USA Haul

I lazy to write a long ass post about the place I visited. 
So I decided to write a short USA haul. :) 
I actually bought quite a lot of things but they are mostly for families. 
Even my friends complained that I should buy more things for myself. 
Now thinking of it, I kinda regretted. I should have listen to them. :D

During the four months, due to our luggage limits I controlled myself pretty well in buying things. 
However, my plan kinda failed during the last few stops. 
At the end, I have to tumpang my friends' luggage to bring some of the things back. 
Well, I just gonna generally post things that I have the pictures with me.
There are actually more but I lazy to take picture of EVERYTHING. 

So what the hell did I buy? 

When it comes to USA, what is the things on your top shopping list?
Mine was Coach and Fossil. :)
And the best part about Coach is they always have 50% discount on all bags!!!

I bought all these wristlets for all the females at home.
Averagely they cost around 29 to 39 USD before sales tax. 
Please keep in mind that, every damn things in USA has sales tax including food.
However, sales tax may be vary depends on which part of USA are you in. 
As for Fort Myers, Florida they have the lowest sales tax which is 6%.
All the prices that you saw on the price tags are before sales tax. 

Next will be Tommy Hilfiger.
Long sleeves top for father.

Perfume for sister.

Among all the haul, my favourite will be this pink leopard tumble I bought. :)
The tumble is from Tervis and they only have it in USA. 
All their designs are ridiculously cute and you can even customize yourself.
The best thing is it has lifetime warranty. 
It might be useless for me because now I am back in Malaysia and
there is no way I am going to send it all the way back there for repair or anything. 
It will cost more than the tumble itself.

I got these Salvatore Ferragamo perfume for my mother.
I can't recall how much was it but I remember it was below 20 USD.
There are stores like Ross, TJ Max or Marshalls where you can get off seasons branded goods for a very low price. Like really really low price.

At our last stop, I spent most of my money on candies and chocolates and also Clinique.
The supermarkets in USA have the best candies paradise. 

My mother requested Jelly Belly. 
I know they cost a bomb in Malaysia but this big bag is only 13 USD.
So I bought 2 bags. 

Here is the amount of Clinique I bought.
I know is a little crazy but it helps us save a lot of money. 
It worth all my hard work dragging my luggage. :) 
The best part was, back then, Clinique was giving out a bag of free sample (7 miniatures inclusive of cosmetic and day care products) when you purchase 25 USD above.
All the serums, toners and moisturizers I bought are more than 25 USD per botol.
The cheapskate me pay them separately and get more free sample bags.
Hence, I got few of them to give out as souvenirs. 

I bought these 2 Marc by Marc Jacobs Iphone 4/ 4s casing for sister and myself.
They are off seasons and it is only 16 USD each. 
The in season 1 is about 40 USD each.

Here are some after shopping haul pictures.
These are back in Florida.
Hou and I decided to go last shopping at the nearest premium outlets before we leave.
It's a last minutes shopping for winter before we head to North. 

She got herself a winter jacket from Juicy Couture and I got myself a pair of Timberland boots.

The happy girl with her first Juicy Couture.

Now we are ready for winter.
She has her coat and I have my boots.

Nothing to be missed in USA except SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Here are some shopping in USA tips:
1. Try not to bring too many things over because you are going to fill your luggage space up.
2. Never buy in seasons item because they are mad expensive. The price drops really fast over there.
3. Shop at the premium outlets instead of shopping malls.
4. Bring your own shopping bag or reusable bag. Some place do charge for paper or plastic bag. 
5. Buy as many as possible.

Fort Myers Beach - Florida

For the first three months in USA, we spent our stay at Fort Myers, Florida. 
Fort Myers is a very small town that attracts a lot of tourists and also "snow birds" during the winter. 
"Snow birds" are people who lived in the north that escaped from winter. 
They will moved down to the south and spent their whole winter in Florida. 

The weather in Fort Myers is exactly like Malaysia except the humidity. 
However, during winter season the cold weather will come on and off for a couple of days. 
During our stay, there are several days the temperature drop from 28 celsius to 3 celsius or even lower during night. Then we will freeze our butt off for a week or lesser before it goes back to normal.

Once it is back to normal, everyone will make good use of the weather and headed to the beach or sea.
There is nothing much to do at Fort Myers. 
You can either spend your entire day at the beach or spend the entire day at the premium outlets. 

On one of the sunny day, the three of us happened to have the same off day from work (we have been looking forward to this day), we decided to go to the beach. :) 
Everyone has been telling us how pretty the beach is, is a shame not to go.

The beach is actually quite far away from our house, 
we have to take 2 to 3 buses just to get there.
The beach better be worth it or else I am so gonna be pissed. 

Picture time at the bus stop while waiting for the bus.

The best thing about the public transport in USA is that, 
they are pretty punctual and awesome! :) 
They have a schedule of all the buses.
All you have to do is be at the bus stop 10 minutes earlier then you will be fine. 
You don't have to wait for an hour like an idiot at the bus stop without knowing when is the bus coming.
Just follow the schedule and it helps a lot when you are planning your trip. 

Sunglasses: Checked
Slippers: Checked
Sunblock: Checked
I am good to go. 

We went for Asian buffet before we go to the beach. 
The buffet was horrible that I don't even want to mention about it anymore. :(
The food might looked good in the picture but it was horrible. 

We got to the beach around 4 pm. 
However, the beach was beautiful and CLEAN!!!! 
The best part of the beach is the sand. Will show you picture below. Keep reading. :) 
I wanted to show you all the picture of the entire beach but I don't have it.
So I google and I managed to find a nice one to show you all. 
Isn't it pretty? :D

Welcome to Fort Myers beach everyone!!!!! :D

The sands are so white and fine!! 
And they even have a pier for people to fish and get closer view of the sea. 

A tourist picture of me and the beach!! 
Worth all our hard work to get there!

One of my artistic shot of the sun and the beach. 

My happy feet. 

And my happy friends, Saix and Hou.

I told you they are happy. 

To prove to you how fine the sands are, I sacrificed my sexy legs.
The sands are so fine that it stays on your legs and become one with your legs hair.
I know I am pretty hairy. Thank you. 

Sooooooo preeeeety!!!!! Can die!!! 

The sands will stay on. You have to rinse it off with water.
Well, I did not rinse it off so I walked around with my legs looking like that. 

I am not a beach person because I hate sun and I always run away from sunlight.
I am basically like a vampire.
But I don't mind spending a day at the beautiful and clean beach! 

A group picture with half of Saix's face gone. 

Jump shot at the beach.
It is a must.
I think we jump everywhere whenever we go. AHAHAHAHA...

After so many jumps, I am still suck at jumping.
I guess weight does matters when taking jump shot.

A beautiful sunset picture. 
Everyone was standing there waiting for the sun to set.
Once the sun set, everybody claps their hands. :)

There are more beaches at Florida.
However, we only managed to visit few of them.
But, Fort Myers beach is definitely worth of visit.
According to the locals, Fort Myers beach is more for the youngsters.
Because there are some beaches are more for older people.
Now you know where to go. :)