Work & Travel - USA

I am back! I am back! I am back!
It feels so good to be back in Malaysia despite all the "magician" incident that happened recently.
Yea to no more living out of a suitcase. :)

So a lot of people wondering what is all this work and travel program about?
And what the hell did I actually do in US for 4 months!!  
Is it safe to go so far for 4 months? especially for girl! 
Do I get the job first before I go over and where am I going to stay in US?

First, I am not that adventures and brave enough to go US all by myself.
I went with 2 of my friends and they are Hou and Saix.
I guess the 3 of us have answered a million times what is all this about before we actually when over. 
Let me ease your curiosity and also let me answer and explain for the very last time.

Basically, work and travel is a program for university student ONLY.
It allows student to experience a different lifestyle (what it is like to be an American)
with income from the job you got and at the end of the program you get to travel around US
 before you go back to you home country (as for where to go, what to do after the end of employment is all up to you to decide because it actually depends on how much you have save for the travelling). :)

The program itself explain it all, 
it is all about WORK first and then TRAVEL. 
Well, the objective of the program is for students to exchange culture.

I signed up with a local agent that help me to get the job and preparing documentations to go over US.
First, they will send you different jobs to select and once you decided which job to go for.
They will set an interview for you with your future employer through Skype.
Once you pass the interview they will start processing documentations for your visa application.

As you know it is a little difficult for us to enter US.
One of the requirement is you have be a full - time university student to join the program and
your university has to come out with a letter to prove that.
It shows that you have an attachment to the university and you won't buy a 1 way ticket.

Once your visa approve, you start to search for flight ticket.
You can choose to book it yourself or through a travelling agency.
My suggestion is travelling agency.
The reason is because they know better and it also makes your life easier.

Our journey starts at the beginning of December 2012. 
We flew over a day earlier before the orientation to avoid tiredness and jet lag or any delay of flight.
Thank god the journey went smoothly and we arrived according to plan.

A picture to show we are safe and sound at Southwest Florida International Airport.

We took a cab from the airport to our hotel, settled down, rested awhile
and went exploring the nearby shopping mall.

We have orientation scheduled the next 2 days before we officially start our job.

The materials that they provided on our first day of orientation. 
The best thing is we are paid to attend the orientation. *LIKE*
I hear money coming in. *ka - ching*

Meet Hou and I. 
We happened to work at the same store and yes we do know each other before we join the program.
We actually signed up for the program together-gether just incase you are wondering.

Let me introduce some of my crazy party animals from Argentina.
When it comes to party, no one can beat, NO ONE can beat Argentinian. :D

Her name is Yamilla but you do not pronounce it as Y-A-M-I-L-L-A.
You pronounce it as S-H-A-M-I-L-L-A. 
Don't ask me why. :D

The both of us always have the same shift and I enjoyed disturbing her. :)

The most bitching and annoying bitch, Parlo. 
He is so mean and funny at the same time.
If you think I am mean then you are wrong.
Wait till he open his mouth, he is the champion.

Here is my workplace.
The both of us work at front service or you can call it customer service.
The different between us is Parlo is a cashier and I am a bagger.
 Another different is he has to stand next to the register all day long and I get to walk around.
AHAHAHAHA...suck to be him. :P

I actually miss all his nonsense jokes and the way he talked behind customer.

Everyone, meet Boots. 
Yes, the shoe BOOTS.
The nicest people from our store. 
Boots is actually his family name. 

Here is Vicky and yours truly.
There are actually 3 Vicky from Argentina and they happened to work at the same store.
It is so confusing when it comes to the name Vicky.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...and here is a picture of her making fun at my Asian eyes.
Oh come on, it's actually not that SMALL right??

Here is Belen. She has the most romantic boyfriend. 
I am so jealous!! 
Her boyfriend flew from Argentina to Florida (6 hours flight) to surprise her at the store!! 
So sweeettt!!!

The guy that is crazy over Apple product (Mac).

And here is Vicky number 2.
AHAHAHA...1 more Vicky to go.

Let me introduce you Vicky number 3. 

And this is Mercedes from Mercedes Benz!! *just joking*
AHAHAHAHA...her real name is Mercedes, however she is not related to Mercedes Benz.

And this is Juan (but you pronounce it as Kuan) and Flo.

The tallest girl I have ever met in my life.
Karen and she is a part time model in Argentina.

Our lovely picture. 
AHAHAHAHAHA...I am sorry to tell you guys that he is actually gay. 
He has a boyfriend. 

The end.
There are actually more but I do not know where to start.
So that's all for now and I will try to blog about the 1 month travelling in US.