"Extend" Night

I'm back, i'm back!!!
I just came back from Cameron Highland! =D
The trip was fun and i met tons of new relatives!!
I know i'm getting lazy and lazier to blog and do anything except partying!!
Before off to Penang and Cameron Highland,
I went out with the usual faces and headed to the club!!
"Extend" in the title means the name of the club not we extend the night until no ending ya!
We do know how to go back home safely after partying!!

Went to someone's pre-marriage party earlier!
The party was held at home and the deco and food was awesome!! I mean of course la!!
The put lot of $$ in it what!! When I have the money I definitely will make it more AWESOME!!
Don't worry people!! You people are definitely in my guest list!!

Food, food, food! I think i gained some weight in this holiday!!

Chandelier! I wan one of this in my room!!

The deco and the house is fully packed with friends and family!

Free flow whole night long!!
They have wine and some really expensive liquor!!

Newly wed couple!

After the party is over, went back home and meet up the usual faces!
haha...i know i'm such a poser!!

I love my new dress!!
I finally found it in Taiping with reasonable price!! =D

In the ladies!!

Ms. Teng!!
I spent most of my holidays with her!!


This is wat happen when my camera is out of my hand!!
So old alrd still wanna act cute!! Please la~~

Beer~Beer~More Beer~

Ey, ey, not ready yet la!!!

Abby is tipsy~

The waitress!!
Boys probably love this pic becoz of the boobs!

The emo guy!! Be happy please~

Candid shot!!

Koon, Me and Kai Sin!

This is specially for you people who wonder how do I look when i'm drunk!!
Here it is!! Don't laugh ya!! =D

Me and Danny take 1!

Take 2!

Take 3 and that's the wrap of the night!!

Good night people~
I'm so glad that I did not vomit that night!! Peace~

Holidays in Taiping

I'm at Taiping for almost a week now!!
Rushed back Taiping to meet up my old secondary school mate Ms. Chong before she went back to Singapore! Is been a year that we did not meet up!!
I'm so glad and happy to meet up with her and we seriously got too much to catch up!!
1 night is not enough girl, please come back more often ya!!
Life in Taiping is so relaxing, no hectic lifestyle!! I definitely love it!!
However, certain thing which I wish it did not happen or I should become more patient with certain issue and let it be!! At this point, I shall let it be and see how it's ends!!
Hopefully thing will not turn out filthy dirty!! =D

I have been drinking quite a lot lately but I can assure you people
Been visiting the empty club for 3 times in a week!!
I need a club which fill up with cute guys and hot chicks la!!

Me and my lovelies in the club!!
Kai Sin, Me and Ms. Chong!!

Me and The Mummy!! haha...
Yes, she's a mum of 2 children!!

Me and another Mummy!!
But not my mummy ya!!

The school mates!!

From left: Snoopy a.k.a HZ, Me and Danny!!
Danny Ooi spoiled my pic again!!

Snoopy, Me, SP and Danny!!
Kindly ignore the guy behind Danny becoz I have no idea who the hell is that!!
He looks like a ghost coming out of nowhere!!

Me and the Snoopy!!
Don't you people think he looks like a Snoopy?? haha...
I don't know what wrong with the expression!!
Such a pretty girl willing to take pic with him yet he gave me this kind of face!!

Ms. Chong and Snoopy!!
Aaawww, look how happy is Snoopy!!
Spot the different of the expression!!!
This is so unfair!!

The Mother!!
They are the fierce 1 not the friendly type of mother!!

WL says PEACE~
kacau saja!!


DJ of the night!! hahaha...of course NOT!!
Remember I told you people the club is empty?? Remember?? Remember??
that's why Danny got a chance to mess around at the DJ spot!!

Yoyoyoyo~spin, spin, spin, please don't spoil the thing!!!

After a while, three lil kids went up to the DJ spot and mess around!!
I pity the DJ!!! =D

Still messing around!! Come down and let the DJ do his business!!

Karaoke session in the club!! haha...
you can't get this kind of service in KL okay!!!

Dragged up to the mini dance floor by Danny!!
The guys started to acting gay!!
Go get a room please!!

I need more people to make me dance!!

Move, move, shake, shake now drop!!!
POP!!!! durian drop out!!! hahahahaha...
Luckily mine are real!! =P

Here comes my girl!!

Getting ready for photo!!

The only 1 that KO'ed that night!! haha...

It is always the 2 of us!!!


The most annoying guys I ever met!!

Snoopy, WL and Ms. Chong!!

I seriously need more courage to face certain people and certain issue!!
People should know how to control themselves and behave like an adult!!
I'm not going to care anymore!! Do whatever you want!!!

I'm going Penang tomorrow and I will be in Penang for a week!!
After Penang I will be in Cameron Highland!! Excited!!!
Happy Holiday and take care people!!! =D
I do not want the secret to be out coz it is going to be ugly!!!
Good Luck~