British Bulldog/ Chihuahua

Update!!! Update!!!! Update!!!! 
I finally got my life back!!!
*Clap, Clap*
i'm finally free!! Now I can relax and enjoy my life!! *JUST FOR NOW*
The nightmares is coming back SOON!! REAL SOON!!!
My finals starting from 13.8.09 until 21.8.09.
After all the classes is over, I need to get myself prepare for the finals alrd!!
This is a promise that i kept to myself!! 
hopefully, the promise will stick with me!!! haha...

Today I finally completed all my assignments and presentations for this semester!!!
*FINALLY*~Everyone has been crazily doing their assignments for the past one month!!!
I'm glad that is all over, done and submitted!!!!!

As you people know, my two cousin a.k.a The British Bulldog is in town!!
Oohh~wait, correction, they prefer us to call them "The British Chihuahua"!!
what to do!! They prefer Chihuahua wat!!!
So, the British Chihuahua will be spending their summer holidays here!!
Whenever they are back from UK
we definitely will go crazy in the shopping mall and shop like hell!!
However, this year they did not get as much stuff as they did last year
but i'm luckily enough to get whatever I want!! :D
Me is the lucky 1!!!

We went from Sungai Wang to Pavilion, then to Times Square!!
Seriously, i'm getting older!!
I can't walk too much!! I spent two days walking with them
and my legs are killing me alrd!!
It took me more than 2 days to recover my energy okay!!!

There are more pictures in the Chihuahua's camera!!
But they are smart enough to leave the cable in UK!!
So, how the hell am I going to transfer the pictures huh?? huh??
Use my finger to connect and transfer izzit??

Luckily, I still got my phone to back up!!

My sis and Michael!!

Me and Oliver!
He is my cousin NOT my bbbbfffff ya!!

Me and my sis cam-whoring!!
While waiting for Oliver!!

Althea, Abigail and Michael!

Me and Michael!
He is going to be taller than me alrd!!
How?? How?? 
Why am I so short??
Grow taller is my birthday wish for every year!! :(

afternoon tea in Coffee Bean!

Here is a pic of "THE BRITISH CHIHUAHUA"
Can you people see the orange colour watch??
Well, Michael bought it on that day and he just go crazy with it!
Whenever we wanna take a pic, he make sure his watch is in it!!
and he keep on telling us the time, exist we do not have a watch!!

See!! See!! See!!
Showing off his watch again!!
Now you people know how adorable he is right??!

Me and the pervert Oliver!!

How pervert he is??
You people judge yourself okay!!
Just look at the face!!

Now you people shud know the answer!!
This is the prove!!!
YES~He is trying to lick me!!

Me, Michael and the WATCH!!!

What is he looking??
Look over here please!!!
Heellooooo~HERE please~~
He is still looking away!!!

My sis, the WATCH and Michael!!
you will see the watch more often in every pic we took!!
Irritating right?? I know! I know! I know!

What is wrong with the face??
He must be thinking about some horny stuff!!

The Bloody Tourists of the day!!! :D

That's all for now!!
neways, i'm going to PC Fair tomorrow!!
Whoever wanna tag along please text or call me okay??

Report!!! Report!!!

Wooolllaaa peoples!!!!!!

Wandering where have I been, what i'm up to recently
 and why am I not updating my blog!!
I'm so sorry for not keeping you people entertain ya!!

I'm too busy with my bloody assignmentsssss and presentationsssss!!!!!!!!!!
I never ever had so many assignmentsss and presentationsss before!!!!!!
Until now I still have 1 individual assignment and 3 presentations to go!!!
This is really what I called "L-I-F-E"
A real L-I-F-E!!!! 

Nothing special up recently, except my 2 cousins is back from UK!
The 2 British Bulldog is back!!! 
So, which means there will be more shopping spree!!
hahaha...i'm happy 
and i'm killing my wallet at the same time! *what a dilemma*
Speaking about shopping
We are going sungai wang tomorrow for a low budget shopping spree!!
hehehe...wish i have enough cash with me!!

I have few things on my list which i wanted to buy ages ago!!!
I'm so gonna get it tomorrow!!

That's all for now!! I'm off to watch my hk drama!!
Good night peoples!!!

I'm Crazy+Insane

I'm INSANE right now!!! hahahahaha...

Someone please slap me!! 

Slap me!!! Slap me!!! Slap me!!! real HARD please!!!!!!!!

All thanks to Janize Chia! She is the one who drives me insane!

But, I still wanna thank you her so much for the AWESOME infosss!!

I'm still in shocking conditions right now! 

Eventhough, I got the news from her like few hours back!! proposal is definitely in the progress!! And, i'm extremely excited about it!!!  

Hopefully, my proposal will go well & smooth. Although, there is a lot of people dying for it!!

I don't care!!! I don't care!!! I don't care!!!

I want it!!! I want it!!! I want it!!!

IT'S MINE!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT EVER TOUCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who ever block my way shall DIE!! Hahahahahaha...

See!! See!! See!! How shock I am!!!! 

See!! See!! See!! How happy I am!! Hahahaha...*insane*

Wonder how am I going to sleep tonight!!!! 

I definitely will sleep with smiles on my face!!! Hahahahaha...*piak, piak, piak*

Once again, super duper thank you Janize for the infossssss!!!! 

Thanks Janize!! I love you so muchie la!!!!!!!!!! And thanks twin for the msg too!!!!!!!!!!

Good night everyone!!!! Sugar dreams ya!!

I'm definitely having mine!!!! Wooohhhooooo~~

Psycho-ing in KLCC

Here I am, blogging another overdue post again!
I know! I know! This post is quite some time alrd!
What to do!! I'm such a busy person wat! :D
The rest have blogged about it sometimes back!
Only left me alone haven't blog about this!

Since I got nothing better to do!
So, I blog now okay!! 

After finished my last mid-term paper,
All of us went KLCC!
we wandering around in KLCC park and went for shopping later on!
We took tons of pictures from in front of the camera until behind the camera!
The girls just go crazy with their camera and phone!

The Twin Tower a.k.a Saix and Abigail!
We are twin ma!!
Is an inside joke!
hahaha...sorry for the lame-ness!

Waiting for the shutter bus!

I think she is not happy because the shutter bus just left!
We have to wait for the next 1!

At the LRT station!
If you don't have a car in KL
then u will be like us!
Public transport is always help provided you have the time la!

Me and Cai!
We are name under the 80's category!

In the LRT!
We be the bloody tourist for a day!
How often can you people take pic in the LRT??

Xiao Hou, Janize and Me!

Once we reached KLCC,
the 1st thing we do is MAKAN! MAKAN! MAKAN!
I was starving like hell k! 

Went Madam Kwan's for lunch!

A girl who transformed into WOMEN now!!
hahaha...see how happy she is!!

My meal! Nasi Lemak is still the best!!
*Thumbs Up*

Enjoying the lunch in Madam Kwan's!

Twin (Saix), Janize, Cai!

After the makan session, we went to the park and wandering around!
Ended up tons of pictures!

What is she trying to do??
Too hyper alrd!!! haha...

What wrong twin??

Me! The lousy photographer! :D

Photographer for the day!
My another sister from another mother and father!

38 Janize and Me!
No one can beat her 38-ness!!

Xiao Hou and Me in KLCC!

A pretty and normal 1!

I like this pic! I look so fair!
In real life, my skin colour is like indian!!

What are we doing??
i think i'm communicating with the photographer!!
Janize is busy taking photo of others!

This 1 taken by Janize!
Xiao Hou, Me, and Cai!

Kacau-ing Janize! I know she don't mind de!

My twin!
I always love her!!

The psychos!

Pose around!

What so funny??? I don't remember alrd!
But look at Janize face! hahaha...
What is Janize looking at??? Cute guy flying on the sky??

Me and Xiao Hou!
The one who crazy over Korean!


I always love jump shoot!
Don't know why!

haha...Monkey of the day!
She is pretty good in climbing!
Next time can ask her to climb on tree!

Can you see Janize behind there??
So small some more want to stand so back!!

Suddenly, Xiao Hou head looks so small!

Figuring out how to do the L-O-V-E!
I think something is wrong with Janize!
Don't you people think so??

Psycho version!

Janize a.k.a Little Rain!

Me! Me! Me!

She is like our big sister!
She is the most caring person I even met!

Xiao Hou!
The one with rich face expression!

Thin vs Fat! haha...

As the photographer requested!
Lay down photo!

See how happy is Yong Sim!
That 2 behind spoiled the picture la!

Finally, the photographer join us!

I always love them!
Now they are the one who know my darkest secret!

I love this the most!
I know i'm fat!
I will try to lose some fat okay!
Just ignore my fatness la!

The one that extremely excited about this outing!

Does it look like a heart shape??

The natural side of Janize!

This 2 found some flowers and go crazy with the flowers!

Everyone is tired alrd!
Sit down and get some rest 1st!

My girls!

We made promise! And hope the promise last forever!
Everyone had an awesome time that day including myself!

Most of the pictures credits to my twin!
Some of the pictures credits to Janize, Xiao Hou and Cai too!
Thanks for the day girls!!!