El Cheapo Mulberry

Went shopping the other day with my sis and we managed to get ourselves some pretty and cheap bags. I bought myself an el-cheapo Mulberry bag and my mum said my bag looks ugly. *whatever*!! :D

I am extremely bored this week because I only work for a day. As you know, I only work 3 days a week and it is on alternate days. This week got 2 days public holidays, 1 is on Tuesday and the other is on Saturday. Coincidentally, my work days fall on this two days. *yawn, boring*

Back to my bag topic. Show you some pictures, so you have an idea of how my bag looks like. :D I know some of you already seen it on my twitpic.

Btw, I trimmed my hair today. The mushroom still here, it is just a lil shorter and tidier. My front is no longer poking my eyes. I wish my hair do not grow so fast.

Yours truly and el-cheapo Mulberry.

A clear picture of the bag. Nice or ugly?

Happy Public Holiday to everyone. :D Enjoy your day.

Rapunzel 3D

Sis won 2 tickets for Rapunzel 3D premiere from Nuffnang. She did't know the movie is in 3D until we were there. The security check that night was strict. How strict? Imagine they asked everyone who is going for the premiere to line up and hand it all your electronic item (your phone and camera), then they use those thing that people use to scan people from head to toe in the airport to scan you before you enter the cinema. *I dont know what am I trying to say". AHAHAHA...forgive me!! As long as you get the point of what am I trying to tell you people then my job is done.

We have been to few premiere before this but this time the security check was way over the top. Exist the Prime Minister is in the cinema with us. My sis even panicked and started asking me nonsense like "what happen if they lost my phone?", "what happen if I can't see my husband (Lee Min Ho) anymore?". Apparently, her wallpaper is Lee Min Ho and she was worried she can't get her phone back and she won't be able to see her husband/ the wallpaper again. *insert my WTF face*

Thank God the movie was awesome despite the stupid 3D glasses. The soundtracks were awesome too. :D If you haven't watch the movie, please go and watch it. It totally worth your money even though mine was free. Yet, still worth the petrol and packing fee. :D

I seriously cannot imagine one person had that much and long of hair in real life. Only cartoon can own it. The weight of hair caused a ton man.

Had tea session at Little Taiwan before the movie. I fucking ordered a glass of coffee with jelly (cincau) that cost a bomb and tastes like shit. Banned Little Taiwan for the rest of my life. *yuck*

Anti social. Marry to the phone then. AHAHAHA...

Free badges from Nuffnang and it says I love Nuffnang.

Thank you Nuffnang for all the premieres that I have been to and thank you my sis for the tickets. :D

I hate my double eye lids. Whenever I put on false lashes, the double eyelids appeared. Can someone tell me why?

A crazy picture a day and it makes everyone life happier. :D

December is here and I am not happy about it because it means holiday ending soon. New semester starting soon. Assignments coming soon. *kill myself* Still wish everyone has an awesome psycho December before 2011 arrive. :D

Bangsar (Hell No)

If you realize I have been shopping for myself and friends' birthday presents pretty much lately. The first shopping spree started in Bangsar then The Curve then Sungai Wang and Pavilion. But I am not a shopaholic. You hardly see me spend money like nobody's business, this time is a special case. :D I shop for reasons not for fun.

Went Bangsar the other day with two lovelies, Stephy and Joan. We basically walk from one boutique to another and I got myself nothing except for a cheapo bag that I can get easily in Sungai Wang. Pathetic much. Honestly, I don't know why people love Bangsar. The boutique in Bangsar, I would say is a improved version of Sungai Wang and they chop you like mad. Bangsar is definitely not my kinda of place.

Before the shopping starts, we decided to have lunch in Delicious just for the sake of air-condition. The initially plan was banana leaf rice.

Stephy. The one that hate camera and told me "I don't understand why do you people like to take picture all the time"! Then guess what, I give her my WTF face. *imagine my WTF face*

Coffee lover can't live without coffee. Cappuccino for the day.

Then we start taking pictures before our foods come. Joan and yours truly.

The three of us. Joan, me and Stephy.

My choice. Hardly remember the name, I think is some grilled chicken burger. The portion was massive. All I ate is the bacon, fries and the chicken then I leave the rest remain the same. AHAHAHA...

Joan's Beef Lasagna.

Stephy's mined beef pasta.

The three of us are exhausted after a couple hours of walking around and buying nothing then we decided to call it a day. Had Tutti Frutti before left.

That's how exhausted I look. :D

Never ever go to Bangsar for shopping anymore. It is such a waste of time and energy walking from one boutiques to another and also climbing the stairs. As you know most of the boutique in Bangsar is at the second floor.

Polka Dots

As you all know I have the most easier internship among the bunch. I know I am a bitch. AHAHA...since I got nothing better to do, I decided to paint my nails with some extra dots on it. This is not exactly my first time doing free manicure to myself. I have tried it several times with different designs. Sometimes, I even have some bling bling diamond kinda plastic crystal on my nails. But the most satisfied will be the current one. Damn satisfied with the outcome and I did it well for my right hand too. I am a right handed and I always messed up the nails on my right hand. I am pretty sure I'm not the only one who have this problem. Don't tell me you do not have such problem. :D

Let me show you my pretty nails and it is free. I do not need to pay for it. :D
I rotated the pictures in my laptop but after I uploaded it, the pictures became upside down. Tell me why? Aren't my nails pretty? I shall go for different colour next time.

Coincidentally, my nail matches my wallet. LMAO!!!!!!!!!! I did not realize it until I open my wallet.

A picture of me before I go to work. I am loving my job and I even love bossing the kids around more. AHAHA...I told my mum I might want to continue my current job after the internship is over and the reaction she gave me was "are you sure? I tot you hate kids!!" Well, I do not hate kids, I just dislike them. They always get on my nerve and make me cranky. The continuation of the job is still under consideration. Don't worry, I will keep you people posted.

Have a great weekend. :D

欢迎爱光临 (That Love Comes)

I am all caught up on another Taiwanese drama 欢迎爱光临 (That Love Comes) star by Joe Cheng (郑元畅) from "It Stared With A Kiss", 李菲儿,裴蓓,孙坚,卜学亮, & 小八.

I was really bored and found this drama through Google. I decided to give it a try even though I do not know most of the actors or actresses. Surprisingly, the drama was pretty good. The down side is there are only 30 mins per episode. This is no good and, and there are only 12 episodes in total. Looking for short and nice drama, try this. :D

Not sure what's the story about? Read the synopsis below please. I am kind enough to provide you guys with synopsis just incase you wondering about the story. :D You are welcome.

"Small town girl Ye Zi arrives at the big city and works in a small convenience store. Ye Zi’s father died young and she left home early to repay her mother’s debts, and at the same time she also supports her younger brother with his studies. Although life is difficult, Ye Zi still believed that as long as you persevere, you will obtain happiness. In what looked like an ordinary day, Ye Zi prepares to return her final loan hoping that from then on she can start with her brand new life. However, fashion photographer Xia Tian unintentionally enters the convenience store and has an unexpected encounter with Ye Zi. After a series of circumstancial errors, Ye Zi’s dream of repaying her debts almost got destroyed. In the middle of the night, Xia Tian realizes the mistake and immediately goes back to the convenience store and returns the money. Having gone through a day of emotional torment, Ye Zi cried silently upon receiving directly from Xia Tian’s hands the money he returned which still held his warmth.This is her in the city, feeling the warmth amidst strrangers for the very first time.At the other end of the city, fashion photographer Xia Tian and top supermodel Flora are being called the golden pair, successful and famous. However, Xia Tian’s innermost desire is a simple and straightforward life, he longs to become a wildlife photographer. His girlfriend Flora cannot forget the life of fame and fortune, and Xia Tian gets tired of dealing with her until he finally chooses to break up.In Ye Zi, the convenience store girl, Xia Tian saw his own desire for pure happiness. The distance between them may seem remote, but Xia Tian cannot help but be attracted by Ye Zi, finally he imitated Ye Zi and started to believe: as long as you persevere, happiness will certainly come..."

The official poster.

欢迎爱光临 (That Love Comes)

Oh, not to forget, the drama has some really nice songs from a talented Taiwanese - American musical wonder kind Yen-J (严爵) too. I am not kidding. The songs are really really nice.

Pre-Birthday Celebrations at Soul'ed Out

It's November and it means there are 5 November babies from PsyMassLo itself. Not going to name who are the five here because they should know who they are very well and my wallet is having PMS (bleeding) now. :D

I have a bad time that night, struggling over time. I hate being late and unorganized. I prefer to be early rather than late. Yes, I hate people being late too. So now you should know what to do when you have a date with me. DON'T BE LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry girls. Please forgive me and I am not pissed at anyone. I am just pissed at myself. No worries, I love you all even though you girls spam my email all the time.

Had the pre-birthday celebrations for the Scorpions at Soul'ed Out, Hartamas. I have trouble getting to the venue but thank you God, I reached there in one piece and have a great time. The place is incredible, they have good ambiance and liquor too. :D

Part of the pictures courtesy to our hot kid Miamy. :D

The menu. I google the place earlier and I remember I saw Hawaiian Pizza is recommended but we couldn't find it on the menu.

They have special hats for the birthday girls.

You girls look great with the hats. Go buy one and wear it next time when you girls come out with us. AHAHAHA...

Sandra. She is allergy to Sky Juice and that's why she turns into a lobster.

Chin Ee. Happy Birthday girl from me and behalf of DG. AHAHHAA...

Yong Sim. Happy Birthday girl. Be naughty please.

Szeqiuan and yours truly with a photo bomb Miamy at the back.

The Korean freak Ms. Hou and me. Look at her hair and that's tell you how crazy she is over Korean.

And I have extra helmet on my head. I love my helmet very much.

A very cute present from the restaurant. That's so thoughtful of them.

Time for pressie. The gang bought bags for the three of them. I think the bags suit them very well. Use it more often but be gentle with the bag. AHAHAHA...

A vintage kinda bag for Yong Sim and Sandra.

Take a picture with the bag and show us.

Me and the petite Miamy. The both of us trying to find a perfect place with good lighting to camwhore. We got few shots but I think we both look good in this one, aren't we? I got an inside joke "come I carry you"!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA...I am laughing like a whore right now!!!

2nd runner up in horny-ness will goes to Cemone Amabelle. Of course I am the champion la!! Always will be. *wink*

Heineken for the night.

My time to take picture with the birthday girls. 1st is me and Sandra.

Dear Sandra, you look so thin now and I am jealous. AHAHA...you look gorgeous girl. Be confident with yourself and Happy Birthday. Today is your day. Enjoy yourself to the fullest and be wild. :D

Dear Chin Ee and Yong Sim, you two are the girls that freak me off. Seriously, I mean it. You two started off without talking much but now you two are the lamest people in the group. AHAHAHA...keep up the cold jokes and tease me more in future. :D

Someone is extremely happy about the picture below for some reason and I am happy too with the same reason. :D Everyone should maintain like this or someone is a big girl now. AHAHAHA...

We are the ladies/ big laughters of the night. We always are.

PsyMassLo rocks and for those who can't make it that night. I am sure you people wish to be there with us. Next time don't wish and make it happens okay. I miss everyone.

Group picture with different pose. We have too many cameras that's why everyone get different group pictures from different cameras.

A very cute pose from them but Szeqiuan said "I look so cute here and the group picture above"! Indeed, she is cute. *happy die her*

Once again, Happy Birthday to Sandra, Chin Ee and Yong Sim. I know Scorpion rocks. Libra is good too you know. AHAHA...May all your wishes come true and have a great one despite the one we had earlier. :D Everyone is aging and I am happy. Evil me.

Call me Mrs Ho

Yes, my husband "Peter Ho" is coming and I am making a big hoo-haa about it. I wanna thank you NTV7 for organizing such amazing concert and inviting my husband.

For more info about the concert. Please CLICK here. :D No doubt, I am definitely going no matter what happen. I die die also must go. This is the only chance for me to meet my husband. *scream*

The best part of the concert other than I have a chance to meet my husband, OF COURSE is the free admission. OMG!! OMG!! I am so going to faint. Just by thinking of it makes me hype until have orgasm!! I seriously can't wait the day to come. I shall start counting the days.

So, still wondering who is Peter Ho. Please check out the pictures below then you will know. If not please go to google.com and google about him (if you want). :D

HOT!! HOT!! HOT!! I can melt. *melting*

Look at that smile on his face. Tell me who on earth will not fall for a guy like this??

This is so masculine. I LIKE!!!!!

AAAAARRRRRRHHHHHH!!!! If you know me well, I am sure you can imagine how crazy I would be right now and how I react to it. This is overwhelming. I can't hold myself together.

And the most important thing to me is THE ABS!!!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHA...yes!! very very important!!!!! VERY!!!!! *drools*

Calendar marked and 45days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now i really need to go calm myself down before I kill myself with overdose of excitement.