YES!! YES!! I'm having 1 week HOLIDAYS people!!
hahaha...don't be jealous and don't worry! I will miss you people!! :D
My bags are packed & i'm so ready to go back Taiping!!
Finally, exam is sooooo over!! Finally I can sleep like nobody's business again!!
I'm so gonna replace back all my missing sleeping hours during the finals!!
I do not care what is going on outside the bloody damn world, all I care is about my sleep!!
Nothing emergency do not disturb me!
Your cooperation will be much appreciated!!
Ohh yeah baby~~holidays, holidays, holidays~~

Today paper put everyone in worries state!
Everyone knows exactly about the formula yet all of us still worried!
Calculations are always suck!! Money is still the best!! :P
Well, I think i screw up my Statistics paper too!!
All I wish for is just pass and no retaking the same bloody boring shitty paper!!

After finished the exam, went McDonald's with the psycho peoples for lunch then headed to Pavilion and meet up with Stephy Jie Jie for movie, shopping and dinner!!
My aim for today is to re-boost my energy, protein, calsium and vitamin that I lost during the fnals!! hahaha...psychology kills all my brain cells la!!
My sis complainted in her blog that they only played pool to celebrate their finals is over but I went out to celebrate with my friend exist it is my 21st birthday!! hahaha...
Althea Loi, your just jealous!! Get your own celebration and I plan for a bigger celebration for my 21st birthday, so today was nothing!! Get over it!!

We watched I LOVE YOU, BETH COOPER and had TGI Friday for dinner!
the movie was okay! Not really interesting but overall is still acceptable and funny la!!
If you got no other choices then you might wanna consider about this movie!! :D

Before going to dinner, we stop by at Lot 10 because they are having this korea and japanese food fair thing! All the cookies are so cute and look really yummy!!
I found this Hello Kitty container and it is so cute!!
Ask jie jie to be the model and help me hold the container so that I can take pic of it and show you people! Damn cute but too bad i'm not a Hello Kitty fan!! If it is Mickey Mouse then no doubt I will be bringing it back home with me!! haha...

Another cute creation!
look like a doggie with a really big head!

She found some weird fruit juice!
All the words are either in Korea or Japanese!
We do not understand so we did not buy!

Cam-whoring while waiting for jie jie to check on her fruit juice

Finally, we are ready for dinner!
We were so hungry and we overestimated ourselves!
We tot we can finish the food but ended up ta bao back!
The portion is too big!!
She doesn't like my new camera!! :(

My ugly tired look!!
Hello, what do you people expect to see from me after a week of exhaustion ar??

Jie jie and Me!

Our appetizers!! We order 2 appetizers and 2 main course!!
hahaha...i know! i know! we too greedy alrd!!

Boneless Wings!
It smell damn good and taste good as well!


This 1 is a must order appetizer!!
O-M-G!!!!!!!!!! *Thumbs up*
Fried Mac & Cheese

Look how cheesy is it!!
Is really freaking good!!

See!! See!! Even jie jie also thumbs up and said good!!
we won't bluff you people 1!! Is really good!!!

Tuscan Chicken Melt
my main course

Sizzling Chicken & Cheese
Jie jie punya!

I will be out of town for a week!
Don't worry!! I will miss you people!!
Happy Holidays People!!!!
Enjoy yourselves and I shall see you people after Merdeka!
Happy Merdeka too!!! :D
Bye~Take care~

Sem 1 Graduation

Technically, I haven't graduate from sem 1 because I still have 1 more final paper tomorrow!
But all the pics below is follow the majority!
The majority finished their final paper on Wednesday!
So, we decided to take some photos for memories
since next semester we won't be seeing each other that often anymore! :(
Everyone select different subject in the next semester!
Nvm, we shall hang out more often people!! :D
Tat's mean more McDonald's!!! Yea~~

Here is the graduation pictures of Psychology and Mass Comm!
This is everyone's favourite picture of the day
and is also the only normal and decent pic of us!
The rest are all fooling around with funny faces and poses!

So, the short 1 sit in the front row and the tall 1 stand at the back!
Obviously, i'm the short 1 so i got to sit! Yea~
Look at the bright side, this is a good thing okay!!
Well, at least i got to sit and I admit i'm short people!!


We are called the "80's"
Xiao Hou, Me and Cai Cai
I won't use O-L-D that word to describe us, is too harsh!!!
I would use M-A-T-U-R-E!! Yes, we are!! *wink*
hahaha... :P

Me, Xiao Hou and you might spotted my twin at the side!
Scary wei!

The most 38 and naughty people in UCSI
definitely belongs to Janize Chia!

Why this pic so blur??
all thanks to my twin!
She was so hyper that day and keep on shaking janize hands!!

The boss and the girlfriend!
hahaha...look like gangster head wei!!
but the girlfriend I won't comment much!!

Is so difficult for a big group of people to take pic
because everyone is having their own conversation and they are not listening to us!
Wandering around and waiting to be place!

See!! See!! Told ya!
Still wandering around and waiting to be capture!

The PUSSY(sissy) pretty boy!
Kenneth! haha...

Finally!! The pose is Sandra's trademark!
She is charging us for using her trademark! so expensive ya, Sandra!!

This 1 I wanna complaint!!!!!!
Ish~ish~my pretty face kena blocked by kenneth idiotic hand okay!!
Apa la!!!!! There goes my pretty face!!
Jeffrey face is missing as well!! hahaha...

All the funny pic must thanks to my twin!
We were all undecisive where to stand and what pose to do
so she set 10 secs timer and everyone was running and finding a perfect spot, stand steal and waiting to be capture!!
hahaha...good 1!!

This 1 as well!!
As you can see some people still not ready for the camera!!

This below pic specially dedicated to Mr. Tham!
He cabut and did't join us for our so called graduation!
So we save a space for him to show him how much we miss him and respect him!

Mr. Tham, you will always be with us!!

Big smile and close eyes!!
Show how happy we are!!

This 1 I do not know what is going on,
I guess everyone is not ready for the camera!!
Janize legs are widely open!! hahaha...
behave yourself girl!!

Spotted some unusual face in this pic??
hahaha...our inside jokes!!
hahaha...pity Yong Sim!!

Happy Graduate from Semester 1 everyone!!
I shall see you people in semester 2!!
Whoever going back to hometown remember buy me present ya!!
After today, I will be free and enjoying my damn bloody 1 week holiday!!
Happy Holidays people~~

I shall stop now!
I need to get back to my Statistics notes!!
Toodles people!! Good night!! Candy dreams!!

Michael's Pre-Birthday

I finished my Intro to Psychology 1 paper today and i'm having Intro to Psychology 2 on Thursday! I tell you people Psychology is ain't fun!
Is all about how to torture people instead of how to make people more happy
and kills people brain cells instead of helping people to be more healthy! :(

The worst part is i'm experiencing INSOMNIA for the past few nights!

What?? Abigail having insomnia!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!

People, YES WAY!!! I'm experiencing INSOMNIA lately!
I unable to sleep for the past few nights, I mean the whole bloody damn night okay!!
I'm serious!!
I was awake all night long until the next day morning!
I even have a chance to enjoy the Malay's prayer song early in the morning! *DAMN*
Abigail never had sleeping problem okay!!
I'm those sleeper who sleep whenever I want and sleep for a very long hours!!
INSOMNIA is definitely not my thang and it is threatening my life!!!!!
If I still don't have enough of sleep,
I might have a chance to join the Cullen's Family (Twilight), don't you people think so??

hahahaha...okay!! enough of crap already!!
Back to the topic!!
This post is about my British Chihuahua cousin, Michael's Pre-Birthday Celebration!
His actual birthday is on 10th of August but he won't be around at KL that time,
he will be at K.K, so we decided to help him celebrate earlier!

The whole Loi's Family went King Crab Restaurant, Kelana Jaya
The restaurant is just right opposite Kelana Jaya LRT station.
This is actually our 2nd time been there!
The 1st time was last year to farewell my cousins!
Last year the dinner was pretty good but this year is a total mess!
The food was horrible, the air-con was malfunctioning, and the service was bad!
I don't know what happen to them!
We might wanna change venue next time! :D

Here is the Birthday Boy
Michael a.k.a British Chihuahua

Aunt, Oliver (another British Chihuahua) & Uncle!

Look at the Birthday Boy at the corner! HaHA~
What u looking at Michael?

Everyone is busy eating crab except me!!
I lazy to peel and doesn't want to dirty my hand!!

My Sis~
Trying to be a Photographer with her Nikon compact!
hahaha...don't worry sis, u'll be one when u get your DSLR!!
I can be your 1st model!! *wink*

busy taking pic and kepo around!

Michael is Mike!
easier to call!
He is such a lucky boy, he got 2 cakes that night!
1 is from his mum and the other 1 is from my cousin, Joyce!
Here is the 1 that from my cousin, Joyce!
She specially baked this green tea cake just for Mike!

and, this 1 is from the bakery shop la!!
They specially order this cake just for Mike!

Putting up the candles~

Singing Birthday Song!

Happy Birthday to you~
Happy Birthday to you~
Happy Birthday to Mike~
Happy Birthday to You~

Happy Birthday, PUSSY~

Cut cake, cut cake then makan!!!!

I'm not a cake person so I better stick to my dessert!
Sea coconut is still the best!! :P
Look at my sweaty look,
all thanks to the restaurant la!! HEH!!!

Once again, Happy Birthday Mike!!!
Now i know how civilized you are!
You are such a CIVILIZED MAN now
and no matter how PUSSY you are, I will still LOVE you!!
hahaha...Happy Birthday!!!! muaks~


Wassup-sup-sup~peoples, peers, bloggers, homies, handsome, pretty, womenz, biatch and so on! *anything you people like to call yourselves* hahahahahaha...*evil laugh*

Seriously, I do not know what got into me!!! I'm extremely hyper right now!
Hyper at the wrong time la wei, is 12.30 right now okay! How am I gonna sleep???
So, im hyper and before i start to come here and go insane, i alrd insane in facebook! :D
I have been spamming people's facebook for the past 1 hour plus with my partner in crime, Janize Chia!! hhahahaha...the spamming thing is like our life now!!!! You people better watch out your step if you do not want to let us spam gao gao your facebook, or else you will be spending the rest of your time at home, infront of your computer,
deleting mails from your mailbox!
I'm not joking!!! Watch your step people! :P
You do not wanna get on our nerves!!!

Today I finish my 1st paper and I still have 3 more papers to go,
where the rest of the world is happily enjoying their holidays now!!! *pathetic + miserable"
I also want my bloody freaking HOLIDAYS now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so unfair!!!!!!
When I get my holidays, please do not blame me for having too much fun people because I deserve it!!! heh!!!!

I got a happy thing to share!! hehehe...
Is about B!!!! YES~YES~is all about B but not C, D, E, F or Z!! haha...
I'm going more hyper now! Please forgive me, I can't control myself too!!!!!
Last week after our psycho 1 test, we all went McDonald for lunch!
On the way back to college for shutter bus, me and my twin spotter my B's property!! doubt, i straight away go insane on the spot and fast fast took my camera out and be a stalker!!!
haha...i wish i'm a pro stalker so that i can get all the infos i want!!!!!
Hell ya~and now I got a pic of my B's property now!!!!
Wooohoooo~~*give my twin applause*!
She is the one who help me to took this pic because I was too shock and insane to take this picture myself!

haha...picture credit to TWIN!!!!!! I damn love you twin!! muaksmuaks~
This is B's property which means is my property too!!
Why?? let me tell you people because my name ends with B too!!
You might wanna get your pretty hands off!!!

And I love my camera so much!!

Yes, I know my hair is getting longer!
I will cut when i'm free okay!

3 more papers to go so good luck everyone!!


At this point I really don't know what to write
I'm just bored and
I got nothing better to do so I decided to come here and merepek a bit!
I have been staying at home for the past 7 days
I mean like stay at home, in the house
not even one step out from the house at all! *AT ALL*
NOT EVEN weekends!!!!
hahaha...don't ask me why because me, myself also don't have a clue!
See!! I told you people i'm an introvert!! Now believe me??

Finals starting tomorrow
First, I tot if I be good and stay at home I'll settle down and get myself prepare for the finals
but who knows staying at home made me more lazy and so not in the right mood to study and I barely prepare for the finals! The laziness in me is definitely enjoying their stay! :D
I did touch my notes and read some chapters but if you people ask me back, I can hardly tell you people what I read and what I understand!! I know i'm in big trouble! I know! I know!
I guess I need the last minute pressure to push me!!

I'm looking forward for the holidays at the end of this month!
Not to forget the plan after our final paper is over!
I really need to release the stress and have a great time! All of us deserve it!! :D
Now I really wish the time pass faster!!!!

I wish you people all the best for finals
and I shall see you people during finals!
I miss you girls and my hands miss you all too!!! hahaha...*evil laugh*
See ya!!! Good Luck girls~muaks~

Family Days

Last weekends was my family days!
Granny and my aunt came to town all the way from Penang/ Taiping!
So, after my statistics test in the morning
I went home straight and went over to my aunt's place!
We headed over Subang for seafood but we got the NASTY one!
we were looking for a restaurant called "LALA CHONG" but I think they moved to some where else alrd! We ended up with a DISASTER restaurant called "BBQ Seafood Village"!
DO NOT EVER go to this restaurant!!! DO NOT EVER!!!!

Me and my sis in my aunt's place waiting for them to get ready!


Next time I also wanna read a book when i'm out!!

Mother and daughters!

Talk, talk, talk!

The restaurant located opposite Subang airport!
under the fly over!
remember the name ya!!
Is called "BBQ Seafood Village"!
No matter how desperate you are in seafood also DO NOT EVER go to this restaurant!

The restaurant is really freaking SHITTY!!
If you people do not want to spend your hard earned money on something SHITTY then better stay far far far far away from this restaurant!
Better spend your money on buffer or something!!!
Let me tell you why!

1. We ordered lala and they gave us the smelly and nasty lala! we complaint and they change a new 1 for us yet is still SMELLY and NASTY like the previous one! *Bloody Hell*
2. The service is horrible! I meant they gave BARBARIAN service!! Think and see how barbarian behave!
3. The food is freaking expensive! Their price is for bloody tourist not for local!

The restaurant is a big NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now think back of it also wanna vomit ar!!!!!! yuck~~~~

Second day~
We went the Curve, Ikano and Sri Petaling!
My cousin, Tan Zhe!
Tat's what his mum call him! :D

My sis!!
This is how she look like early in the morning!
Emo and Furious!

In the afternoon!
She will show you people her "Sincere Smile"!!

In Ikea!
Everyone loves Ikea!!

whats wrong with the face??
I have no idea!!
The sandwich not yum meh??

my sandwich!

my youngest aunty!!

after walking for a long whole day
this is what i'm gonna look like!

In the car!
On the way to meet my mum and granny!
Finally my emo cousin show us her face!! *clap, clap*
FYI, She hates camera!!

me and my sis with a big peace and small peace behind!!

My uncle's dog!!
His name is called "BOBBY"!
my sis make fun of the dog!!
she said "u ask bobby to show you his nose"
then my sis will show you!! She look exactly like the dog!!

me fooling around when my granny is talking!!

is my sis turn now!!
I don't know what is she trying to tell us!!

My sis and cousin!
My mum wanted to be in this pic but they two doesn't want her to be in it!
So, what she can do is showing us her peace!! PEACE~

My emo cousin!

The two "fan dong"(people who can't live without rice)!
Nah~Take!! Take!! Take as much as you can!!

The rice come in a bucket!!
Self service! Take as much as you like!

The yummy tofu!!
Fingers licking good wei!!

Salty fish with pork!!
*Thumbs up*
we call this the magic pot!! hahaha...wanna know why??
because the pork in the pot never finish!! :D

The dishes! There is one more fish coming!!
YES~we had two fish!!

Whenever there is Coke, then there will be a happy face!
See!! Now she is not emo anymore!!

My Crocs!!!
Is limited edition okay!
You can't find this is the store!!

p/s: my crocs is imitation tats why you people can't find it in the store! However, it look exactly like the real 1! Lucky me! :D