Sister's Graduation Ceremony

OMG!!!!! I have left my blog dead for soooooooo long that I couldn't even remember when was my last post.
I even have this post kept as a draft for years since 2013!!!

Anyway, I decided to clear this post out so I can blog something new and updated.
I will try my best to jot down as much as I can recall. :)  

The youngest person in the family has finally graduated and I can hear my dad cheering deep down inside his heart!
He must be popping champagne and thanking God for clearing his burdens. LOL!!!

The graduation ceremony was held at InterContinental Hotel, Jalan Ampang.
The place is actually very small and it is soooo crowded that day.
That size of space is definitely not ideal to cater so many graduates + their family members.
You can hardly get a place to sit down or find a nicer corner to even take a picture.

So many names that it took us awhile to find my sister's name. 
(This is definitely not the problem of small eyes, don't try to blame it on my eyes)

And I don't understand why do the flower seller has to charge so much for an artificial flower???!!!! 
I know this is the day where you go big or go home, but must you go so big?
R I D I C U L O U S 


Below are some of the pictures that we took on that day. 
It is so hard to find a place and take some decent pictures.

This picture should be the one that print it out and hang it on the wall. 
How lovely!!!! 

Specially requested by Dr. Loi (in his dream). LOL!!! 
And he wants this picture to be printed out and hang it up on the wall at home. 

Looked like we are attending my dad's graduation ceremony more than my sis's.

So many things have happened since 2013 and I want to jot down as many as I can before I forget everything. 
Some of my memories are fading already. :( I blame it on aging. 

Since I'm free, I shall blog it more often. 
That's all for now. :) 

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