what happens when PsyMassLo gets together. Major camwhoring. :)

Sandra. Thank you for the hard work even though we haven't see the final result. But I am sure it will be really good and touching. Tissues are ready to be serve. 

Regine. Welcome to the camwhoring club.

Regine and Mimi.

The pro in cam whoring. Ms Hou. The one appears at the corner of the picture.

First try of posing in speed. Well, I would say "FAILED". Please try again next time. :)

Myself and fun sized, Mimi.

Second time. Much better. Cute enough. :) "PASSED WITH FLYING COLOURS". 

Of course, I am the master of posing in speed. :)

We have done a good job in posing. I would like to say "WELL DONE" to the both of us.

New member join in the club.

And this is when cam whoring started to get a lil out of control. 

Here comes the pro, Ms Hou.

The new members have done a pretty good job so far. Keep up the good work girls.

The club is getting more new members. :)

Our first Polaroid. Sorry about the picture, stupid blogger can't rotate. 

The lesson of the day is, we all learnt how to cam whore in speed. Well done girls. You should be proud of yourself. *applause* :D

My Valentine

I definitely had a memorable valentine this year. Celebrated valentine with my sister at Pavilion with good foods and movie after dinner. First stop, a MUST HAVE thing at Pavilion, Snowflake. :)

As usual, city girl busy with gadget.

Had dinner at Dragon-i.


My choice: Chinese sausage with chicken.

Siew Long Pao

Due to Valentine's Day, we have to sit at the corner of the restaurant because it was pretty pack with people. We even need to take a number and wait for table.

Her choice: some lamen

This is how I like my meal to be served everyday. :)

Dear PsyMassLo, I purposely took a full length picture of me to show you the jacket that you guys bought. I am loving the jacket very much right now. Thank you for the gift. :)

Here comes the memorable part of the entire night. We parked our car at an open space car park, which only charge RM 5 for entrance and you are allow to park the whole day. We went movie after dinner and the bloody movie was 2 hours plus. By the time the movie ended, it was like 12.20 am and it has passed the time to take the car because they actually lock the place up. And our car is inside. :( At the end, me and my sis have to take a taxi home. Thank God my house wasn't far from Pavilion or else I can assure you I am going to camp outside the bloody parking lot.

The reason why we did't park our car at Pavilion is because the parking fee is insane, I guess everyone knows how "cheap and reasonable" the parking fees are. We wanna save our money from spending on parking but who knows at the end we spent more than the usual parking fee which is around RM 15. 

Happy Valentine's Day

Do I look sweet? :D
Happy Valentine's people. Have a wonderful valentine's with the loved ones.