Fine Dining

My first fine dining experience at The Palace of Golden Horses. That place is massive. 
The experience wasn't so bad but it is really tiring. We are required to dress in full corporate entire, talking about professionalism! Went over to twin's place get ready with the rest and help each other up in dolling up ourselves. 

That's Ms Fish in corporate entire and spec. Looking smart! :D 

The usual thing: camwhore while waiting for others to finish their photo shooting session. 

 Ms. Fish and I.

I love spec. 

Hou said this is my signature pose. Izzit?

So who did it better? Hou or Me? 

Me and twin. Pics are taken from my iPod, sorry for the quality.

Fish and Hou

Cai and Sze Yan

Love the napkin and the arrangement of the utensils. 

Appetizer: Mushroom soup

Main course, choose between fish or chicken. 

Have a clearer view of the menu then you will know what we had.

That's my choice: chicken

Last but not least, dessert.

Group picture of THE LADIES

Leaving on Saturday to Singaland. First visit but I am not excited about it. I will have fun and take good care of yourself. See you all after 4 days. :)

Mr and Mrs Ng's Wedding

Attended my friend's wedding last weekend. Purposely went back hometown just for the wedding. I am just a good friend. :) We have been waiting for the day to come since donkey years and finally it's here. I am happy for the both of them. It is about time. 

The night before the wedding, went over for bachelor night of the Chinese version. Meet Mr Snoopy here looking at the wedding pictures and get jealous of it. LMAO!! Don't worry, your day will come but first find a girl first alright!

He is damn jealous. I can see that. Well, I am jealous too. I wanna get marry too!!

The night of the wedding. Not much pictures taken because the wedding dinner was a little *you know what*. All I can say is the food was alright. The only prob is the performers! OMG! She made in like a club and she dressed like a hooker. Real cheesy!!! 

Lastly, congrats to Mr and Mrs Ng. :) 

Please - Kim Hyun Joong

My husband is back!!!!!!!!!! Is back!!!!!!!!!!! Is back!!!!!! OMG!!! I love the new song called "Please", I love the MV and I love the new hairstyle even more. He looks like a real man now!!! Mad handsome!!!!!!! *melts*

Check out the new song MV below. Overloaded with hot-ness. *beware*

Kim Hyun Joong - "Please" DAEBAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D