Universal Studio Singapore

Alright, let me give you another view which is Universal Studio in Singapore. :) Went for a sort of family trip few months back with aunts and granny. Yes, I know is a little too late but I know you are sick of my Hatyai posts already. Let me change to another places to get rid of your bored-ness towards Hatyai. :) 

Only the three of us went to Universal Studio which are me, my sis and aunt. Granny and another aunt went to uncle's house for manjong. Even though, we went there together but we always split and went to different places. My sis and I literally like bloody tourist, walked all the time and taking public transport with a map. Granny and aunts are like relaxing trip which they walked a while then chill or they just went to my uncle's house for manjong.

Sister did all the homework, searching all the information how to get there from our hotel. It's a little complicated but it's freaking convenient. I love public transport in Singapore. 

Dropped by 7 - eleven to get some drinks and I spotted Starbucks in bottle. Previously we do not have that in Malaysia but now we do. :) Yes, we do. I saw at Isetan the other day. 

After all the hassles, we reached Sentosa Station. We took the train from Sentosa to Universal Studio, it's like few minutes away. Really convenient.

That is just us being typical tourist. 

Here is the train.

And we are finally here. :D :D :D :D 

That is my aunt and sis. I actually wanted to go into Casino but I did not freaking bring my passport along. So, without passport they will assume you are Singaporean, which also means you have to pay $100 to get it. Hell no. I aint giving $100 just to get it. So forget about it. 

I should have just go try my luck and tell them I am a Korean then maybe they will let me in. 

Lion and I. 

Here is the long waited Universal Studio. Even though is a Monday but the people are more than you could imagined. I thought there will be no people and I do not need to queue for a long time for games but who knows it turned out like a Saturday. :(  

I wish all the people behind are not in the picture. No matter where you take picture, there will always be some random people in your picture.

The big huge wide entrance. 

The globe is really huge when you are actually right infront of it.

Group picture before entering.

And yes, we are in. :) :) :) :) :)
Come on, look at the people. I "OMG" when I entered, I was like why the hell there are so many people here on a Monday, those people no need to work or study izzit? 

The brochure stand. Get the brochure because they have the time table for all the shows. You don't want to miss any of them after coming all the way here. 

Some truck which I do not know which movie did it appeared. 

Who wants to go Madagascar? Hoop on the ship please. 

The land of penguin. AHAHAHA...all I can remember is penguins.

That will be YOUR future house. 

Entering the far far away land.

and we are ready to meet Fiona and Shrek in 4D.

They said "No camera allowed" and see what we did. Typical Malaysian.

Introduction before the show. Shrek in 4D is really really thrilled which you can feel it. Give it a try then you will understand what I meant. Make sure you don't scream. :) 

There is another random people in the picture. The indian aunty is so dumb. This is the 3rd picture we took and yet she still stood there. She is in all the 3 pictures. Tell me how dumb can she be. Can't you see we are trying to take a picture here, just the two of us with Shrek, why must you insist to be in the picture? why?? why?? We do not want to take picture with you okay!! Oh lord!!

Walked down the street and just in time for Madagascar's show. Here are the penguins that are so cute, especially when they dance and shake their ass. 

Standing infront of the frog wishing my prince will come. :) 

Group picture with Fiona and Shrek. Fiona looks really really pretty like she just walk out from the movie. 

The mummy hot chick. The only confusion here is, we not sure the hot chick is a real chick or a dude.

The weather that day is really sunny which explained why my aunt is in long sleeves. Please remember to bring sun block for body and your lovely face or else sunburn is all you got.

Revenge of the Mummy.

The best show in Universal Studio, The Water World. You can miss all the other show but definitely not this one. It is a must to watch.

A picture of me, alone, solo with the penguins. AHAHAHA...my sis is really jealous of me because she needs to take share the penguins with a random little girl. AHAHAHAHA...


In a theater waiting for the musical show to start.

Dine in a 70's theme restaurant that served only fast foods. 

This is what my sis named it "THE MOTHER OF ROLLER COASTER" where we puke like nobody's business after the ride. Thank you to my brilliant idea which is go after right we finished our meal which ended up with puking who-knows-how-many-times. All I remember was we were sitting at the side of the walk way and run to the toilet at the opposite of us for don't know how many times. Ended up a cup of coca cola save our life or else I don't even dare to imagine what will happen next. 

The moral of the story is never take the crazy ride after your meal. :) 

Went into the souvenir store to see what we can buy. Everything in Singapore is so expensive. My sister wanted to buy the Universal Studio t-shirt which cost around $20 or $30 plus but thank you to my power of psycho-ing people not to buy expensive stuffs, she ended up not buying that t - shirt and ended buying 3 bottles of mashmallow that cost $10. *evil grins* :D :D :D :D  

I have penguin head and a tiny body. :) 

More penguins spotted. The penguins family is every where in Universal Studio. EVERY WHERE!! If you hate penguin or you have phobia towards penguin, you better don't visit Universal Studio ever ever ever.

Shrek baby. AHAHA...

She won herself an award. Can't see what is the award about.

You can choose what award you prefer, they have everything like "best girlfriend", "best boyfriend", "best daughter" and so on. 

The action board.

I don't know who is Dorothy Lamour but I just randomly captured it.

Po is behind me but why?? I wanted to take a picture with Po but the freaking queue to take picture is so so so so long. So my sis came out with a brilliant idea where I stand on the opposite and ta~dah~I get a picture of myself with Po without standing in the line. *very smart*

And it is time to go home because I have dinner appointment with the family in Singapore.
Goodbye Universal Studio, if I have money I will come back for the second time ya. Wait for me. :)