Wonderful Friday

Woohoo~~today is 28 and which means its my pay day!!!!!! At last my rewards have arrived! Tis month i have few things on and i wanna to buy something which i had planned ages ago...so hopefully tis time i will get it. The annoying thing is I have accounts exam on Monday. Argggghhhhh...this bloody exam took all my freedom and time. It better give me a good result or else im gonna go crazy. I swear.

2moro is Saturday...im not goin anywhere except for tuition at Coffee Bean again but tis weekends will be the last weekends of my tuition! At last all the tuition have come to the end. Im happy that i doesnt need to spend my weekends for tuition anymore. Luckily my boss said 2moro NO NEED to work. Thanks god.

Alrite...thats all for today...i just wanna share my satisfaction about my pay with u guys onli...i guess i got to get back to my revision now...have a nice weekends everyone!

Blue Monday

time flies...my weekends is over and im back in office AGAIN...working life is so boring and torturing, its took all over ur freedom but when its come to end of the month is like the most happier moment in your life...hehehe...so today is alrd 24 then i shud be patience and wait for another 4 days then ...Well...nuthin much happen during weekends...I jz spend my whole weekends for tuition in Coffee Bean with my sis. When both of us together defitnely there will be lot of pictures...we jz cant help it... hahaha...
ooo...she LOOK so innocent!
Im very serious 1 k!!!!
retarded althea!


My Favourite Drink: Ice Blended Coffee Caramel

So today is monday...guess wat hv i done in the office...hahahaha...my boss jz bought herself a new blackberry smartphone but she doesnt noe how to use it so i have to learn how to use it and teach her...I spend few hours in exploring how to operate the stupid damn smartphone and teach her how to operate it...omgggooossshhhh....the phone is so canggih and nice...its reali a smartphone...they hv tonnes of function...but its reali expensive k...tat damn stupid smartphone cost RM 2,1999...probably for her is only likeRM 200...im happy tat i hv a chance to explore the 2 thousand phone...hahahha...

This is the stupid Blackberry smartphone!

If your not that smart please dont buy this phone! Its so complicated k!

My 1st post! : )

okay ppl...I would like to share my special moment wit u guys. My very special moment is writing my 1st post...hahahaha...it is a special moment for me k...so pls do appreciate it ya...actually i hv no idea wat im goin to write coz im totally green here! Well...im extremely boring in the office rite now. For the past few months i hv been reading tonnes of ppl's blog so i decided to hv my own blog at last...few days ago my sis asked me y dont i write my own blog and she will help me to deco my blog like mickey fans club...hahaha...i rejected her...coz i doesnt wan my blog to be like a mickey fans club eventhough im a faithful mickey fans. okay...i shud stop here now coz i gotta get bek to work! bye~

~21 November 2008 is a day to remember! *For ME*~