La Boca Latino Bar, Pavilion

Went out to meet the 2 psycho ladies that I haven't met in dinosaur years.
We spent the whole day in Pavilion and Janize wanted to go to this restaurant because of the interior. 
I always passed by this place and I wasn't aware it is actually a Latino bar.
And I am surprised that they served Argentinian food.

The Latino bar is called La Boca Latino Bar and they are just right next to Tom, Dick and Harry. 
They were having happy hours for beer.
So Janize and I decided to have that.
While Yong Sim decided to have drinking water. 

That's yours truly and her beer.
The restaurant really has nice painting on the walls.
It makes you feel like you are in South America.

We ordered Nachos and Pizza for sharing.
The portions are really big.
If you are not a big eaten, please share.

Here is classic Nachos with cream cheese, vegetables and red bean.
You can also add chicken or beef on it if you want. 

Next is pizza with tomatoes, basil and cheese.
The pizza is the bomb. 
I had three slices of it.
They are soooooo good.

Here is Janize a.k.a Little Rain.

And here is Yong Sim a.k.a Kate. 
Look at the backdrop. Soo pretty. 

Lastly, a picture of the three of us.
This picture really make me feels like I am in South America.