The Mysteries of Love (谈情说案)

I am so obsessed with this HK drama right now!!! I even fight with Janize about his husband (Raymond Lam), now u people know how obsessed I am!! I would say this drama is the nicest and with the most interesting storyline among the others. *seriously*

The name of the drama is The Mysteries of Love (谈情说案), cast by Raymond Lam (林 峯), Tavia Yeung (楊 怡), Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming (馬國明), Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) , Chan Chin Pang (陳展鵬) , Lee Kwok Lun (李國麟) , Mary Hon (韓馬利) , Law Lok Lam (羅樂林) and Lisa S.

All you need to know are Raymond Lam (林 峯), Tavia Yeung (楊 怡), Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming (馬國明) and Bernice Liu (廖碧兒), then you people can forget about the rest. :D

Below is the synopsis of the drama, just incase you people don't know what the hell am I talking about.

This is a love story between a professor and a policewoman. Their dating experience is enhanced with sense and sensibility through the application of interesting physics theories on the investigation of various crime cases.

KING POK (Raymond Lam) is regarded as the youngest genius in physics and he is appointed as an associate professor in a Hong Kong university. Invited by his good friend LO TIN-HANG (Kenneth Ma), Senior Inspector of Police at Regional Crime Unit, POK assists in cracking many mysterious crime cases and he also meets the policewoman CHUI SIU-LAI (Tavia Yeung) during the process. The rational POK evaluates that he has fallen in love with LAI because of a love hormone called “phenylalanine”. However, owing to the huge difference in their family background and life value, POK fails to tackle their ever-changing relationship problems with formulas.

On the other hand, the romantic and uninhibited HANG has been maintaining a sex only relationship with the journalist LING MAN-KA (Bernice Liu) HANG doesn’t believe in eternity and he is only looking for sensual pleasure in a woman. However, his belief is suddenly shattered when he learns that MAN is going to get married.

I even post the video of the drama theme song by Raymond Lam (直到你不找我) below. Hope you guys enjoy the song. It is a very nice and touching song. :P

Whoever that haven't watch or still thinking about should watch it or not, PLEASE GO AND WATCH NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I rate 5/5 star for this drama. I mean it!!!! *serious face*

*The above synopsis credis to Astro on Demand

Cai Cai 21st Birthday Celebration

Alright, let me clear this post because it has been in my edit posts for a week. I can finally chill and relax a lil before next week starts. I have a midterm on Monday and tons of assignment waiting for me to complete but my procrastination is pulling me back.

Before I start this post, I wanna confess something, which is I thought it was Cai Cai's 20th Birthday!! I never know it was her 21st Birthday until Xiao Hou told me.

I am so sorry Cai Cai, I really thought it was your 20th Birthday. Don't worry babe, you look young, just like a 20 years old!! *wink*

Cai Cai's birthday falls on Monday and everyone will be around in campus, so we decided to throw her a birthday surprise celebration at McDonald's.

Thank you everyone for coming *on the behalf of Cai Cai*!!! :D

Hou and Cemone preparing for the surprise, while Janize busy talking and distracting the birthday girl that seated right behind us. Good job, Janize!!!


White Chocolate cake from Secret Recipe and the cutie candles. I am so in love with pretty candles.


The birthday girl, Cai Cai. Happy 21st Birthday Cai cai. Best wishes from PsyMassLo!!


Making wishes. I know she made a lot of wishes this year. AHAHA...


Candles is off and we are ready to dick in.


A picture of me and the birthday girl. Thank you so much for fetching me around, thanks for the love and caring!! Love ya!! :D


Now this is what I call "THE GOSSIPS GANG"!!!
Gossips girl in UCSI!! AHAHA...


Me and the pretty, handsome Szeqiuan.


Ciao ciao and Me. Stop joking around ciao ciao. :D


The Lo that came late.


Cai, Saix and Hou.


My favourite picture of the day. She describe herself as FUN SIZE and I totally agreed with her. :P


The naughty Wei Wei.


And me and the naughty. :P


Thank you Hou for the drawing. *hearts*


I hate Monday and Wednesday. Next sem please no more class until 6.30pm. Thank you very much.


The time flies like nobody's business and I am freaking out. I need the time to slow down and let me have more time to plan and finish my things on the list. July is near and everyone is having summer holidays while I am busy completing all the assignments and next will be finals. I wanna take thing slowly and step by step.

So, all the best to all of you in whatever you do!!! *fingers crossing tight tight*

Once again, Happy 21st Birthday Cai cai!!

Sorry about the late post. :D

A Day Trip to Genting

Went Genting for a day trip with the psycho gang. The purpose of the trip is to celebrate Cai Cai's 21st Birthday, however, the plan failed badly. : ( Nothing follows according to the plan and we really do not have time management.

Day started a lil frustrated with the lost of skyway tickets, long hours of waiting for bus, indecisive between indoor or outdoor because of the horrible weather. It rained throughout the day. But we still managed to have loads of fun and enjoy ourselves with a lil surprise pressie from Genting. *evil grins*

I woke up freaking early in the morning and meet the girls up at the bus station around 8am. The 9.30 ticket sold out so we bought the 10.30 ticket!! We waited for almost 2 hours at the station, while waiting for the busy we crapped non-stop and making fun of each other for hours. :D Now I know why do people said we are crazy. Sometimes, I do think that we are crazy and noisy as well but most of time, I think we are the people who know how to enjoy life better. :D

Me and Xiao Hou waiting for bus at the station.

Chin Ee and Twin!! Chin Ee is hugging Twin to cover up her fatty arm.

Finally the bus is here and we are so ready for Genting.

Yong Sim, Chin Ee, Twin, Cai and Hou!! Where is me?? I am the one who holding the camera la!!

In the bus. Our happy and excited faces.

Queuing for Skyway.

It is school holidays season, the crowd is insane. Look at the people who queuing for cable car.

Yong Sim a.k.a the joker!

Peace to the world.

The Pro!! :D

In the cable car, on the way up to Genting. We met 2 over friendly uncles from Iraq and they entertained us well in the cable car. AHAHA...

Burger King for lunch and we tried the new burger. It is freaking good with the cheese and mushroom. :D

Waiting for my friend to come and help us get the 50% passes. He makes us waited for a while longer and I started to get annoyed. People should be punctual next time.

Being a tourist.

Chin Ee and yours truly. I know my tongue is pretty. Thank you.

Hou, Twin and Yong Sim.

The grumpy kid of the day.

Queuing for our 1st game!! Indoor roller coaster. This is when the fun started.

Wee~~I love Genting!!!

Lil pressie from Genting! Thank you my friend for the staff price offer!! :D

Our special offer passes. Thank you Genting, thank you my friend.

Cam-whore around.

Chin Ee looking good with her new hairstyle. Please ignore the freaking ugly guy behind Chin Ee. He purposely wanna stand there and spoiled the picture. This is why people need common sense. *Go away when people is taking picture*. He can join Janize's brainless club jor.

My favourite game in Genting. It is a must to play.

Queuing again. It is school holidays so there will be a lot of queue to queue.

The Twin.

Me and Hou trying very hard opening our eyes.

After the roller coaster ended, we off for another extreme game.

Waiting eagerly for our turn. Next round will be ours.

Pose for the camera before going through a heart attack activity.

All set and ready to torture ourselves.

On the way up, bye bye people!! See u in few seconds!! The moment the thing started to moved, my heart starts to pound like crazy.

Visited Beryl's Chocolate Factory and the girls bought souvenir.

Love the colourful deco inside the factory and the strawberries that hanging on the tree.

Encyclopedia of Chocolate
I wonder where can we get this book.

At the entrance of Beryl's Chocolate Factory

one and only group picture of the day!! :D

Guess who is this?? Alright, I know it is a silly question!!
Just give it a guess people!! Whoever get it right, I will give you a kiss for free!!! :D

Moral of the day is DO NOT go Genting during peak seasons and DO NOT buy bus ticket on the actual day, buy a day earlier. I know there is nothing much in Genting but I really look forward for the next trip to Genting. I personally think that Genting is fun and I wanna spend a night over there. :D

So, who is in for the next trip??