A Blissful Saturday

Another way overdue post. I went back hometown(Taiping) for relative's wedding last weekend. I managed to catch up with few high school friends specially those who are really close to me and happen to know all my dirty little secrets or embarrassments during high school. I miss those days.

The initial plan was 2 girls going out for beer session and some girls' talk. I hardly see my girl nowadays because we are apart. DUH!! Obviously, 1 in KL and the other 1 is in Singapore. However, the plan changed. We did have our girls' talk but added few more people and the night started to go a lil wild. Blame it on the alcohol. AHAHA...

Amazingly, a small town like Taiping happens to have Station One and sadly that is the only happening place in town on a Saturday night. Yes, Taiping is that small. You will keep on seeing familiar faces and bumped into some friends that you haven't meet them since high school at Station One.

As usual, I picked my girl up and we started asking each other "do we have any friends happen to be at Taiping right now?" because it is not some special occasion and it is definitely not a holiday so is hard to find anyone to come out with us. We started to make few calls and manage to meet few people.

We ordered a bucket of Hoegaarden and start our drunkard journey of the night.

The birthday boy of the night. We dragged him out from his birthday celebration with the family. AHAHAHA...we are evil but of course he had cut the cake before he went out with us.

My gossips partner. She better keep my secrets or else I will kill her.

Iphone wannabe. What to do? I can't afford to buy myself an Iphone so by playing with others people Iphone make me feel a lil better.

Birthday boy showing off his RM50 ringgit ang pow.

They look so sweet but too bad they are not couple and they both have married to someone else.

"Act cute". Too old for that.

We used to be seeing each other every single day in school and talked on the phone every single night like couple. AHAHAHA...

Oh, and I got a surprise from the birthday boy that night. He indirectly told me he is getting married tomorrow. Only the registration but still married right? I was shocked!!! Congrats!!

The big man, me, and the mouse. This 1 we did not drag him out, all we did was text and call and here he is.

Group picture for first round.

The mouse and The mother.

Look at my happy face but I think most of you will categorize as "HIAO" face. I am not drunk ok.

aaawww...I can melt.

Thank to the mouse suggestion, we off to karaoke session for second round. Another gossips partner of mine added.

Singing love song? AHAHA...

I don't know why I always always love the picture with my back on it.

The boys are so good in singing.

They are all taken and not available. I should open a recruitment for boyfriend. :D

Someone got molested and raped by the girls. HAAHAHA...

Happy family?

They keep the beer coming non-stop and I was lucky enough to escape myself because I gave them a very lame excuse "I NEED TO DRIVE LATER"!!! :D I do not drink and drive okay!

Last night being bachelor. He is really a joker in life and I am sure he will make his wife very happy in marriage no matter what happen.

Someone is enjoying the process of being raped and molested.

The pimp of the night with 3 pretty ladies.

2 drunk posers and 2 big heads spoiled the picture.

New game for some of those and it is funny to see amateur being fool by the pros.

Group picture before we left and this is the only group picture I had that night AND it is blur!! We tried to use self timer but all the pictures turn out more blurry than this. I wonder the problem is my camera or the person who took this.

My two lovelies that know about all my dirty little secrets.

Pretties and the ugly. A perfect example of beauty and the beast. AHAHHA...

The night was full of laughters and fun. Thank to the joker of the night. :D
Everyone is starting their internship tomorrow. The good news is I do not have work tomorrow. AHAHA...all the best to everyone. Have fun at work and be nice to your colleague. :D

New Phone

Yes. I finally got a new phone, even though is not an Iphone or Blackberry but I love my phone berry berry much. My previous phone is giving me a lot of inconvenience, all I can do is SMS. I can't receive or make any call. And the most important is you people can't hear my sexy and horny voice. How can I let that happen right? LOL!! No worries, now you can call me whenever you want to hear my sexy and horny voice. :D

If you are thinking about changing a new phone and you do not want Iphone or Blackberry, I recommend Nokia C7 to you. AHAHA...

Find out more at

Thank you Mummy for the sponsorship. :D It is also a late birthday present.

2 day 1 night Malacca Trip

Yes. I finally went Malacca!! The weather in Malacca is insanely hot. Hot until I can melt and die ok! *seriously* I did not expect the weather to be this crazy. NO next round please. Despite the crazy weather, everything was alright. The place is beautiful, the food was good, things are cheap, and the most important is I had a blast! I ate like nobody's business along Jonker Street, from Chicken Rice Balls to all sort of desserts. :D

It was a short 2 day 1 night trip with all the sexy-taries. They planned to throw me a birthday surprise but the plan failed badly because I ruined it. I am very sorry girls, next year if there is any surprise coming up, I promise I will not spoil the plan no matter what happen. *promise*

What we did during the first day was walk around Jonker Street, wallap all kind of food, famous satay celup for dinner, off to the beach, birthday surprise(failed), extreme game and drinking session and KO-ed(drunk)!

I did't know Malacca is only an hour drive away from KL. I always thought Malacca is far from KL.

First stop: Jonker Street. We couldn't find any parking near Jonker Street, therefore we parked 36463486472 miles away and walk under the hot sun. Now you know how I turn myself into an indian in a day. :(

Had Chicken Rice Balls for lunch.

Yummy rice balls.

Our lunch.

Coconut for cooling.

Me and the very busy Nally WWW.

The sexy-taries. Not a complete one because someone is missing. I wonder when can we have a complete one. And Yes, Joan is back from New Zealand!! YAY!!!! Oh ya, the most important is she dropped some weight off because of the cold weather there!!

Posing for another camera.

I think the camera loves me.

Nally, Stephy and Me.

We have few pairs of love bird and the first pair will be Mikio means tree in Japanese and my pretty daughter, Jessica. FYI, Mikio is a bloody poser.

We went into a shop that have long queue which selling dessert and some famous penang food. See what I mean by long queue and people can't even find a chair or table for themselves.

Durian Cendol. Not recommended because the durian smell is too strong. I love durian but this durian in the cendol is too strong. I can't take it. The normal cendol is very good. :D

Ended the walking under the hot sun and we are off to the hotel and check in. Can't wait to get ourself clean and fresher up. Took some pictures around the pool. They have 2 massive pools, one infront and the other one is behind. The place is huge man!!

Aries, Joan, Yours truly and Stephy.


The grumpy kid because of long waited for the rest!!

Messing around in the apartment. Me riding an old horse! AHAHAHAHA...

Chocolates from New Zealand. Thank you Joan!!!

Happy kids with their chocolate.

Yours truly. :D

Off to famous satay celup for dinner. Look at all the fresh and yummy ingredients. The price is reasonable as well. RM 0.60 per stick.

Take a picture before I start wallaping and get myself all sweaty and oily.

OMG!!! Just by looking at this already make this hungry. I don't mind going back for this but definitely not in that kind of weather. Maybe during the winter! AHAHAHAHA...is a joke.

The couple that can wallap a cow whenever and wherever. *salute* Both of them approximately ate more than 50 sticks!

Took this while everyone was busy eating. We have to split table because the table is too small to fit 15 persons.

After the dinner, we went to the beach for sea breeze and my birthday surprise.

Camwhore with Nally

and Stephy.

See all the people standing behind, they are those who trying to give me the surprise but failed because I am too smart. AHAAHAHAHA...I was happily enjoying the sea breeze and when I turn around wondering what is taking them so long to get out from the car, I saw light behind the tree, at that moment and place, it was so dark, you can hardly see your fingers. So when there is light it will be really really obvious. Then I started to ask what are they doing behind the tree and how come there is light? I remembered someone answered me "someone is lighting a cigarette"! AHAHA...that was the lousier excuse I ever heard because no one in the group smoke!!!! That's how I spoiled the surprise.

Happy Birthday to myself. :D Don't ask me why my face is so red!

The gentlemen that forced to take picture with me. Due to my height, those who are taller than me have to bend down and bear with my height!

and finally, the ladies turn. Thank you girls!

Ended the birthday surprise and we are off to apartment for extreme game sessions and drinking session. Thank you Stephy for helping me out or else I will be ended up holding the toilet bowl. The guys attacked me the whole night and the reason they gave me is "because it is your day"!!! _l_(middle finger)

Thank you jie jie, Stephy for helping me up.

The boss that came out with all sort of stupid games that make everyone go gaga.

Chrisnie's bf, Mikio, Jessica and Fern.

Pretty Joan that just came back from New Zealand. Welcome back. :D

I know I look like a crazy drunk monkey here but I wasn't drunk at that moment because the pic was taken the beginning of the night.

The nerve cracking "captain game" that drive people crazy and like WTF on the face.

In the middle of the game, we decided to cut my birthday cake and had cake as supper.

Me and Nally. I think the person who took the pic is either drunk or dreaming.

Joan and Me.

The crazy Jie Jie and Me.

The cow, Fern that get drunk after 2 glasses of beer and off to bed early. AHAHAHA...

The drunkard of the night, Jessica. I swear no one will drink with her in the future. She has terrible behaviour after drinking. AHAHA...she attacked people in the middle of the night and I was one of the victim.

Alright, I get it! I am old. :D

That's all for the first day, second day in Malacca will be coming up real soon. My last paper for the semester is tomorrow. I can't wait for everything to be over and enjoy my holidays.

Good luck to everybody and all the best for the exam.