Harry Potter Exhibition - Singapore

First, I am not a Harry Potter fan, I went to the exhibition because of my sister. 
So don't be surprised that I went. :) 

The exhibition was held at Marina Bay, Singapore. 
I was doing my internship that time so we went there for 2 days only.
You can imagine how rush the trip is. Took a coach and reached around 1pm.
Checked in at the backpacker's hostel and went Marine Bay straight. 

There is a mini television for everyone.
Pathetically, mine is not working. :( 

Took this last picture of myself before entering Singapore.

I only managed to take 2 pictures about the exhibition because no camera allowed inside. 
I took this outside while waiting for our turn to enter.

This trip purely for Harry Potter exhibition and we are tired of being tourist so not many picture taken the entire trip. We were too busy walking around and going to places that we wanted too. 

As for all the famous tourist spots in Singapore, we passed because we went there last year.

On the second day, we went Orchard Road before head home because we wanted to visit H&M. 

The place we stayed for a night is called The Hive. 
The price is reasonable and the place is decent.
The only thing that I am not happy about is the aunty/ cleaner over there.
She treats us like we owe her don't know how many billion. She is so rude and impolite. 
Imagine she treats you that way in the morning. 
What a mood spoiler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took some pictures about our room before we check out. 

The nearest MRT station to us. 

It feels so good to come home after 2 days in Singapore. 
I am tired of calculating the freaking currency.
There is no where like home. :D  

Maiu Japanese Buffet

I am bored so I decided to spice up a little here. Internship ended almost a month now. 
Plan starting to come in place and may everything goes smoothly. *fingers crossed* :) 

When our first internship coming to the end *which also means my twinnie has to leave us for good and back to where she came from*. We had a mini farewell/ gathering/ dinner to meet her up before she leaves the hectic city.

Frankly speaking, I am not a buffet person because I always think that it is not worth the penny to pay so much and eat so little, especially JAPANESE BUFFET!!!! But I have to say Maiu is definitely worth every penny you spend over there.

Maiu japanese buffet is located in Sri Petaling. The price is stated in the picture below. The difference between Maiu and other buffet is they prepare the food when you order instead of displaying all the food at the counter and let everyone choose.  

Part of the food that we ordered that night. 

Everybody's favourite, Salmon. Unfortunately, I dislike Salmon.

The only thing I fancy the most in japanese cruisine is SOFT SHELL CRAB!!!!!!!!!! 

Steamed egg.

Yours truly and twinnie. 

I miss everyone. :( 

I miss every single one of them. 
I miss catching up with them.
I miss spending my time with them. 
Now everyone has gone back to their hometown with their future plans in hands.
I wonder when will we gather, sit down and spend some quality time together.