Look who is back? :)

I abandoned my blog for a very long time and now I am back for good. Just a short post before I go back to hometown tomorrow and spend all my time with granny. All the good foods will be my best companion for the next 1 week.

I have completed all the subjects and last Thursday my final exam paper has marked a full stop in my 3 years degree life. I still cannot believe that 3 years just passed like that and now all I have to do is 4 months internship before the graduation. I am going to miss all the familiar faces that I used to see everyday in the passed 3 years. :( I will not seeing them as often as I used to be anymore.

I have found myself an internship for 4 months and May will be the official month I begin to work. All I wish is a smooth and peaceful 4 months internship. Do not give me any troubles or unnecessary conflict. Amen. *fingers crossed*

Lastly, Happy Holidays. We are officially free like a bird. :) :)