Broke and Pathetic

Seriously, my life can't be more broke and pathetic. Every thing just when wrong, wrong, wrong from the beginning of the year until now, I mean NOW (May), it is already May people, 5 freaking months!!!!!!!! Now all I need is just some good luck from you people. Please pray hard for me people. I do believe luck comes and goes from time to time. My luck will comes. *positive thinking*

I have sup paper on Monday and I got 3 research papers on hands, loads of reading to do, loads of finding to do and many many more. This explained why I haven't update my blog for ages. I cut down all my activities for the month because I am so effing broke, like really really broke. I count every penny I have and spent it wisely okay. God knows how broke and pathetic I am right now!!!! I am in the most shitty condition ever.

My lord, please send me some good luck and money please!!!! please!!! please!!!

Hopefully next month will be a joyful month for me. Loads of activities planned out. Now all I wish is just things go smoothly according to plan and everything turns out great. *fingers crossing*.

The pictures below are gonna describe my emotion perfectly before and after the semester starts. If you can't read, at least the pictures tell you how I feel. Pictures are taken during last year end holidays and I know I am vain. This is exactly what I do while waiting for my friends to pick me up. Malaysian are always late. *roll eyes*

My happy face. Worry-free. All I did was eat, drink, sleep like nobody's business. I miss my holidays badly. ;(

My favourite facial expression ever. You people won't see this happy kiddo face anymore because I am NOT happy. I need someone special to make me happy like a kid.

This is the third week of the semester, I am completely lost and blank out. I keep on asking myself "why on earth do i choose Psychology when there is so many other courses outside?". Don't ask me why I asked those silly question because I have no idea. I guess, I am overwhelmed by the readings and assignments.

To all the people outside, if your currently looking for course to study or considering about Psychology, please let me say a few words to you people before it is too late.

"GET AWAY FROM PSYCHOLOGY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you.

Lastly, what I wanna say is FMLx99999999999999999999999999999!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's all for the day. Now I need to go back to my readings and fulfill my roles as a 2nd year student. I know it sounds ironic, trust me IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bye people!! Enjoy your weekend!! =D

Pre-Birthday Celebration. Farewell.

Life is so unpredictable and usually thing do not go the way we desired. *now I know, I know is a little bit late but I guess better than never* The 1st week of classes have ended. Nothing much happen except for all the due dates of assignments. Now my diary is all filled up with the due dates of assignments, midterms, group discussions, tests, and presentations. =(

Certain things pretty messed up lately, I hope bad thing don't last and good thing is on their way. I need loads of luck lately. Who is willing to give me??? I promise I will be nice to you!!! ; ) I shall stop nagging and let's share about happy stuff!!!! I know you people like happy stuff, me neither. Btw, the funny part of the day was I left my cellphone at home and I have a date with the girls at night. Laugh as much as you want people, I know I am silly. Thank you. When I'm looking for my cell in the train only I realized my cell is not with me. I when panicked for few seconds then only I realized I left it at home. I don't remember any of my girls contact AT ALL, none of them okay. Went to the lab and leave a msg at facebook to informed them how silly I am and asked 1 of the girl to text me their contact. I'm getting forgetful day by day. *smack head hardly*

At the end, I still managed to meet up with the girls and survived a day without my cell. *amazed* Don't be jealous.

So, we had a pre-birthday celebration and farewell for Joan because this women is leaving us to New Zealand for 4 months next week. I swear i'm gonna miss her a lot. I shall see you in September, remember to bring back some hot hunk for me okay??!!! *evil grins*

Meet up with the girls at Pavilion after class. Settled down in Ichiban Japanese Restaurant for dinner. Dinner was good, cupcakes was yummy, the night was awesome. It's full with bliss and love with amazing peoples around me.

Joan and I meet up earlier before the dinner and we went Snow flake for dessert while waiting for the rest to come.


That's Fern and the vibration.


Went Forever 21 for window shopping and I saw this "funeral hairband", sorry about the name because I don't know what does it calls. I kinda like it and I almost bring it home but, but Nally came and asked me "OMG!!! Where you wanna go with that thing??" and I changed my mind. Who is throwing a theme party?? Please invite me so that I can buy it and wear to your party ya. Remember to invite me okay??!!!!


Dine in Ichiban Japanese Restaurant for dinner. Look at those hungry faces, indecisive because too much of choices and feel like wanna order every single 1 on the menu.


Finally they are done with the order and ready for picture. =D


Teriyaki Chicken


Unagi and egg


Salmon Sushi


Fish eggs. Don't remember the name.


Crab stick


Lobster hand roll.


Me and my meal. My happy face. *big wide smile*


The birthday girl, Joan.


The Cow, Fern.


My piggy lui bao, Jessica.


and Nally WWW. Loves your name la!!! =D


Bought cupcake Chic for the birthday girl. I don't really fancy about cupcake but this time I changed. The cupcake is surprisingly soft and yummy.


Happy Birthday Joan.


Birthday girl and her cupcakes. Getting ready to blow the candles and get older a year.


Taking a picture with the birthday girl is a must okay!!! =P


Look at the piggy that can't wait to get her hands on the cupcakes.


Nally and Me. She spoiled my picture!!


We are the small eyes dolls. I know I am but I am not sure about her.


Me and Fern. Be confidence with yourself girl. You look pretty!! =D


A picture with my daughter. It is Mother's Day and where is my pressie huh??!!!


Group pictures of the day and we are the Secretaries. =P Employer that employed us is the smarter decision that they ever made in their life. AHAHA...


9 of May is the actual day but we celebrated earlier. So, once again, Happy Birthday Joan!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the best in New Zealand and remember my hot hunk ya!! See you in September and I will miss u!!!! Have a blast and take care okay!!!! =D

Worst Day Ever

A short update. College has started, which mean I am gonna be a busy women again. No more chilling out, no more drama marathon, no more hibernate, no this and no that. 2 words conclude all *NO LIFE*!!!! I want my holiday back so badly. All the efforts that I put in, they better give me good grades. If not i will.......*evil grins*.

I am officially a year 2 student now and I can feel the pressure is getting nearer and nearer. Hope things go on smoothly according to my plan. =D

Back to main point, I swear I had the worst day ever in the pass 21 years. *SUMPAH* OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so embarrassing and scary. I don't wanna talk about it anymore but I guess people who stick with me daily, they know the details. I still wanna thanks my twin and Cai Cai for being with me. Thank you, you 2!! *appreciated, hearts*

When back hometown Taiping for holidays. Uncle and mum came back for labour day. The family went out for dinner and did a lil groceries shopping at Tesco. While waiting for the adults to do their shopping, me and my cousin play around with my camera. She is amazingly cute and adorable until I TAK BOLEH tahan. Don't believe me?? Nevermind, scroll down and look at the pictures then you people will know what am I talking about. =D


She is so good in facial expression. I guess the talent runs in our family. =D
Expression No. 1: Happy Face. She looks damn happy right??!!!
Sorry about the blurry part of the picture because the lil 1 kept moving. Bare with it ya!!!


Expression No. 2: Like wanna eat people only.


Expression No. 3: Angry.


Expression No. 4: The must do Pig look.


AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...everyone laugh when they saw the pictures. It is so much fun to be around with the kids (not the annoying 1).
Next time I should try to teach her some modeling pose. She might be the next Tyra Banks.

Alright, that's all for now. Off to bed, good night world!!