i'm back...i'm back from my 1 month holiday!
My worry-free holidays is so over now! *i miss my holidays badly*
2moro is my orientation day! Seriously, i'm so lazy to go!
i don't wan wake up early in the morning and take LRT to college la!
y do colleges need orientation?? 
y can't they just start on the official day for classes huh??
*Troublesome man*

There is lots of happening activities happen when i'm off to hometown!
Today actually is one of my boys, Mr Danny's 21st Birthday!
This year 80% of my friends is turning 21 including moi of course!
LOL...i dont wanna be 21! *SCREAM* 
Some people might think turning 21 is actually a good thing!
At least they will get their gold key from parents and get 100% freedom off parents!
No rules to follow, can do watever u want, no control and so on!
But for me, i don't think tat way! I don't wan to turn 21 and face my our problems!
I know some one you might don't understanding wat i meant
but is OK! When u turn 21, u will know how i felt k! 

So, i could like to wish my Danny boy here
Happy 21st Birthday General
We will always love you and support whatever u do k! 

Last saturday while i'm still in Taiping, we have celebrated Mr Danny's Pre-Birthday Partay!
Now i'm lazy to post about the partay! i'll post when i'm free k!
All i can said about the partay was one word *CRAZY*! LOL~
The end of the partay, everyone is KO'ed except for sarjan gee 
because he is not allow to drink
He is still under chinese medication due to his leg, so no alcohol is allow!
On that night, we took more than 500 pictures and 4 videos! 
I will post about the birthday partay when i'm free k! *I PROMISE*

Alrite, tats all for today!
I shall off to bed now!
Need to wake up early for the stupid orientation!


Yes, im officially back in college life end of this month
suprised??? *dont be* 
i have enroll myself in UCSI UNIVERSITY
i pick UCSI instead of HELP university
hahahaha...im so gonna psycho ppl to give me more money man!
orientation start on 29th April and classes officially start on 4th May
kinda nervous about classes
i have been stop going to classes since i ended my secretarial course in 2007
but i think it should be fine for me
i think i can cope with it

Now im back in Taiping *AGAIN*
WAT!!! i just wanna spend all my times here before my course start k!!
dont feel like staying in KL
dislike the lifestyle in KL
*boring and miserable*
i miss everything here in TAIPING
yesterday once i settle the registration stuff in UCSI 
i told my mum i wanna go back taiping
the main reason for me to come back is becoz my best fren KAI SIN
is in town...so I MUST go back!
YES!! it is a MUST!
so today i took the 1.30 bus and come back straight
now at my friend Danny's shop

Alrite...i got to go...bye ppls
goin out for yam cha session with my friends
Toodlesss~~~Nite nite!

the night before the BBQ party

This is actually a 3 weeks old post
sori for the delay...hehehe...
i just wanna post this for the sake of mine
Well, this is actually the day before our "BIG" BBQ party
So after Mr Danny and Mr Ng finish their work
We went Tesco for a lil shoppin for the BBQ party

Moi and Mr Danny! While waiting for the bloody traffic light to turn green!

Mr Danny is always on the phone! *as u can see*
He just let me do my own shopping
So he can keep goin on and on and on...
After tesco shopping
of couse is yam cha session la!
Harlo!!! This is Taiping la!
Wat else can we do! hahaha...im so mean! *I NOE*

Mr Danny showing off his "birdnest hairstyle"

Mr Ng with his banana pie!

Moi with my retarded face! hahaha...

Moi and Mr Ng


We went for movie (Hotel for Dogs)

after the yam cha session

The movie was so good!

I wish my dog can be like one of those doggies in the movie

i dont expect them to be exactly like them

if my dog can pick up 50% of those doggies in the movie

I shall die with no regrets man! hahahaha...


excuse me! im not desperate ya!

im just curious k!

wuahahaha....*evil laugh*

guess which 1 is my hand huh???

of course is the middle 1 la!

can't you see the middle 1 is much nicer and prettier than the side 1!

BBQ Party

So, I went back Taiping for three weeks
basically, wat i did over there was
sleeping, eating, chilling out wit frens, spending times with granny,
spending cash like no one business, out for movies
and...and...the most interesting thing is......
hahaha...im actually good in organising party! *Proud*
well, i just wan to organise a small little party at home with the boys
we have planned this party for sometimes
but we cant find the rite time to do it
so since i have 3 weeks worry-free holidays over there
then i decided to do it
the party was a BLAST
actually, we dont need whole bunch of ppl to make the party happening
wat we reali need is invite few of your closer frens or homies
and you will definitely have a blast party!

The party supposed to start around 8
but we started around 10 oclock
why??? is becoz most of them are BUSY BUSINESS MAN!!
hahaha...no lah!
it is becoz...some ppl need to fetch gf...some ppl work late
i think the main reason is becoz
we are truly MALAYSIAN
hahahaha...okay...i noe its not funny! c'mon is a joke k!
The onli person came early and help me up is Mr. Danny
not becoz he is free...it is becoz his house is onli behind mine
and i forced him to help me up! Wuahaha *evil laugh*
So, Lets get the party started!

The helper Mr Danny

Take these pics while waiting for the guess to arrive!

My baked potatoes! This is my very first time baking potatoes! Luckily it turn out yummy! Wat a genius i am! :D
If not the boys gonna make hell of fun on me about this *for sure*! HEH!!

Time to eat! Thanks granny for the chrysanthemum tea! Dayumm~

Me relaxing at the side...
Lets the boys do their thang ya!

Couples of the night!

Candid Shot

1st attempt: Failed

2nd attempt: Successful!


guys thanks for having this bbq party with me
i have a great time
i reali appreciated it!
Next time we shall try goin on a 2 days 1 nite trip k!
cant wait for the next outing
actually, we did lots of stuff
during my 3 weeks worry-free holiday
this is just one of it
there is more to come
i'll blog from time to time k!

im back

Hey y'all
im back from my 3 weeks worry-free holidays
*tats wat my sis describe*
Urrrggg...i dont reali wan to come back
but i got no choice
if i still dont wan to come back kl and sort my things out
my mum probably will start to yelling at me and say
always do thing at the last minutes and blah...blah...blah...
what she wan me to do is
go check out the college and the course tat i plan to take
and get ready for classes
i alrd check on the college's portal
the classes aint starting until may la
cant she wait!
Nvm la! i will jz go do watever she wan me to do
then i will continue my holidays until my class start!
Well, there is lots of memorable stuff happen for the past 3 weeks
now im jz lazy and tired to blog all that
wait my laziness go away then i will share with you all k!
im quite enjoying the laziness around me! hehe...
so i will be back soon!
bye guys~