Secretaries Gathering

Finally, we made this happen and get to meet the girls!!
It tooks us a very long time to meet up together!!
All of us are "supposed" to be a secretary but all ended up with something else!!
The last time we met was like 1 or 2 years ago okay!! I'm not joking!! I'm serious!!
Everyone is so busy with their work and life and there are 3 more girls still missing!!
We spent the whole day in Mid Valley eating, movie, and catching up one and others life!!
We had subway for lunch then went for shopping, chilling and dinner!!

Fern, Mei Theng, Joan and Me!!

There is Hari Raya deco going on in Mid Valley!!
The place is pretty unique and nice!!
Ying said the light on top of my head, behind me, make me look like Angel!!
hhahaha...send me your wish people!!
I will try my best to grant your wishes!! ;D

Went Starbucks for tea break!!
My ice blended caramel!!
I asked for extra caramel and the guy is so kind!!
hahaha...look at the caramel on my ice blended!!
*thumbs up*

When everyone settled down, we start to take pics again!!
Fern, Ah B, Me and Ying!!
All of them have doll eyes except me!! :(

Candid shot by Ying!!
This 1 is so funny!! haha...
Me: "HOOOOO~(scarying Joan)*
Joan: "hahahaha...very funny"

Another Candid shot!!
I asked the girls to give me a shocked expression and they go "hahaha"
Happy faces!!

This group pic has to thanks to a friendly pass by guy who offer to help us take this pic!!
He was asking us "where are you girls from?""
Hello, of course we are local okay!! Do we look like some bloody tourist???
He said is funny that we all were taking pic in starbucks!!
Must be tourist only can take pic in starbucks izzit?? CRAZY!!!

The all time pretty Mei Theng and Me!!

My head looks humongous in this pic!!
hahaha...but there is someone head in the between of us!!
A tiny little 1!!!

Honestly, I felt so weird in this pic!!
My eyes is the smallest among them!! :(

Joan but I call her "Ju Eng"!!
All the peoples behind spoiled the pic!!
Go away people!!

Ying and her newly bought camera!!
The camera is so pink!!

Cindy a.k.a Ah B!!

Fern a.k.a The New Zealand Cow!!
hahaha...we love COW!!!!

I simply love this pic but my Mum said I look fat in this pic!!
Whatever!! :(

My all time darling Joan and Me!!

Ah B and Me!!

Me and the always pretty Mei Theng!!
All the best in your new relationship girl!! :D

Took a group pic in Starbucks before heading to the cinema!!

We watch G-Force!!
G-Force was funny and nice but I don't really get to watch the movie PEACEFULLY!!
I seriously hate kids okay!!
There were 4 kids sitting behind us and kept kicking my bloody damn chair!!
They really pissed me off!!


The cinema that we went it for G-Force!! :D
hahaha...what a coincident!!
Me posing with my date of birth!!
13, yes it is!! That's the number!!
My big birthday is coming up!!
You people know what to do right?? haha...

After movie, we straight away went Chili's for dinner!!
We reached there around 7 and it was freaking packed okay!!
we waited for almost a hour for our table!! :(
If you people are really hungry, please do not go Chili's!
They made you wait and look at other people eat!!!

While waiting for the foods
Of course we took as many pics as we can la!!
This is what secretaries capable for!! haha...
I'm not gonna post all the pics up here!!
Mei Theng, Ah B, Joan and Me!!

Do not mess with me or else you will get a PEACE and a scary face from me!!

Okay!! I'm not drunk!!
I might look drunk in this pic but i'm not!!
haha...i'm just obsessed with Joan and Ah B is trying to steal her away from me!!
"Hands off B"!!!!!

Finally, the food is here!!
The started!! Chips and Chili's special sauce!!

My choice!!
Can't really recall what does it call alrd!!
All I can remember is pretty yummy!! :D

Ah Ying and Fern choice!!
I did't know cow eat chicken!! :P
The dish is kinda spicy ya!!
So if u can't take spicy, you know what to do right??

Ah B, Mei Theng and Joan choice!!
The chicken is pretty crispy and soft!!
I tot fried chicken is gonna be dry and hard, however it did not!!

Group pic in Chili's!!
We use timer and did not on the flash!!
We tot it gonna be alright but who knows it turn out badly!!
Can't see the people who standing behind!!
Is too dark in Chili's!! Put on some light!!!

After dinner, when we were about to leave, we bumped into Nally Woo!!
hahaha...she was screaming on the spot and shocked everyone!
I did't see her until Ah B said "Nally, is Nally"
and I was "where, where" (she is just right infront of us)
she did't see us as well because she was busy looking at the skeleton
and go "eeewwww, eeewwww, eeeeyyyyeeerrrr" until I called her!!
hahaha...and we managed to took some pics before we leave!!

That's all for the day!!
The gathering was fun!!
All the best to the girls~~
I shall see you all next month!! :D

Series Crave

Finally they are here!! After a long waiting, they are finally here!!!!
hahaha...wondering what is here??

Ladies and gentlemen, babies and freakies
let me present you


are finally here!! They are finally here!!
I'm so excited right now!!
I guess everyone has waited long enough for those series right??
Here they are waiting for you to watch it!!
hahaha...I had started to watch both of the series
but only the first episode!!
Nvm, I know there are more coming my way!!
I just can't enough of those!! *Thumbs up*

Here are the official poster for the series!!
Gossip Girl Season 3

More mystery and more happening!!
Watch it!!

Beverly Hills 90210 Season 2!!

I love Silver new hairstyle!!
Is so haaawwwttttt!!

This 2 series is definitely the MUST WATCH series of the year!!
What are you people waiting for??
GO and WATCH it!!!

Alright, tats all for now!!
I'm going to watch the show now!!
GO and WATCH it!!

Pasar Malam

Yes!! Yes!! I went Taman Connaught Pasar Malam again!!
haha...i'm so in love with the Pasar Malam now! I wish I can go every Wednesday!! :D
Now I understand why my twin MUST go pasar malam every wednesday!!
Thanks Cai Cai for the ride again!! Thank u so much cai cai!! Always need to trouble you!!

Yesterday the girls had PS presentation again!! Mine is next Wednesday!!
The topic is about convincing Malaysian Youth to go travel abroad at the lowest cost!!
My twin group is presenting India and she get to wear the costume!!
You look cute in the costume twin!! Don't worry!! You're not fat!! hahaha...

Some presentation is really boring and it's killing me!!
Sorry!! I do not wanna be mean because I know my presentation ain't that good
but seriously you people need to make the class alive man!!
In order to make myself and people around me alive
I took out my camera and fooling around in the class while the presentation is till going on!!
Whatever!!!! Either you people let me sleep or let me play??? :P
You people decide!!

Here are my partners in crime!
Janize and Xiao Hou!

Janize FORCED me to take a pic of her studying!!
Correction is PRETENDING to study ya!!

The Lecturer!
Mr. Ken

Ms. Yong Sim!!
Come!! Come!! Take a pic before you present!!

Here is our NEW friend from India!!
Welcome to Malaysia~

Peace people!!

Cai cai and new friend!!

Me and my new twin from India!!
hahaha...she is definitely the fairest Indian I ever met!!

Aaawww, they look so sweeeett!!
So lovey dovey!!

The most 38 Janize and Me!!

Chin Ee and Me!!
I know my head looks big in this pic!!
Is all Chin Ee fault!! She forced me to go infront so her head can looks smaller in the pic!!
Nice trick girl!! HEH!!!

The NOT-SO-Little Rain and Cai Cai!!

My blur face!!
Chilling in cai cai's room before heading out to Pasar Malam!!

This is what we get at the end of the night!!
hahaha...incredible right? There's more which I wanted to buy!!
I shall continue next time!!

The Hungry Ghost!! me, she can finish all this food all by herself!!

The highlight of the Night!!
My Sago+Mango with ice!!
My gosh~~I love this to death man!!
*Thumbs up*

Me and my favourite Sago+Mango with ice!!
I'm so going back for this next time!! :D

Ooppsss, someone's head is missing!!
hahaha...i'm so sorry Janize!!

Janize is missing in action again!!
Pity her!! hahaha...

Then when people is ready to help her take pic,
she covered her face!!! hahaha...

I'm seriously love Pasar Malam!
The variety of things is unbelieveable!
Whatever you're looking for, you name it they have it!!

I'm having holidays now until next tuesday!
It is hari raya break and everyone is back to hometown
except me!! Yes!! I'm supposed to go back as well!!
But~but~I last min changed my plan!
I decided to stay in KL to avoid the massive jam!
I'm bored to death at KL!! Arrggg~
thanks to my brilliant idea!!!

Happy Holidays & Selamat Hari Raya people!!
Enjoy your holidays and have a safe journey!!