Chinese New Year 2010

Tomorrow is the last day of Chinese New Year! That's a wrap!
There goes my Chinese New Year 2010.
I can use few words to summarize my whole Chinese New Year.
Food, beer, soda, sleep, meeting up some old faces and relatives, movies, Ang Pow, gambling and chilling. That's it! haha...interesting rite?? *can you feel my sarcasm?*
Went back hometown way to late and missed out all the fun! *smack head*
So I deserve a not-so-happening CNY!!! =(
At least, I had a week of holidays!! =)

The boys came over my place for Ang Pow and get hyped over a puppy!
They even give a name to the puppy!
They call her SNOW!! haha...too bad they can't bring her home!

Look at the happy face!
Sorry that you can't have the puppy! haha...

Must take pic and leave some happy memories with the puppy!

At night went over to Ryan's crib for Ang Pow and some gambling session!
Ryan served some fingers licking good chicken wings!
Look at the satisfying faces!

They look like hungry ghost! haha...


Group pic in Ryan's crib!! =D

After that, headed back to town and meet up some senior citizens!!

The bully and Me!!
Now I got evidence on hand!!


Mike, the lady gaga fans and Alex

I'm exhausted! I was outside until middle of the night!

Mike and Me!
Please ignore my "chan" look!

Alex and Abby
Another double A! =D

My best friend Hui Fun and Me!
I managed to catch up with her before she went back to Singapore!

Poser! haha...
I made her to pose for me!

We gossip everything, anytime, anywhere!

Tried to hug her with style but ended up I look like a koala bear!!

One of the night went out with the boys!

The gay couple! haha...

Pick which 1 you want!
They are all single and available! FOC!! haha...

I tell you people, man and snooker are bff!!
Die, die also must play snooker!

Sarjan and Me!

Coca-Cola new ambassador!
From now onwards, no one will drink Coca-Cola! haha...

I'm trying my best to fit in to this pic because the left hand side idiot keep on squeezing in!

The beggars looking for treasure!!
Discussing where to start to dig!!

Another chilling night!
Peace from sarjan!

Meet up with the boys again!
I see them more often than my family!

The shortest boy on earth! haha...

Look at the posers!! Tak boleh tahan ar!!

The sweet couple!
Actually I'm not sure are they couple or wat but they seems very sweet!

Another gay couple!!
Eeewww, I did't know the boys change their type!!
Get a room!!!!

Me and my all time favourite boy on earth!
haha...This fellow is joker!!
I managed to made him laugh his ass off when I told him some silly thing!
Well, his car AC was out of service that night so he open the window widely for me
then I told him "yo, don't open the window so wide la, it mess up my mushroom head la"!! =D

The boys!

Gee and Snoopy with their middle fingers!
FYI, snoopy is holding plasters from Watson, not condoms ok!!

Home party at my place!
Look at the noob faces!

The night before everyone go back for classes!

A week of holiday is over and I'm back to class!
Everything back to normal!
Midterm and assignment is spilling up!
I'm mentally and physically tortured!!

Reunion Dinner

How's your Chinese New Year and Valentine's people??
Let me tell you, MINE SUCKS!! Yes, it sucks to the max! FML!!
This year is something new for me, for the very 1st time, I spent my reunion dinner in KL rather than in the kampung! I miss having reunion in kampung, eventhough there are only mosquitos and TV3! I misses everything in kampung! *seriously* I wanna go back so badly but due to some complication at home, I can't! *cry badly*

Had my reunion at uncle's crib in Sri Petaling with the family! The reunion wasn't really a reunion because the family is not complete! =( some uncle and cousin is MIA!!

Before leaving the house for reunion, dad asked my sis to prepare ang pows for the cousins but it ended up we girls messing around with the money!! We love money, just like everyone does! Don't you dare to say NO!!!

Money face!! $$$$

I'm the famous money face at home!
Everyone in the family knows how deep my love for money!!
I wish they love me back the way I love them!!

Whoring for awhile just because we are all dolled up!! =D

Uncle and Dad! The Loi's brother!

Waiting for the food to be serve!

I'm starving and the food is not ready!!

She is trying to be elegant but trust me, in person she is not elegant at all!!

This picture proved what I said earlier was right!! haha...
she insulted my Mickey Mouse ok!!!

FINALLY!! FINALLY!! The food is here!! Hallelujah!!

Settle down, settle down!! Let's wallop!!

Highlight of the night!! haha...Ang Pow time!!
Must wish grandpa Gong Hei Fatt Choy only can take Ang Pow ya!!

Queuing and waiting for their turn!
FYI, my Ang Pow is safely kept in my bag now! *evil grins*

Look at the happy kid with the Ang Pow, now I know how powerful Ang Pow is!!

Camwhore after the dinner!
Althea and Abigail! Double A!!

My sis giving out Ang Pow!!
relax people, she is not married la!!
She is giving out Ang Pow on the behalf of my dad!!

The King and The Queen in the family!

Dad and Mum!


After the dinner, we got nothing better and do!
When boredom strike, we went out and have fun in the garden!
She loves this picture becoz she said she looks like a fashionista here!!

I'm not a poser! Don't believe me?? okay!
Please see the picture below then u will know how I define POSER!

Now, this is what I call POSER!!
Get it?? ahaha...

FYI, Purple is the colour of the year!
That's explained why I wanna take a pic with the flower!!

It is so rude to shit in people's garden okay!!
This girl needs to eat more fiber!!

Kisses from me! Show some appreciation people!!

Sis and cousin, Jervene!

LOVE for Valentine's!!

Roar like a tiger, don't meow like a kitten ya!! =D

Don't ask me what is this?? haha...
I have no idea at all!
She said this is her one in a million kind of expression! =.=

I'm always a good jumper!! *wink*


Homemade Butter Cake from cousin!

How can Chinese New Year without card games huh??

Got home and I started to cam whoring all the way!! hehe...

The most noisy and annoying puppy on earth!!
Someone please come and kidnap her!!
PM me if your interested!! =D


She doesn't have any name yet so we called her NO NAME for temporary!

Happy Chinese New Year! Remember my Ang Pow ya!

I had the worst Chinese New Year so far! I believe is time to end because i'm going Taiping tomorrow to meet all my boys and girls and the most important person is GRANNY!! I got loads of stories to tell her!! I'm sure she will likes it!

The end of the nightmares and tomorrow will be a brand new day for me!! =D
Enjoy your holidays while you can people!! Happy Chinese New Year!! =D