Chilling at Old Town Taiping

2nd day at Taiping
Im bloggin from Old Town Taiping
Went out for yam cha session with GeeGee
Tonite is onli me and GeeGee
coz the other two fellow is with their gf
1st fellow went to gf house
the other fellow still at Ipoh accompany gf havent come back
left us two *they better watch out*
my mum and sis went back KL today
im spending my 2 weeks holidays here with my frens and granny
im gonna make good use of my times here
im planning a BBQ party with my frens
Yea~my sis gonna jealour too death man!
i will update after the BBQ party k!

Final Day at work

Today is my last day at work
Woohoo~~finally, my boring working life is over!
I wanna thanks my lady boss for the bonus too!
Thanks Engku~
Well, i alrd got my SPM result
hehe...i will update you ppl about my result when im free k!
Im goin back Taiping today for a long holidays
probably will be at Taiping for 1 or 2 weeks
Mummy is fetching me and granny back
my sis will come along too *ke po*
I'll be back after the chinese festival "Ching Meng"
Working life ended, and i got lots of plan in hand which i wanna complete it before my college life started *which i dont noe when is it*
After i come back from Taiping
I need to go and survey about the colleges
I think tats all for now
When im back in Taiping, i will keep you ppl update more k!
Take care ppl~

Last Week

Harlo...Harlo...Im here again! : )
My sis complaint that my blog is sooo dead
so im here to lighten up my blog la!
R u happy now, Althea Loi??
Well, this is my final week at work! Hurray~*thanks god*
im counting the day k! *cant wait*
this saturday will be my last day! hahaha...
working isnt a bad thing least i get a chance to save some money and get to buy the thing i like but its hard to earn a living la!
I know nuthin is perfect...there must be a good and bad side of it
I know...I accepting the phrase k!
What im trying to said is im tired of working life
I need a break and get rid of boring+miserable working life
I wanna do some thing else
I dont wan to stuck in boring working life for the rest of my life.
Another thing is
SPM result is comin out on this thursday (12.3.09).
my gosh~im kinda freaking out
this time is a little bit different
i dont need to go back to school and collect my result
what i need to do is
stay at home and wait for the result come to me
hahahaha...sound pretty good huh!!
let me tell not good at all!
the feelings is like waiting for your turn to die k!!
we shall see how is the result turn out k!
I will share when i get my result la ya!