Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is just around the corner
Im freaking excited to go back Taiping and celebrate my chinese new year with my granny and the boys but this year one of the boy Danny Ooi is not gonna celebrate together with us! : (
FINE!!! Is OK!!!! HEH!!!!

*Danny Ooi u better watch out*

Im goin back Taiping on this friday nite...y at nite??? coz i need to work in the day
I only able to go back after i finish my work...is okla...coz after that i have (6) six days of holiday!!!!!!! wuahahahahaha *evil laugh*. Finally!!! Thanks god!! I have enough of working life!
I doesnt wan to work anymore! Im tendering my resignation soon! REAL SOON!

So now all I can do is wait for Chinese New Year!! Then tender!!
hahahaha...Im so in the Chinese New Year mood!!
I would like to wish everyone
Happy Chinese New Year~Gong Xi Fa Cai~
Have a prosper year to myself, family and friends
Have a Safe Journey back hometown
Ang Pao mali~~
: )

Lunch at Banquet, Bangsar Village 2

The Banquet
1F-28, Bangsar Village 2
2 Jalan Telawi Satu
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2282 3228

Went lunch with my boss and colleague
Banquet is a very nice place
this is my 1st time dining there
The restaurant is decidedly feminine with
chandeliers, wicker chairs, wrought iron table stands and flowers everywhere.
The menu includes both local as well as western cuisine
with prices generally in the RM20 - RM30 range.
For starters, it was a plate of Wild Rocket with Parmigiano Cheese
served with sliced Pear, roasted Pine Nuts and drizzled with Foie Gras reduction.
Im not a salad lover, so the salad was OK to me.

For mains,
I have the Oven Baked Butter Fish with Cream of Honey Mustard.
Whoooooooaaaa...the Cod fish with the cream of honey mustard
is sooooooooo delicious until I dont know how to explain k!
Wanna know how does it taste go try out urself k!
Priced at RM 25
I recommend fish lovers to order this main course as it's really worthy. : )

On the other hand
I ordered a glass of Ice Lemon Tea too!
It was okay
Nuthin different than the normal 1
It just a bit pricy. It cost RM 8 k!
We ended our meal with a slice of Mango Cheese Cake
And a slice of Yam Cake (It was my choice).
I did not try the mango cheese cake
coz i dont eat cheese cake
but the yam cake was very good.
The food was delicious
The service was good
Thank you so much to my boss for the wonderful lunch.
: )

Christmas Eve Celebration

On Christmas Eve
Finished work around 12
When Ampang Point to buy Christmas presents for the boys and gals
I have christmas eve celebration with the gals at Redbox Plus Pavilion
Since im not driving so my fren Joan pick me up around 3
We went for a little shopping at Sungai Wang then onli meet up with the gals
As usual Nally Woo will be the 1st person who reach there
She always punctual no matter where or when is the gathering
We was a bit late due to the traffic jam
NOT because we shop too long ya! : )
But at least we are not the last person who reach there
The last few person who reach there late are Stephy, Aries and Ah Ying
Once we reach there the 1st thing i do was eat like hungry ghost
I was too hungry, so sorry...cant help it
Luckily Redbox dinner buffer was yummy
Especially the mushroom soup! Give extra credit for the soup!
Our room is from 6 to 4 am
But we dont have so much of energy to sing until 4 am
The next day morning i need to drive back taiping
So for a safe trip back hometown
I need to sleep early rite??? : )
So we left around 12 something!
I noe its early but I reach home at 2 something k!
Wonder y?? because Joan need to fetch 4 of us home 1 by 1
And im the last person who reach home! : )
Neways, thank u Joan so much for the ride!
This is my 1st time celebrate christmas eve at KL with the gals!
Im glad we did it coz its been ages I didt meet each other!
After our course ended, everyone seem to be very busy with their life!
If we didt meet on christmas eve I dont know when onli we will meet up!
So this is a very good timing for us to meet up and be crazy!

The gals! Im not inside coz im the one who holding the camera la! Hahahaha...

Nally and Me

Ah Ying and ME

Crazy Stephy and Aries

Come on Jie~Dont be Shy!

Crazy Aries! I think shes trying to be Zorro! Haha...