Airbnb Beijing

I really love the accommodation we stayed in Beijing. 
It has been a year and I only decided to share now. #sorry :)

We found this Hutong Penthouse with Terrace View on Airbnb. 
The penthouse is huge and split into 2 sessions when you walk in. 
First thing you see will be the kitchen area (is right in the middle of the house), 
the host stayed on the right side and the left side area will be our home for the next 6 days. 
The location of the house is great which easily access to all the main attractions. 

We have a proper and spacious living room besides our bedroom (all to ourselves).
There are 3 single beds in the bedroom with 2 attached to each other. 
Please view the pictures below for better understanding. 

The 2 single beds that attached together. I took this picture in the morning and 
I like how the lighting turned out. 

This is another section of the bedroom.

This is the dining area and also the entrance to enter the other side of the penthouse where it belongs to the host. Don't ask me how it looks like on the other side.

Our own living room. 
It's really spacious and cozy. 
We went Beijing during winter and 
thank God for heater. 

The highlight of our stay will be this humongous bathtub that easily fit 5 to 6 persons.
Of course we only use the shower, not the bathtub. 
It would be waste of water. LOL!!! 

I love everything about the house, the great location in Hutong which has so many things to see. 
But there is one down side of the place, just ONE which is there is NO LIFT. 
Keep in mind that the penthouse is on the 6th floor and there is no lift! 
Imagine carrying a 15kgs luggage all the way up to 6th floor
and you have to climb the stairs everyday after a long day of exploring outside. 

If you would like to check out more pictures of the stay, 
click HERE

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