Daddy's 53 Birthday

Daddy turns 53 last Saturday.
Bought him a Secret Recipe cake and
went dinner at Grand Imperial at Bangsar to celebrate his big day.

Went KLCC for a lil shopping before going for dinner. We are supposed to go 1U and I wanna go Forever 21 to buy my bow hairband but the bloody massive traffic stop us.
I hate traffic especially on Saturday.
Why can't people stay at home and chill on Saturday??

On the way to KLCC

My "LITTLE" sis!! haha...


Went home and wait for mum to doll up then off to Bangsar for dinner!
Camwhore in the ladies. The ladies is super clean and there are mirrors all over the place.
I like it!! =D

Grand Imperial, Bangsar

The menu looks so artistic

The not-so-artistic shot!

My pic is rotated in my file but when I upload in blogger it went back to the original way!
I have no idea what happened!!
Peking duck! Damn yummy!

Shark fin soup

Steam fish
I don't like the way it served! They shouldn't cut into pieces for us!

Yummy prawn

Duck salad.
This is definitely the best among the dishes.
Very creative!!

Ginger duck

The dessert!

Daddy busy eating!

I just love candid shot!

Aunt and Grandpa

Pretty, Pretty Me!! *wink*

My cousin said this pic looks like married couple!!
AHAHAHAHA...laugh die me!!

I know I look kinda scary here!!
Just ignore it!! I'm a very adorable person!!

Her and her carrot!!

SS-ing!! =D

Like father like son!!


After the dinner, went home for some cake.
Here come the cake!!
Mango Delight!!

She looks so old!! haha...

Me and Mum

Yours truly

Look how happy is the birthday boy! haha...
I realised one thing, after so many celebrations we had,
now my dad is so automatically pose for the camera!
I don't need to keep on repeating "smile"!!

Sis and Dad!

I look more like my father!! I know!! I know!!

Happy 53 DAD!!

The sister and brother!

Slow motion in blowing cake so that I can capture!! Smart boy!!
Blow the cake and get older a year!

Cut cake ceremony!

Look at the can't wait to eat face!! haha...

Me, Me, Me!!
I'm obsessed with myself so what is your problem people??

Happy Birthday Daddy! Hope you enjoy the celebration!

Shirley Chia's 20th Birthday

I'm back, I'm back!! I'm gonna blog about Shirley's birthday!
I know i'm so late and her birthday is on the 5 of March.
This overdue post has been wandering around long enough,
I better clear this up before another person's birthday coming!! =D

Life been pretty hectic lately with all the never ending assignments and tests.
It is definitely a challenging year for everyone of us,
is not enough to be a degree student. I wanna cry alrd! =(
Hopefully, all the hard work pay at the end.

Shirley's birthday dropped on Friday so we decided to celebrate with her after class since most of them are having few hours break in between the classes.
As usual, Friday morning I have sociology class. I always doze off easily in class and that day I got attacked by the lecturer twice!
What's wrong with me sleeping in the class? Bloody hell.

When I can't sleep and my boredom strikes, I fool around with people around me. I came out with this idea which is do a handmade birthday card or something for the birthday girl. Thanks Xiao Hou for the helps because my creativity is SDN BHD (limited).

Birthday girl's cousin posting with the so called birthday card that has our signature and sweet sweet messages on it. Hope you like it women!! =D

Messing around in class!
Who asked the lecturer toot me when i'm sleeping!!

The so called birthday card that made out of a recycle paper!
We are very environmental friendly person! *wink*

During lifespan class and see what did all this people doing!
Ee: Yo, why your leg so rough 1?? Put some lotion man!!

The sexy legs!!

Get the cake ready before the birthday girl walk in!
We did the cake cutting session in school then headed to leisure mall for the lunch celebration.

Me and Cai cai!!

I love myself! =D

Group picture before we went for lunch at leisure mall.
Xiao hou and shelly can't join us because both of them have midterm later on!

Here come the best part of the day!
She is such a bully lately so we treat her berry berry berry well during her birthday!

Eventually, all of us still love her no matter how mean she is!!

My favourite picture of the day!! hehe...
Twin from another mother and father! =D

Happy 20th Birthday Shirley!
Welcome to the 20's club, we are so happy to have you in the club!

Fruit cake from King's!

Cut cake ceremony!

Xiao Hou and the cake!

Come, come, post for me because it is your 20th Birthday and this is what I got!

This is how a girl should sit!
Those with legs crossing are wrong! haha...

Headed to Wong Kok leisure mall for lunch!
Janize the rich women!

The so called COUSIN!!

See, someone is trying to poke me and I know who she is!!

The free humongous teh ais from Wong Kok for the birthday girl!

The humongous teh ais is definitely a good tool for everyone to take pic with!
Poser no 1: Yong Sim

Poser no 2: Shirley Chia the birthday girl

Poser no 3: Chin Ee

Poser no 4: Cai Cai

Poser no 5: Janize

Poser no 6: Yours truly

Poser no 7: Twin

My all time favourite cheesy baked rice! Nom, Nom, Nom!

Thanks Janize for serving us the drink!

I wonder what is on her phone??

Keep up the good work girl!

Guess what is she doing, eating or drinking??

Me, Cai Cai and Janize!

Group picture for the day!

Our accountant doing the maths while I go around and take pic with everyone!

Chin Ee and Me

Birthday girl and Me

Imitating Janize's standard post!
Kinda look alike rite??

Shirley Chia, this post is dedicated to you!
When your old and forget about how you celebrate your 20th Birthday, this is the perfect place for you to refresh your memory ya!! hehe...

Happy Birthday women!